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He pauses for a moment to step back and admire her draped over his bed, to allow her time to adjust to the new sensation of being restraint causes before he begins his assault on her body. He has a plan in his head that he isn't willing to divulge yet, she will get a piece of the puzzle slowly over time until she is begging for her release, she will moan like a whore wanting her masters cock buried deep inside her, pounding her, owning her.

He moves around to the side table to retrieve her eye mask and places this over her eyes, a signal that the fun is about to begin. Her master takes his time teasing every nerve ending alive within her body with just the touch of his fingers for now, she is unaware that soon he will get some ice and her paddle ready to caress her skin. He trails his fingertip down her spine, over the curve of her arse, to part her cheeks opening to the secrets between. He sees her pussy is wet with excitement and he knows that he will have it sopping wet with her gush soon enough.

He bends down to sniff her essence, making her arch her back trying to grind her cunt against his nose, he pulls away but replaces his face with his fingers and begins to caress her clit, to flick at the bolt that sits above it, he knows he can rub on that bolt and the pressure it applies grinding her clit will make her come, he holds off from that for now. He strokes her hairless pussy lips, finding them plump up under his caress. She moans as she feels herself building her first wave towards orgasm. She tries to push back against his fingers to get him to thrust into her cunt and rub hard on her walnut but he is in control and will give her that release when he is ready too. Firstly he needs to tease her, to have her begging for more.

He pinches her pussy flaps to draw the blood flow into her nether region, he dips in between them to flick her clit more, he feels her building. He reaches forward for the clothes pegs that were sitting alongside the plate, hidden from view when she walked in earlier. He makes them snap with sound next to her ear. She is unaware of what the sound is related too, she tries to think if she has heard it before. She doesn't have time to comprehend what they are or where they will go before he attaches them to each pussy flap, she gasps out with the shock of attachment, he stops to admire the sight of each side held back to reveal the delights within.

She squirms beneath his administration, she can't catch her breath as she feels the tension build. She asks him to let her come, she says "please master make me come" but he holds off for a moment more, she isn't near tears wanting this release. He steps between her thighs and presses his erect cock against her cunt, withholding plunging into her now but caresses her entrance with his tip. Acknowledging his desire to plunge himself into her depth. She pushes and pulls within her restraints wanting her hands free to touch him, she arches her back wanting him to enter her.

He pulls away and it is now that he thrusts his finger deep into her cunt, reaching and rubbing her walnut, instantly she cries out with pleasure and as she feels her body spasm she has a rush of liquid spurt out of her pussy, her gush squirts away from her body and pools on the floor at his feet. He steps back to admire her body in the throughs of her orgasm, he sees the blissful shine to her body. He removes the pegs allowing the blood to flow back into her outer flaps. She breaths a sigh of relief at their release.

Her sensors are alight with the loss of her sight with the blindfold still in place. She hears his footsteps as he moves around the side of the bed, she hears him pick up the plate and leave the room. She wonders what this means, what has he gone to get. He doesn't return instantly, she wonders why. Why has he delayed the next step, has he planned this delay to tease her, to make her panic still in her restraints, to strengthen her reserve, to heighten her senses for the next delight he has in store for her.

Soon her body cools from coming down

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