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A husband and wife play a game with friends.

jacob and joseph walked michael through room after room, still hooded, his hard cock bouncing with each step. He occasionally heard movement, and once, heard girls' giggles. It did nothing to cool his excitement, however, as he realized he was being inspected by others. He stood up a little straighter and grinned underneath the hood, glad no one could see his face. "Let them look," he thought to himself.

After becoming hopelessly lost, he felt himself being led into what seemed to be a large room, to a place in front of a fireplace, the warmth of the fire welcome after the cool air of the rest of the House.

"Stand here, at attention, until She comes for you," he heard jacob say. He felt jacob and joseph leave his side and heard the door close as they left. Was he alone? Dare he lift the hood and peek? His ears strained to hear any evidence of another person in the room, but otherwise stood stock still. After what was surely an hour or so, he changed position, slumped ever so slightly, and wiggled his hands to get the circulation going again.

"Twenty-one minutes," he heard Her say. He froze. Her heels made a light tapping noise as they crossed the hardwood floor. Suddenly, Her signature scent caressed the air around him and he knew She was right there. Finally! He felt Her hands glide across his shoulders, his chest, lightly pinching the nipples until they stood as hard and proud as his cock. Her hands continued their exploration across his stomach, and around to his ass where one finger slipped deeper and circled his asshole.

He struggled to stand still as the questing finger suddenly entered his hole and moved in and out. Impossibly, his cock hardened even more and a single drop of precum appeared on the head. Suddenly, She moved away and he felt abandoned. Still hooded, he hadn't seen jacob and joseph re-enter the room, but he felt them now. Each took an arm and led him to some sort of a bench, where he was held in a bent over position, stomach resting on the padded surface.

He felt his head being lifted and the edge of the hood lifted as something pushed at his closed lips. He tried to turn his head away, but the other two slaves held his head steady. He then understood, and opened his mouth. He felt something push into his mouth. He recognized the shape of a dildo. Her voice sounded husky when She told him, "Make love to it, boy. I want to watch you suck it." He sucked and licked and sucked some more.

"Is that the best you can do?" She asked.

He started thinking of how he liked to be sucked and was soon giving the dildo a rather good, if inexpert, blow job. The dildo was removed and immediately replaced with a hot, hard cock. He tried to turn his head away again, but was forced to keep the cock in his mouth. He had never, ever sucked another man's cock before and almost gagged at the thought.

"If you bite or harm that cock in any way, you will be sorry," he heard Her say. He felt Her caressing his butt and separating the cheeks. He started sucking the cock in his mouth, while feeling Her playing with his asshole. "You remember what we talked about, yes? That when you come to Me, I will claim you?" She asked.

"Yes, Mistress. I remember," michael said a bit fearfully, after the cock had been removed from his mouth. He really wasn't sure he was ready for this at all. But he had given up everything for the chance to be owned by Her and he wasn't about to back out now!

"You are Mine!" She exclaimed, plunging a dildo deep into his virgin asshole. He tried to get away from the pain, but was held firmly by jacob and joseph in front and the dildo up his ass in back. He felt the tears sliding down his cheeks and thought he had never felt such pain in his life. She slowly slid the dildo out and quickly plunged deep again. And again. And again.

Suddenly, the hood was removed and he looked in the mirror in front of him.

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