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Ryan finds out his fate...

When I arrive at the classy bar you chose, I see you right away sitting at the bar, nursing a drink. I am nervous. I walk over to you and wait. You barely notice me, paying more attention to your drink. And then you look me up and down. I cannot tell what you are thinking. You ask me what I'd like to drink and I ask for a 7 and 7. When my drink arrives you stand up, your free hand grabbing my breast as you do, taking a quick squeeze. You hear my surprised gasp. You grab my hand and lead me to a table.

We sit down in the booth that faces the crowd in the bar. Your hand instantly holds my thigh. my breathing increases... if you moved your hand up you would see i'm already wet. You make chit chat with me and the alcohol is constant flowing. Eventually, your friends show up and join us. Five of us sit at the table and I can feel how drunk I'm getting. I ask for permission to use the restroom and when I return, I take my place back beside you and sit down, surprised to find your hand underneath me. You begin to tell your friends a story. I'm having trouble concentrating, waiting to see what your hand will do. You slowly track my panty line and I feel you slip the flimsy covering aside. Your fingers graze my throbbing lips. And then you are still.

A bit later, you become more aggressive, fingerfucking me as we sit at the table with our friends. My body longs to hump your hand in a way so that your friends will not see me. I wonder if they know what you are doing; I wonder if they can see the heat rising to my cheeks. I guess you can tell how much I need something deep within me for you whisper for me to excuse myself for the bathroom. I do as i'm told and get up to walk away, surprised when you follow. You speak to me again in a soft commanding manner so only i can hear-

"Go to the bathroom but do not lock the door. walk to the far side, take off your top and bra and stand with your back to the door so your breasts are pressed against the cold tile wall. Spread your legs and your arms and wait for me."

I do as i'm told. as I'm standing there, in the bathroom, shirt and bra removed, hugging the wall for all to see, I worry that someone else might walk in - a stranger - before you. I hear the door fly open and feel the eyes of someone watching me. I hear the sound of the door locking. I do not know if it's you. The person moves closer, up behind me, I can feel his breath on my cheek.

"Good girl," you say. I recognize your voice and am glad it is you.

Suddenly, you smack my ass again and again, pushing my cunt and breasts into the cold wall. You shove 3 fingers roughly into my wet pussy and hear me gasp.

"You're such a slut," you say. You unbuckle your belt and I'm nervous your going to slap me with it as I hear it whip out of your pants, but you don't. Instead you grab my arm and roughly jerk me around, pinning my arms behind me and binding them with your belt.

You step back and look at me standing there, breasts swinging naked, miniskirt and heels on, hands bound behind my back. You come up to me again and grab my breasts, biting down hard on my nipples. Twisting them with your teeth. You tell me you'd love to see me in nipple clamps. I tell you I've never done that before but would like to. then i feel pressure on my shoulders.

"On your knees, bitch,' you command. I do as I'm told. You undo your pants and your hard long cock flies out, hitting me in the face. You hold it there, slapping my face from side to side.

"Do you want my cock?' you ask.

"Yes," I respond. "Tell me." "I want to taste your beautiful sweet cock. I want to feel it against my throat." "Show me," you command.

I move my head forward and my tongue softly caresses the head.

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