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A new girl at work signals a change in his life.

Her smile on her face so big she is filled with gratitude as she looks at him. He smiles. You always had it there is no doubt about that. He leans into her and kisses her lips lightly his finger tracing the nape of her neck chills run through her instantaneously. Kissing her again deeply she leans into him her eye's closed and feeling him next to her feeling so relaxed. Her arm's wrap around his neck His fingers run through her hair that dangles softly down the sides of her face. He kisses her lobe and down onto her neck she tilts her head to the side in response. Pulling back just a little they gaze into each others eye's, she stands and lift's her skirt slightly and straddles him leaning in and kissing him deeply her hands caressing the line of his face. Her fingers slowly tracing down onto his neck to his tie loosening it and lifting it up over his collar she now works on the buttons of his shirt as he caresses her hips looking at her. Pushing his shirt back and away from his chest her hands pressed against feeling his flesh. Sara's hands work their way down to his trousers loosening his belt first then the button and zipper she inches her way back and off of him he lifts up and she pulls his trousers down and off throwing them to the side. Her fingers placed at the base of his feet the trail lightly up his legs and to his groin her lips anxious but not yet not yet she thinks to herself she is going to enjoy every moment. Pressing her hands on his abdomen they travel slowly up as her lips follow her tongue tasting his flesh sporadically.

Up onto his chest her fingers extend and circle her tongue lightly tracing his chiseled smooth pecks. His dark skin so inviting to her hungry eyes, kissing his neck and ear biting his lobe lightly her tongue emerges and sucks for just a second. She feels his hard wondrous cock against her she lowers herself down kissing along his torso and down to his groin. Gently she holds his hardness in her hand as she licks up the shaft reaching the head she opens her wet lips and wraps around her tongue circling in smaller circles till she lands just on the tip. Sucking lightly she retracts her lips off extends her tongue wide pressing down his shaft. She opens her lips just slightly places them on the side of his hard shaft tongue thinly pressed in between she travels slowly back up opening her lips once more to envelope the head of his member her tongue wide placed at the underside lips tight she sucks more and moves down working to take in every bit of him, slowly moving enjoying every inch of his hard wondrous member. He holds back his moans his cock swollen and throbbing veins bulging his head tilt's back his breathing deep and intermittent he lifts his head watching her hunger for him.

Reaching for her eye's move up to him he gently lifts her up she releases him and stands in front of him.

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