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Pst'Doo attends a human wedding and fixes it.

Peter's laugh rumbled out once more. "What, you mean you two fucking like rabbits in the pool?"

There was another long silence. I heard a wet slurp before Catherine spoke again. "Mmm, yeah, something like that. I think he's worried you'll think less of him. Think that's wet enough?"

"Depends on where I'm putting it," said Peter. "You should tell Alex not to worry. If I was your brother I'm not sure I could keep my hands off you either."

"You're certainly not keeping your hands off at the moment," said Cat. "I told him you wouldn't care, but I - here, put it in my ass - I don't think he believed me."

"Oh shit, that's tight," groaned Peter. "So what, you -ungh- want me to - goddam! - talk with him?"

"Fuck, Pete, I thought men's cocks were meant to stop working when they got older. I swear, yours has grown," squealed Cat.

"Ha!" came Peter's retort, "Maybe you're just out of practice. You should come round more. So what about Alex? Don't want that boy avoiding me or something."

"Oh yeah, just like that," my sister's voice was breathy and low, "I dunno, maybe we should ask him to join us?"

"Mmmph- you sure about -mmmph- that?" said Peter, his words interspersed with heavy grunts. I could hear a rhythmic slapping noise emanating through the fence. "I'm fine -mmmph- with it, but I don't want to -mmmph- scar the kid."

"Oh, I think -ah- he'll come -ah- around," Catherine sounded like she was talking through clenched teeth. "Here, move -ah- with me over -ah- to my shorts. -ah- My phone's in -ah- my pocket; let -ah- me give him a call."

Realising what was about to happen, I raced as quietly as I could back to the door and stepped inside just as my cell began to ring. It was a video call. I slid the answer button over and Cat's face filled the small screen. Just behind her I could make out the lower part of Peter's jaw and his bare shoulder. Cat was sweating and biting her lower lip.

"Hey Lex," she said, her visage bucking toward the camera before retreating and then lurching forward again. My cock stiffened like concrete setting.

Trying to sound like I hadn't just overheard the preceding conversation, I answered as casually as possible. "Uh, hey Cat. What's up?"

"-Ah- I'm just over -ah- at Peter's getting -ah- fucked in the -ah- ass and I -ah- realised I still had -ah- another hole to fill. -ah- Care to join -ah- us?"

Behind her, Peter laughed hard. "Jesus. You kids! Come on over Alex," he shouted. "Let's show your sis a good time."

A goofy-ass grin split my face. "Damn, guys," I said, shaking my head in disbelief at the world of debauched sex I had stumbled into this summer, "fine, I'm coming over."

Smiling so hard my face was beginning to ache, I followed my rampantly erect boner across the yard and around to Peter's. The sight that greeted me upon unlatching the gate was majestic; Cat was on all fours in the grass, while Peter's hefty bulk loomed behind her. His barrel chested body dwarfed my sister's smaller form and he turned his head to give me a smile and a wave while still bucking his hips and driving his dick into Cat's asshole.

"Hey kid," he greeted me, "You okay with this?"

"Course he is you old fart," said Catherine from beneath him.

I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculous situation I was in. "Sorry Mr. Jessup. Catherine can be a bit of an ass."

Peter wiped his brow with the back of his hand and gave another thrust into Catherine's butt. "You're telling me," he said through a grimace of concentration, before gripping my sister's waist and rolling back until he was lying on the grass with Cat on top of him, her back against his chest. "You ever done something like this before, Alex?"

I was slowly peeling off my clothes. I looked over at the debaucherous scene before. "Uh, no."

Now that I'd shed my clothes, I walked around the coupling pair until I was standing near Peter's feet.

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