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Mom tells dad she wants to seduce their son.

Digging an ice cube out of her cup and setting it skillfully between her lips, Liz began running her mouth from Mark's neck to his navel, savoring the feel of his skin as the chill of the ice cube brought goose bumps to his chest. Pausing occasionally to refresh her ice supply, she paid special attention to his nipples, relishing in the more subtle sight of those hardening nubs.

Though his mind was focused on what Darlene was doing to his cock, the sudden shock of the ice running up and down his body caused Mark to divide his attention. Suddenly, as if to compete with her sister, Darlene chose that moment to take him into her mouth, running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft like a lollipop, and then swallowing him whole. Though he was no stranger to oral sex, none of his former partners had approached the task with such obvious gusto and talent. No previous experience had prepared him for this.

Smiling saucily, Laura returned to the table with a covered tray, and absently stroked Liz's fiery hair. "Dessert is served. I just know you'll enjoy it." With a lascivious wink, Laura went back into the kitchen, after making sure that the front door was locked.

Her mind fixed on the task at hand, Elizabeth ignored the tray. Taking another piece of ice, she began planting gentle kisses on Mark's ears and face, gradually moving back to his mouth. At the instant Elizabeth stuck her ice-capped tongue in his mouth, Mark experienced the most intense orgasm he ever had. The combination of Darlene's expert attention to his cock and Elizabeth's skilled touch to his body and face was more than he could handle. He could feel Darlene's throat milking his cock for everything it was worth, and could tell without seeing that she swallowed every drop.

His fists unclenched, and let go the grip they had on Darlene's hair and Elizabeth's skirt. His eyes fluttered open for the first time in minutes, and his senses returned to the world in front of him. The first sight that greeted him was Elizabeth, with a grin that would make a cat in a canary cage proud. The sight of the gorgeous redhead looking at him that way inflamed him. Though his seed was spent, at least momentarily, he could not wait. With strength born of passion, He lifted Liz from her seat, setting her in front of him on the table, between the still untouched dessert platter and the wall.

Without a word, Mark pulled the tight dress over her head in one fluid motion. He was surprised, but only slightly, by the fact that she wore nothing beneath the dress. Her taut, firm body fit so snugly into the custom tailored outfit that undergarments were unnecessary. Hastily removing the lid from the still covered tray, Mark tossed it aside without a glance.

Revealed to Elizabeth's eyes was an assortment of fruits and condiments. A small can of whipped cream, a jar of chocolate sauce, and a bowl of honey were the centerpieces of the tray, surrounded by strawberries and chunks of melon. Never taking his eyes from Liz's luscious body, Mark reached for the honey drizzler from memory, knowing from experience exactly where it lay. While softly kissing her chest and stomach, he guided the small wand to her wet pussy. Dripping a few small dollops of honey on her sex, he looked up and whispered, "I had better clean up my mess. How clumsy of me."

Dropping the stick to free both of his hands, Mark began kissing the girl's thighs, while guiding his fingers expertly into her waiting pussy. Stroking gently, he began gradually guiding his mouth to her sex, teasing, bringing moans and yells of pleasure and growing frustration from her. Finally, removing his hand from her tight hole, he began licking in earnest, doing his best to find every drop of honey.

Hearing her sister screaming in delight had always aroused Darlene, who had spent the last few moments getting out of her jeans and shirt, no small feat in the confines under the table.

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