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She's kidnapped by five Black men.

..Yowza. Shockwaves run through my body as his tongue circles my nipple--then his teeth take what they want...biting, nibbling...bringing me to the edge already. I grab his hair and pull, wanting him to stop, not wanting him to stop. He goes to the other nipple and gives me a moment to breathe. I come back from the edge...but just more slight push and I might come just from this play--and he knows it, knowing how sensitive my nipples are.

As he takes a hold of the other one, I run my leg up to his thigh, wrap it around his back, pulling his body closer to mine as I moan and arch my back, pushing myself into his mouth even more. I can't take it, I want him. I reach for his pants, unzipping, unbuttoning, thrusting my hand down inside, grabbing him gently, starting slowly...up and down...feeling that little bit of wetness on the tip. But it's not enough for me, I slip my hand between my legs, to my extremely wet pussy and then I slide my hand back down onto his cock, slipping easily up and down him now. He finally pulls back from my nipples and slides the velvet over my head. He gives my matching black velvet g-string an appreciative look before reaching down and pushing his own pants and shoes off.

Taking the opportunity, I lie back on the back and wait for him with a hungry look in my eyes. I look at his cock and lift my eyebrows...oh bring that over here big boy. He comes towards the bed but doesn't join me on it. Instead he kneels on the floor, between my legs. Grabbing the panties, he tears them off, grips my thighs, shoving them roughly apart, and then takes a moment to look at me. He looks at my wet pussy lips, my smooth, just waxed pussy and then he leans forward and separates those lips with his tongue--French kissing me down there; his tongue doing things to me that make me moan. I spread my legs wider wanting him deeper inside of me, wanting all of his tongue inside me. But he pulls his tongue back out and instead gives some special attention to my throbbing, swollen clit. While his mouth is there, he slips his thumb inside me, pushing, prodding, making me scream out in surprise and pleasure-he's found the g-spot. I feel the waves coming, my muscles tighten. He feels the muscles of my pussy tighten on his finger so he pushes another inside of me. I'm rocking my hips up pressing against his mouth. I feel one of his hands slipping back between my cheeks and one finger slipping inside me. That's all it takes, I come hard--spasms rock my body, my thighs close together, tightening. He rides the wave though, keep his mouth firmly on me, keeping his fingers inside me so I can't get away from it, and I cum again...right on the heels of the first...hard....raw....

Pulling back, I grab onto his shoulders and pull--as much as I can, I'm feeling a little weak now-him up onto me. I want that cock inside me. I beg for it, and he lets me have what I want, pounding into me. But then he pulls all the way out...such a tease...he presses just the tip inside me, and then brings it up to rub my clit. I moan, so unfair. I want him inside me so I reach down, encircling his shaft with my hand. I start giving him a little hand job, adjust my hips, and then thrust myself up to take him inside me, but never let go of his cock. He begins to pound into me and the sensation of being inside me coupled with me still holding on, rubbing him is intense. He holds his body up off mine so we can both watch as he slides in and out of me-wet, glistening--so hot. As he gets close I start to lift my hips more and tighten my muscles around him. I want his cum all over my body and he gives me what I want, cumming on my stomach. I play with it, and then lick it from my fingers.

I come back from the bathroom--cleanup-- and push him back against the headboard.

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