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Parth four of Mary's first adventure.

"How you know her?" His friend ask. Seriousness covering his face.

Raphael was a hook up master and yet still is in the category of falling to fast for a female. He often times blames the fact that he is Brazilian and true romance is imbedded in him. Zach could never understand the impracticality of love. One puts their best effort into someone and after a few months they find someone better or get bored. It was a huge waste of time and somewhat a waste of emotion to him. If he was to find love he knew it wouldn't be right when he saw her, but more so when he felt her. He had to click with her and actual care what she said. Sure looking nice was part of it but not something he would base his songs over.

"Well... it was around late May." He said jokingly to look up to see a bit of terror on his friends face. "I'm just kidding, but Robbie hooked up with her before, and you know what they say about girls who hook up with drummers?" He asked seeing some confusion on Ralph's face "Low standards" he whispered.

"Whatever her past was, I don't care she is caring and sweet and..." Ralph boasted and raved

"And coming over tonight isn't she?" Zach interrupted while rubbing his temples, truly irritated. "That explains the booze."

"Perhaps she may stop by?" Ralph knowing he's in trouble was trying to ease the idea to his friends

"Alright here are the rules. One you are taking it to your room." He pointed towards Ralph's door.

"But why man if I take her straight over there she's going to get all insulted and shit and I won't have a chance. She'll think I just want sex."

"All you want from her is sex and if it's April I am pretty sure she'll jump in bed before she says hello. Robbie can vouche for that. Hell if she comes here naked, just to get a head start wouldn't surprise me, she did that at band practice once. Two I get half of that" Pointing to his beer. It was the expensive German kind and Zach thought it would be nice considering that he was being nice about the whole thing.

"And three..." Ralph asked slightly annoyed.

"And three you get rid of her in the morning, if she's lousy or you realize how annoying she truly is it is up to you to kick her ass out. I did it for Robbie and trust me being dump by the same guy for two different guys is a bit of an ego bruiser." He walked over and took three bottles and headed towards his room, before hearing a loud thud. "And the tempest has arrived."

"Hey if you were planning to go to your own room why can't I have the living room?" Asked his roommate.

"I don't want to hear, and if it is in your room I hear less, also I don't want to wake up to a naked skank spreading here possible crabs on the coach."

"Shhhh!" Ralph' trying to hush Zach in the hopes that April did not hear through thin door. Raphael stride towards the door opening to see an eager red head woman smiling as if she has seen a rock star.

"Hey there Raphael" She try to sound sexy by putting an accent on his name. To Ralph it seemed promising to Zach it seemed pathetic.

"Ol__ belo gengibre." He said in a low sultry voice that made the woman giggle. Zach wanted to shoot himself in the foot, it was so annoying. "Come in my sweet." Smiled Ralph.

"Hey there April, fancy seeing you here, in my home." He halved assed a smile, thinking she wouldn't know the difference. Still he saw the expression on her face drifted quickly to discontent. She remembered how, as she put, he emotionally assassinated her when breaking the news of Robbie's inability to commit. She was willing to work it out with him but the humiliation was too much for her to stand. She thought she might have had a chance if Zach was not in the way.

"I didn't know that you lived with Raphael." She scoffed.

"Yeah good old Ralph is my roommate. Well I'm taking this to my room. Y'all have a fun night." He did a speed walk towards his bed room. He heard a few more of the evil ginger's cackle before hearing a door shut. Indicating that they took it to Ralph's room.

He stepped out to go on the balcony and look at the

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