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Start of a new empire.

"I've never seen that side of her," I joked.

Anne laughed, then looked around again. "She's always been so mean-spirited and demeaning to all of us -- Mom and her sisters, my cousins, you -- well, she went on about her privacy and my intrusion, until I just turned and slapped her."


"I slapped her -- not really hard - right across the face, and told her to go get her credit card."

"What did she do?"

"For a minute, she looked like she was going to kill me. Her face flushed really red and her fists clenched. But she quietly turned and got her purse, pulled out her wallet, and started fumbling for the credit card. That's when I first noticed the nipples -- never seen them looking so big -- and the smell. I knew I was smelling her arousal, and realized that the book, the toys -- even some graphic pictures of people using the -- had not excited her. It was her surrender of control to me that did it."

I guess it made sense. Mary was always in control of everything and everybody, and now her granddaughter had taken over, even if just for a moment.

"I thought I'd test my theory. I selected overnight shipping, and told her I'd be back the next day. I told her to leave the package unopened, and gave her a shopping list for the batteries we'd need. As I left, she thanked me and told me she'd see me tomorrow.

I rushed over to her house right after work. She had the box and a shopping bag on the kitchen table She was wearing one of those sundresses she wears, and I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. For an old woman with big tits, they really don't sag that much."

Yes, I had noticed that, too.

"I instructed her to open the box, and watched as she complied. She methodically unpacked and arranged her new toys, removed the box and packing, and stood quietly staring at me with her hands at her sides. I pointed to a slender, silver vibrator, and told her to open the package and insert the batteries. She fumbled with the plastic casing before popping it open, and calmly gripped her toy in her fist -- just like she was holding a real dick.

"She placed the vibrator on the table and got a pack of C cells from her shopping bag. Once she got the batteries into the toy, she stood it up like a missile, right in the center of the table. She smiled at me, seeming proud of herself, wondering what she should do next. I watched as she opened each packing, installed the batteries, and lined up her little army of toy sex soldiers.

"This took almost thirty minutes, and I could see her nipples getting harder as each of her toys was opened. She hadn't turned any of them on yet. I was hoping she would, so I could punish her for not obeying me. It was incredible. I'd never seen her so compliant -- and quiet."

I noticed that Anne's nipples were getting harder, to, as she continued her story.

"The lingerie was last. Only one teddy, kinda gauzy and nearly invisible. She held it up in front of her and folded it neatly, and with trembling hands. placed it on the table, too. I asked her if this excited her, and she calmly shook her head. I told her it was wrong to lie, and asked her again, 'Is this turning you on, Granny?' Again she shook her head, almost defiantly.

"I jumped from my seat at the table, intending to slap her, but she moved back, and my palm hit her across her right tit. She didn't move back, so I slapped her other tit with my left hand. 'Don't lie to me, Granny! I can tell when you're turned on.' I reached out with both hands, pinching her nipples through the dress. She tried to pull back, but her movement only stretched things out -- her dress, the nipples, her big tits: I let go of her nipples, and reached up with both hands to grab the dress, pulling the blouse open, ripping the fabric and buttons, revealing her tits and nipples. I pulled the dress off her shoulders and down her arms, leaving her exposed from the waist up."

I was speechless.

Anne was breathing harder and squirming as she continued, "I asked her again if she was aroused, and she said no -- obviously lying.

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