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Talos gets his revenge.

When the girl turned over on her back, this kiss-hungered man transferred his mouth massaging mauling to the protruding nipples of her tits. The taste of the nectarine nubs was unbelievable sweet. Not one inch of mammary flesh escaped the uncontrollable oral assault.

Fancy's female mind was beginning to realize the extent of power a woman could exert over a sex-hungry man. Embolden with this newfound knowledge, she decided to brazenly exploit it. The $35 she held in her purse was an ungodly fortune to her. But, she began reasoning that if she used her mind as well as her feminine wiles, perhaps she could earn an even greater monetary reward.

"Oh Daddy it's really working!" Fancy declared. "My boobies and my ass are not itching nearly as much as they were. But Daddy, my 'middle part' between my legs is about to drive me crazy with an aggravating itch! Oh please take off my pajama bottoms and lick me 'down there'!"

Babbling unintelligibly, Jonas Ward jerked off the pajamas and dove headfirst into the bushy patch of curly red pubic hairs between the young girl's legs. The neatly-trimmed fur flew as his mouth savagely ravaged the swollen mound he found there.

No man had ever touched Fancy in this way. Surely this was a sinfully wicked thing for a young woman to let a man do? And certainly, she shouldn't be saying the words which were now coming from her mouth, "Oh Daddy, yes please do that! Kiss and lick the sticking out, meaty part in between my crack. Here, let me hold it open for you."

By spreading her outer vaginal folds, Fancy exposed her untouched clitoris for a full visual inspection. The man positioned between her legs seemed to be more interested in playing with the clitoral flesh with his mouth than he was in looking at it with his eyes. His kissing lips and his licking tongue feverously attacked the tender skin.

Unfamiliar warmth began growing inside Fancy's virginal vagina as the man continued his voracious vaginal assault. She was a 'nice girl' who had never even played with herself before. No boyfriend had ever touched her 'there' either. So, she was curiously wondering about this strangely pleasing sensation.

Suddenly, the pleasing sensation took on another level of pleasurable intensity. Fancy's vaginal cavity released a flood of moisture which coated a deep-penetrating, stiffened tongue. The prodding intruder continued to probe deeper until it was tickling and punishing her virginal hymen.

Out of the blue and with little forewarning, Fancy's sexually-inflamed vagina began spewing out a cummy orgasmic liquid. The spurting fluid sprayed the man's face but it did nothing to lessen his hungry cunt-eating offensive.

"Go ahead and 'cum', Babydoll," the man stopped for a second to say. "I want my baby to have lots of happy-time 'orgasms'. Is my girl happy? Is it helping your itching to stop?"

Before answering, Fancy allowed another wave of blissful pleasure to sweep her away. "Orgasms?" she finally asked. "Oh Daddy, is this what this wonderful feeling is called?"

"Oh Daddy, don't stop just yet!" Fancy begged. "Oh yes, I'm very happy. Ah, here comes another one! Oh glory, it's good! Orgasms are the best thing in the world! And Daddy, I'm not itching anymore at all!"

Inspiration hit Fancy like a lightning bolt. She now knew what she had to do to gain control over a man. Sitting up in the bed, she said excitedly, "Daddy, are you itching? I betcha you'll catch my itchy red spots! Mister, you'd better let me take off your clothes and check you over for spots. I'd better give your body the same kissing and licking treatment you gave to mine!"

Jonas Ward could hardly believe his ears. He couldn't believe his fortuitous luck. Boy, could he pick them! The innocent little waif he had planned to seduce was turning out to be a vibrant, vivacious vixen that was now stripping his clothing off and attacking his naked flesh with her hands and her mouth.

Fancy's flittering fing

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