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She couldn't wait to be fucked and treated like a whore by Jon. She never told her friends what she was waiting for when she got home, but as weeks went by Jon never made his move. She began getting frustrated and Jon liked the affect he was having on her. He had cut her off from sex and their lovemaking had gone from six to eight times a week to nothing.

He watched her squirm and become a frustrated tower of pent up sexual tension. He knew the more he held up the better it would be. One night Angel went out with her friends. Dinner and dancing at a club called cobra. Jon watched Angel grind and play with her girlfriends much to the joy and frustration of the frat boy onlookers who spoiled the girls with drinks hoping to take them home. A dance was all they got. Jon knew when Angel went out she danced with other guys but she never hooked up with or even kissed another guy. Jon was going to use her seductive dancing as the catalyst to make Angels fantasy a reality.

Angel went to her car and pulled out onto a nearly deserted street. Admittedly dancing with her friends and that one guy had gotten her turned on. "I swear to God Jon if you don't give me some dick tonight, I'm going to rape you." She giggled to herself at the thought and saw headlights behind her. She didn't think much of it. Then the car pulled up close behind her and hit his high beams. :Fucking Jerk!!! Go around!" The car whipped around and almost side swiped her. She tried to see who was in the car but the windows were tinted to dark. The car sped away and as she got closer to home she calmed down more and more.

"Hey Sexy I'm home." She went to the kitchen and found a note from Jon saying that he went to grab a bite to eat and catch a late movie. "Damn it I'm so fucking horny Jon." She went to the bedroom and changed into her little boy shorts and a tank top. She looked at the clock three am Jon should be home soon. She fell asleep.

Jon smiled as his friend dropped him off in front of the house. He had been waiting patiently for weeks now tonight, she was gonna get exactly what she wanted. The way he wanted to give it to her. He crept quietly into the house. The front door was left unlocked Jon smiled "She really wants this " he laughed to himself. He went into the spare bedroom he had spent all day moving everything into place, this would be the room where Angel was to be punished. He grabbed a black silk blindfold and took off his shirt and shoes. His muscles were tight, he was breathing heavy as he walked into the bedroom. He saw his Angel lying in the bed. She looked so beautiful Jon couldn't help but want her.

He slipped the blindfold over his head and pulled her out of the bed. "What the fuck!!! Let Go... What are you doing!!! No let me go!!!" Jon put his hand over her mouth and lowered his voice.

"Listen here bitch, you make one sound and I swear to God... You don't wanna try me, do you understand?" Angel didn't know what was happening, why her? "Now your gonna do everything your told." Jon grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her delicate frame. Staring at her breast he reached out and pinched and twisted her nipple until she flinched in pain. Her nipple felt like it was on fire, then She felt her attacker suck her nipple deep into his mouth. He had her breast in his hand and began kneading her breast making her moan. "Oh, You like that dontchya?" A moan was the only answer he got. Angel tried to pull away from him but he grabbed her and moved so that she was pinned with her face to the wall. He pulled her panties down and slapped her hard on the ass and she let out a whimper. He slapped her ass again harder and she screamed out.

Jon reached up and pulled her hair, biting her neck , his free hand running all over her soft skin down to her freshly shaved pussy.

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