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Veronica blackmails her step brother.

As she walked up the beach from the shore, I could tell she was completely shaven, as her hips wiggled toward me. I could barely take my eyes from the slit that was showing through her bikini bottoms, until I noticed her hard nipples poking through the fabric of her top. I was thankful that I was wearing my sunglasses to conceal my stare, and even more thankful that I had a magazine with me to conceal the bulge in my shorts.

Everyone was drinking during the day, and our consumption of alcohol increased as the night went on. Steve was plastered by 10 o'clock and I had to help drag him to his tent after he passed out and nearly fell into the fire pit. About an hour later, I excused myself and headed to the bathroom to drain the weasel. The bathrooms were about a hundred yards from our campsite and were poorly lit. As I entered the structure, I had to take a moment or two to allow my eyes to adjust to the dim lighting. Eventually I found my way to the urinals and felt that great relief as I drained about 3 beers from my bladder. After making my way to the sink to wash my hands, I turned to leave and almost jumped out of my skin when I noticed a shadowy figure in the doorway. My eyes were straining to see who it was when I heard Janet's voice.

"Dan?" she slurred.

"Yeah, is that you Janet?" I asked.

I took a step toward her, and saw that she was moving toward me as well. We were face to face when I asked "what are you doing in here?"

Instead of answering me, Janet grabbed the sides of my face and pulled me to her and planted a huge kiss on my lips.

I was stunned, I didn't know what to do, and I was also a little drunk myself. Janet reached down and began stroking my cock over my shorts with one hand, and pulled me by the back of the neck so that she could kiss me again. I don't know if I wasn't thinking at all, or just letting my hormones react naturally as I kissed her back, our tongues thrashing about in each other's mouth. I grabbed Janet's taut ass and pulled her to me, grinding my now hard cock against her pubic mound.

"Mmm" she moaned and we continued our kissing.

After what seemed like an eternity, Janet broke our kiss, looked around, and then pushed me toward one of the stalls. She backed into the stall and pulled me in with her. I reached back and slid the latch closed so that the door was secured. Janet sat down on the toilet seat, and with one quick move, pulled my shorts down to my ankles. She leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. Having not been laid since my breakup almost two months before, I was in a frenzy of sexual excitement.

I didn't care that it was my buddy's wife who had her lips wrapped around my cock, I was just living for the moment. Janet was stroking my cock with one hand, movng her head up and down my shaft in rhythm with her strokes, and at the same time she was lightly squeezing my balls. I grabbed her head and began fucking her face faster and faster. I could feel the tip of my cock sliding against the back of her throat with each thrust. Guttural sounds escaped Janet's mouth as she deep-throated my 8-inch cock. Janet had stopped squeezing my balls and was now fingering her pussy under her shorts. I had my fill of her mouth, and now I wanted that shaved pussy.

I took half a step back (as that was all the room there was in the stall) and pulled my cock from her mouth; the saliva dripping from her lips and from the tip of my dick. I grabbed Janet by the shoulders and lifted her off the toilet seat and turned her around. Now it was my turn to pull down her shorts in one quick movement. I pushed her shoulders forward slightly and slipped my index finger between her legs.

Her cunt was dripping wet from the fingering she had been giving herself as she sucked on my shaft. I spread her cheeks with my hands and slid my cock inside her with one long stroke. I could feel her velvety walls envelop my cock as my balls slapped against her clit. Janet nearly fell forward as her body was rocked with an orgasm.

She got her hands up

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