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Betrayed by love, Jenna gives in to forbidden desire.

Sam told her about Chris and how he texted her several times a day.

Back at Kathy's, they shared coffee chatting about their upcoming induction. Kathy excused herself and went to her room. She returned holding a suit bag and handed it to Sam. She said it was a coming out present. Inside was one of Kathy's WRAF dress uniforms. Kathy said they would get a new kit when they enlisted and she still had one to wear to their induction. Sam hugged her and said it was perfect.

Later at home after dinner, Sam retired to her room and took the insignias and badges from his spare uniform and transferred them to her present from Kathy. She stripped down to her underwear and redressed in the cadet uniform. Using her camera phone she took a few pictures in various poses, starting serious standing to attention to a final picture holding the hem of her skirt up showing her stocking tops. She sent the photos to Chris and changed into her nightwear.

She received some texts from Chris and she felt a warm glow inside herself. Chris offered for her to visit him in Germany that weekend if she could get away. She checked online and found a hotel and a cheap flight to Berlin. She booked it and confirmed to Chris she would be there Friday night.

Now she was out she revelled in her home life. She and Kathy went out shopping to expand her feminine wardrobe. The next day over coffee Kathy and Sam were talking about the trip. Sam was excited but nervous, Kathy text Jeff and five minutes later they too were booked in the same hotel and flight. Sam hoped Chris would not be disappointed that her friends would be there but she was grateful for the support.

Chris said he was ok with her friends coming and looked forward to meeting them.

Soon Friday rolled round, and Sam had a lazy morning. She did not bother with makeup and through on some leggings and a t-shirt. Since she had to travel as John she did not bother getting fully made up as a girl.

At 12 o'clock with her bags packed with Sam's clothes, John reluctantly dressed in his boy clothes, though still wearing panties and camisole under her shirt and jeans. Soon there was a knock on the door, the cab with Jeff and Katy was there to take them to the airport. Katy could sense Sam was not comfortable dressing as John and made a point of only referring to her as Sam.

At the airport, they checked in and clear security without delay and after a little retail therapy, the hit the airside sports bar. Over drinks, they discussed the upcoming trip. Sam would have to wait till they reached the hotel to change since to room was in Johns name. They look at the net for places to visit and made some notes. Jeff asked how her coming out was going, and the only person left to tell was her older brother.

Their flight was called and within the hour they were climbing above the skies of London heading to Germany. Sam loved flying and could not wait to get to the academy and fly herself.

Two hours later they were on the ground and hailing a cab to their hotel. Sam text Chris that they had arrived. Chris replied that he was waiting in the hotel lobby for her. Panic set in as Sam did not want him to see her in boy mode. She replied this and he said he did not care. The taxi arrived and the entered the hotel. Chris did not recognise her at first, but a smile of recognition spread across his face as he stood to greet her. Sam made the introductions and headed to the reception to check in. She asked Chris to wait in the hotel bar and she would come down after she had changed. He agreed and headed off and checked in. Her room was on the Third floor and her room was very spacious. She quickly shed her boy clothes and unpacked her case.

Chris looked up from his drink to the entrance to the hotel bar.

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