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The continuing story of Naiya's love for Megan.

Her desire could not be mistaken from anything else; she wanted him as much as he wanted her, if not more. Pressing his tongue to her winking marehood - god, it got him hard every time - he let his breath tickle her lips, nudging his tongue between. Secret stomped and nickered, jigging a hind hoof in the air as he explored deeper, tongue flicking over her inner walls as he tasted her readiness.

There was nothing that could quite match up to her taste and scent. Being so close to the source of it, nose pressed beneath her tail, made his eyes roll back into his head, cock jerking and twitching with need. But he could not even pause to consider his own pleasure when he had his sweetheart to think of. He pulled her marehood gently apart with the very tips of his fingers, driving his tongue in as deep as he could go, her rump squashed into his nose. She snorted and tossed her head, upper lip quivering as she did everything within her power to signal her eagerness for him.

Her lover, however, seemed more concerned with licking her cunny than mounting her as a stallion should. She shook herself, half-dislodging him from her rump and let out a piercing whinny, weaving her head back and forth as she looked back at him down the length of her short body.

If he would not mount her, she would have to show him what she wanted.

Dark started as his ponywife pulled away, tiny hooves flying as she grunted and backed up over him. He tumbled backwards onto his backside with a thud and a grumpy neigh, tail flicking. She followed him, pushing her muzzle into his chest as her scent filled the air.

"What is it, love?" He lifted his paw to her face, but she pulled away, bobbing her head urgently. "Is something wrong? Did I hurt you?"

No, he hadn't hurt her in the slightest. Throwing her head back and forth, she bounced up onto her hind hooves, pushing him lightly back with her forelegs towards the bed. Understanding brightened his eyes and he chuckled as he half-scrambled back up onto the mattress.

"This?" He asked, head tilted as he perched on the edge of the bed. "Is this what you want?"

She snorted and pawed the carpet, pulling it up lightly from the floorboards beneath. Presenting him with her rump, she backed up, marehood winking, and let the weight of her hindquarters press into his stomach. Dark groaned and ran his paws over every curve of flesh and muscle in her hindquarters, leaning in to steal a quick lick of her gleaming lips as she showed him exactly what she wanted from him.

It took a few tries to set herself right - she knew where his shaft was, but ever could get her body to line up perfectly - but Dark helpfully closed his paw around the base of his cock, rubbing the tip over her twitching sex.

"Here I am, love."

She snorted and let her hind legs bow, kicking forward as her own bodyweight pushed her down on the pegasus' cock. Snorting, he held her up as much as he could with both paws, more concerned for her safety than of being crushed beneath her. His breath caught in his throat, cock throbbing as she squeezed and rippled around him. Secret would never hurt him. Snorting, he clenched his teeth as she rocked, squealing as if she was a little filly all over again to demand every inch of what she craved.

Maybe this time she'd bear their foal?

Knees bent, he dug his hooves into the carpet as much as he was able and used every muscle in his body built from working the stables to buck into her. She squealed again, head down between her forelegs, and he feared for a moment that she was about to buck, but he had nothing to worry about with his ponywife. Even with him inside her, she tried to wink and beg for more and he bit his lip as he rubbed the sensitive underside of her tail, eyes sparing a look for her tail hole. But that wasn't where she would glean the most pleasure from him - not while she was in season.

He grinned, white teeth flashing in his strikingly blac

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