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The end of this story and a surprise.

He slumped forward, whimpering, sobbing, belly down, burning bottom pushed up, skirt bunched around his waist.

Then came the sound - a sound he remembered well. ZIIIPPPP! It was the noise of a trouser fly being unfastened.

It was to be expected. A man can't spank a sissy without fucking him afterwards. The natural conclusion to disciplining sissies was to pump their pretty bottoms full of fresh cum. In spite of his humiliation and the discomfort he'd suffered Wendy felt a flush of hot excitement. He wanted to be desired and lusted after, and miserable as the day had been for him so far there was the possibility of a brief interlude of pleasure if he were fucked by a decent length of randy man-meat

He undertook the position of a sissy in submission; head down, bottom pushed up, knees well apart so that the man could play with his balls whilst contemplating his sissy anus in surrender. Surely a view no man worth the name could ignore.

The man pressed against him, broad thighs screwing on his buttocks, cock probing against his backside but not having much success. That he was a novice at anal sex became apparent when he tried to mount Wendy without lubrication. "Keep still yer little tart!" he rumbled in exasperation.

Wendy squealed at the dry jarring force pushing at his anal bud, and he waved frantically at the bottle of baby-oil on the side table. He was a faggot who wore a short skirt and he loved the idea of pleasing a strong male and being subservient to a big cock, but this man was falling short on expertise.

"Use that sir, you need to use some of that."

With his buttocks spread open Wendy's anus formed a delicate pouting roundel and the man quickly splashed oil onto it, making sure with his fingers plenty pooled around the tight looking buttonhole.

Wendy felt the unmistakable prod of man-dick. "That's it sir. Do it!" he panted as he felt the bulbous glands slip against his anticipating pucker. He was prepared to be a good fuck, but the man seemed to be in a hurry, or in a panic. Suddenly it was becoming a fiasco. Rat-face couldn't push in more than an inch of his penis. He was probably feeling guilty about what he was doing, longing to find out what it felt like to shag a lad in the arse, but too nervous to take his time and do it properly.

A few rapid movements and a sudden gasp confirmed his suspicions. The visitor's rodent-like face grimaced and he ejaculated almost at once in the crack of his bottom without making any substantial penetration.

"There! S-see if that don't teach yer to behave, yer - yer little whore." the man stuttered with uneasy bluster as he hurriedly fastened up his trousers.

He departed shamefaced and hot with guilt, and without any apology for his disappointing performance. Then Gloria came in.

"Crikey Gloria, what an awful character that man was. He didn't have a clue about what to do."

The housekeeper nodded in sympathy. "That one weren't nuthin' special. He wus just an inspector from the Inland Revenue who'd come to check on Miss Hancock's tax returns. 'Spect you were part of a deal they agreed on."

Wendy slipped forlornly back into his panties. "Can I go now?"

"No, m'dear, you've to wait here a bit longer. There's another visitor just arrived, an' this one's a lordship."

"A lordship?"

"Aye, a Peer o' the Realm, an' one o' Miss Hancock's oldest clients. He wants a pair, so Jennifer's had to go off an' find someone to join you."

Wendy's shoulders slumped, making him a picture of despondency. "I don't want anymore first-timers, and I don't feel like being spanked anymore."

Gloria shook her head and wagged a good deal of flesh. "Bless yu heart dear, it ain't the end o' the world, is it? I knows you've had an awful time of it lately, but it's best you do as your told an' don't go lookin' for trouble. Anyway, this lordship's experienced an' he don't do much by way o' spankin'."

A few minutes after Gloria had departed Sammy came through the door.

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