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Reasons to hang out at Monica & Rachel's place.

And there is something intriguing about the Jenna I've just met. I'd like to get to know her too. The truth is, I've dreamed about meeting a woman as sexually open-minded as you. My fear is, I won't be able to satisfy you. That was my frightening concern when this evening began. Now, with what you've revealed, I'm absolutely terrified."

Jenna smiled in a motherly sort of way. "Well, this is the honest-to-God truth. I've made no secret of the fact that I enjoy sex very much. But I don't always get . . . well, let me give an analogy. It's liking eating. Some people get hungry and go looking for anything to eat. That's not usually me. Others simply eat when there's food available. That is me. But with you tonight, I was ravenously hungry, and I don't get like that with very many men." She eased off the bed with no regard for the hem of her skirt and stepped over to him, actually raising her skirt to reveal scant panties obviously wet in the crotch, then straddled him on the armless chair. "You're just out of practice, that's all." She slid her covered pussy over his cock causing him to groan. Again his penis was struggling to find a place to grow.

Jenna glanced down, instantly assessed the problem and quickly, as earlier, undid his belt, pants and zipper and freed his rod to rise above the band of his jockey shorts.

At that moment, the phone rang. Ron was able to reach over and grab it off of the night table. It was Beatrice looking for Jenna, so he handed the instrument over.

She accepted it without letting go of his cock. "Hello?" She listened. "Yes, we're still working." She was watching Ron's eyes, then looked down at his cock in her hand. "I've got a good handle on it." She squeezed him as she said this. "We'll be a while longer. Still a few things to lick into shape. Don't wait up." Leaning back and hanging up the phone, Jenna reported with a snicker, "Beatrice says we better get humping on this!"

And with that, Jenna devoured his lips with hers. The flavor of their previous kissing was still fresh on his taste buds and there was no hesitancy on his part to participate this time. He kissed back with relish, even being the one to initiate the tongue dance. She purred her delight.

Acting on their own, his hands slowly grasped her exposed thighs, rubbing up and down a few times before easing up either side to just under her breasts. He couldn't resist cupping each one. It was said that any more than a handful was wasted so he thanked his lucky stars that he had big hands. They felt wonderful to his touch. But he had to see them, so he slowly undid the remaining buttons on her shirt, then spread it open. He broke off the kiss to gaze in wonder at the treasure. She had on a very sheer bra that seemed to have virtually no support. But once he removed it, he saw it was unnecessary. Her tits were exactingly round and hung firmly with very little sag. His dick pulsed and he could feel a dollop of pre-cum roll down his abdomen. He massaged her breasts reveling in their lush feel and was even more thrilled when he lifted them and did not see any scars underneath nor along the under curve of her smallish areolas. These babies were real!

Ron's lips were drawn to her firm, erect nipples. He had a couple of long sucks on each, her moaning signaling favorable response. Then he flicked the very tip of each a few times with the point of his tongue causing her to inhale rapidly.

"They're very sensitive," she cooed.

"Oh, sorry."

"No, I meant that in a good way." She was panting heavily. "Keep it up."

So, he did.

It drove Jenna wild with desire and she started sliding her pussy along the exposed skin below the head and frenulum of his cock. He could feel her pussy juice lubricating her slithering. Glancing down, he saw the most erotic vision he had yet seen: she had pulled aside one leg of her panties and her vaginal lips were wrapped around his shaft like a saddle on a horse.

That was all it took to lift her up, take a step over to the bed and gently lay her down, barely losing con

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