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Being led by the balls for a walk in public.

" Anahid kept walking. If she looked in the dorm too, she made no indication.

"You're lying," Eldrian mumbled to himself. But he didn't stay to check.

Down another stairway and towards the center of the manor. They passed one of the passages that went to the cellar, instead traveling to the entry hall.

"Aren't the tunnels underground?" Eldrian asked.

"He isn't going through the tunnels."

With a flick of Anahid's hand, the great doors to the manor swung in on their hinges and crashed against their stops. She strode out into the night, head turned towards the stables as Eldrian ran to keep up. Another movement of the hand and another whispered spell. Wooden boards and beams groaned, splintered and snapped. The front of the stables came crashing down.

"Sire Mastro!" Anahid shouted into the dark. She pointed to the sky where a coil of sound traveled before balling and lighting up like the sun.

Dozens of terrified faces stared up at her from the stone drive of the manor. Orphans waiting for the gates to be opened. The tunnels must not have been wide enough to fit them all.

Eldrian looked down at the wide-eyed children. He could just make out Iyda and Yoled among them, huddled together. He wanted to say something that would set their fears aside but neither were paying him any mind.

"Sire Mastro!" Anahid called again.

Several jailers had already emerged from the stables, some armed with crossbows and others with magic. Skytouched guards swept in from the side and landed on the walls.

"You called me, child?" Sire Mastro stepped out from the ruined front of the stables. No fear filled his eyes. More than could be said for his jailers.

"Tell... me... everything,"

Sire Mastro shifted his gaze to Eldrian. "Are you sure you want to know?"

"Yes," said Anahid. With a whispered breath, a blue ball of light appeared. "And don't lie."

"I was not asking you."

Eldrian stammered over the question. More evidence that he fit into this deeper than he knew. Not only that, but that Sire Mastro had known this, maybe even from the beginning. Yet, as always, curiosity managed to overwhelm sense. "Tell us."

"Very well. It began the day two children were born. Twins. The boy, a Solar like his father, and unremarkable. The girl who shared her mother's Vocal blood, however, was anything but. Even early in her life, the parents knew that they had something incredible. Unfortunate that they didn't realize the extent." Sire Mastro stopped for a moment, then looked at Eldrian again. "Do you recall how your mother died?"

No, he groaned inside. He knew. At least, he thought he did. "A mixture gone wrong," he ventured.

"So I understand you were told. So I understand your home village believes. But it was her." He looked at Anahid. "Something happened that morning in the kitchen as you and your father stayed outside, blissfully unaware. I do not, nor do any, know the exact details. Perhaps something scared your sister or she tried to shield herself from harm. Either way, she lashed out at it. But she protected herself too. Your father, as I understand, found her beneath a bubble of sound so impenetrable he had to wait until she undid it on her own. But your mother had not been included."

"You're lying," said Eldrian, though he knew himself to be wrong. Not once had Anahid's spell detected anything. "How could you know all this?"

"It's a story that has been peiced together from many sources, your father included, by many people, then passed to me. And before you ask whom by, I cannot tell you as I do not know."

The light stayed its faint blue.

"Then, child, you were brought here," Sire Mastro continued, looking at her.

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