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Hot blonde knocks on the wrong door.

my pace, if you wanna climb off the table and go and join Kevin and Erin, be my guest, but I guarantee if you go with the flow, you won't be sorry!"

She stared back at him and a smile slowly crossed her pretty face. She nodded and whispered, "Okay Rick, I'm sorry, I'm just so horny and after seeing Kevin bring Nicky off a couple of times, well I just got a little frustrated."

Castle moved over to the head of the table and placed his hands on her shoulders. He massaged her shoulders and neck. He moved from them to her breasts and massaged them, and not missing her nipples. He leaned over and sucked on one and then the other. He moved to the side, near the head and turned her head and he had her staring at his stiff, thick cock.

Abby's smiled grew larger and disappeared when she parted her lips and took the head into her mouth. Her hands came up and grabbed hold of his ass and pulled him harder against her face. She sucked and slurped at his large cock. She slid one hand around and cupped his nuts as she continued to suck away at his thick cock. She was so attuned to sucking cock, especially large ones seeing she used her magic tongue and lips on Frank all the time. She moaned out when she lost control and Rick pulled away and moved to the other side of the table.

He applied a lot of oil to both of his hands and this time, he didn't tease. His hands rubbed and massaged her upper thighs just below her glistening pussy. Just a few short moments later he had both hands all over her pussy. He squeezed the fat lips together and then released them. He parted them and began sliding three fingers up and down her oozing slit. He shoved three, and then a fourth finger into her and began finger-fucking her at a furious pace.

Abby was gasping for air. Her legs thrashed about on the table and she had to grip the edges of the table because she nearly tumbled off. She regained a little composure, but lost it immediately when she felt Rick using his thumbs to uncover her erect clit and began strumming it from side to side and up and down. She bucked her hips and as she started cumming, her moans and groans were continual. She rolled her head around and her always neat and well-kept blonde hair was now a mess. She trashed about so hard, her ponytail popped open and her long silky hair was now a tousled mass about her sweat-streaked face, it never looked better or hotter. She clutched at his forearm as she felt him continue to batter her pussy, "Please, please Rick, give me a chance to catch my breath! Oh, oh, oh fuck, you mother fucker, I'm cumming again!" She fell back on the table and rocked from side to side and she let out a gasp when she finally felt Rick pull his hand and four fingers out of her drenched cunt. She lay there panting, trying to catch her breath, but all of a sudden. She felt her entire body being pulled towards the end of the table. She looked up and found Rick naked, before she could react, her legs, her oil soaked legs were upon his shoulders, she opened her mouth to protest and all she could get out was, "What the fuck...! The rest that came out was a gurgling sound.

Rick shoved his fat, stiff cock deep into her and was balls deep almost immediately. He ran his hands up and down her long, sleek legs as he pumped in and out of her swamp-like pussy. He was amazed, even though she was extremely wet, she was still rather tight and he knew she was used to large cocks. He felt her pelvis leap up to meet his invading cock after the initial shock of being taken so quickly and without warning.

Abby loved how Rick fucked her and she wanted it harder and faster and she urged him on, "Come on Rick, I can take it, I can take all you got and more! Fuck my juicy cunt, slam that big cock into me faster, yes, yes, just like that. Oh come on Rick, give it to me, deeper, oh you motherfucker, I'm cumming, come on, cum, come with me! I want to feel you fill my hot cunt with your jism. Mmmmm, yes just like that!"

Rick was covered in sweat.

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