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A Marriage in Meltdown.


I stood up abruptly and slowly sat down again, I didn't know that James had died or what exactly happened to him after he had left the corporation, but I knew from that time, that it must have been only unfair to James, and as his old boss, I felt ashamed that I had not been in the position to help him.

It had happened after our new southern branches were running normally. Then my task had been fulfilled and I returned to our Beijing head office. I feared that James and Hong Yan could become the victims of power struggles and victims of the ideology of that time, but I also hoped they would be careful enough to not to be forced into that role. Even today in China all the leading positions are controlled by the strong hand of the party and its agents or willing helpers.

As I seemed puzzled, she had fetched her flat computer, an IPad, from her room, and now, returned to the bar, she opened it and showed me her writing, titled " Love in Soul". I took her IPad and read the following story:

"It was a hot summer afternoon, when I was sent to pick up James from Ningbo at the Hangzhou central railway station. From time to time the locusts were hissing loudly in the Hangzhou trees. "Hong Yan" he was smiling and padded my shoulder, as if he had known me a long time ago. I was surprised and a warm feeling swept through my heart as well. I tried to take his luggage, and he said, "No, no," and as he without knowing touched my hand, our eyes met for the first time. I felt suddenly he had fallen from the sky, right into my life, and I lost my words. That was love at first sight.

James was 1.88 m tall, 41 years old, a handsome, sporty man with glasses, with a warm smile, black hair, tanned skin, white teeth and tastefully dressed by a dark blue business suit. Such a man could only be seen in films and seldom in reality. I missed my high heels suddenly, but showed my calmness quickly and said, "How do you know my name?"

"I've heard a lot from you, and unforgivable was your excellent interpreting at such a low and beautiful voice at our conference in Ningbo last month. Since then I have often had such a conference on my mind, and with a beautiful Hangzhou girl as an interpreter." I smiled and my face turned to red:

"Oh thank you very much."

From that night onwards destiny seemed to determine our actions.

James was married, but he and his wife lived in separation. He had a daughter from this failed marriage who lived with his wife. His marriage problem blocked his career because not he, but his wife was a party member. She had been introduced to him by the party, as the party used to recommend or to disapprove of prospective marriage partners. She was the director of a fish products factory in the seaport of Ningbo.

Maybe falling in love has an effect upon ourselves and our environment as much as failed love has. Although James and I had kept our love as top secret for three months then, I was shocked to hear his wife had arrived in Hangzhou and would like to talk to me. She knew exactly that James was on a business trip at that time. When my door was knocked at, I deeply breathed and checked myself again in the mirror and opened the door. I knew her from a photograph James had shown to me. She was standing there and said nothing for a while, and I asked what I could do for her. She said, "I 'm the wife of your ... director." I prepared some tea and let her sit and observed her, a thin woman was sitting there, about 1.60 m short, about 40 years old, with very short hair, with a bony intelligent face, wearing a white blouse, brown trousers and sports shoes. She sat anxiously there, gazed outside window; her eyes were full of hostility. I offered her a cup of tea, tried to control myself and said, "Welcome to Hangzhou. Please let me know, if you need any help." She said, "Yes, you must help me", and began to cry, I gave her a hanky, but she took my hand away.

"Do we love the same man?" she asked.

I would have liked to say yes, but as I did not want to end James's and my career, I answered, "What do y

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