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Picnics in the park develop into something more.

She flushed and came around to the back of the desk. He spread his legs and looked at her expectantly.

Slowly she knelt down and unbuttoned his slacks. She looked up at him as she fished his cock out. He had a small smile on his face. She paused, sighed, and slid her mouth onto his flesh. He gave a satisfied moan and leaned back a bit.

As she bobbed up and down, she remembered her landlord's phone message. She imagined him coming over. And she imagined handing him a check. As she envisioned that triumph, she got more into the blow job she was giving. She was licking and slurping. She felt the cock in her mouth tense and she held her mouth at the tip, letting the warm semen rush over her tongue.

She looked up at her interviewer. "Lovely," he said. "Why don't you have a seat again?" She blinked in confusion. Okay. She got back to the chair and bent over to pick up her clothes.

"No need for all that right now, dear. Just sit down." Her face flushed. The wooden chair was cold against her panty-clad ass, and a chill brushed across the bare skin around her bra, stiffening her nipples. "Yes, I keep the temperature down for just this reason."

She sat with her hands in her lap. What happened now?

"I do love a recession. Do you know that that was third blow job I've had today?" She gaped. "So many talented young women. So few job openings." She felt sick.

"You're a solid cock sucker, for sure. But let me tell you something about the woman I've decided to hire." Her face fell. "Don't worry, dear. I like you. You're pretty. So I'm going to help you get a job."

"Last night, a young woman came in for an interview, but she made it clear right away what we were going to discuss. She was dressed in a loose blouse and a miniskirt. And, may I say, nothing else. The blouse was so thin you could tell right away. As she walked in, she closed the door and turned the lock and came straight to me and said, 'I want this job. And I will fuck you any way you want to get it.' With that, she began to unbutton her blouse."

"Now she was even better endowed than you, my dear, but that's not the point. Within a few minutes, her blouse and skirt were off, and she was making it clear what was on the menu. 'I'll take you in any holes you want, lover,' she said." He paused to look at Shelly, whose eyes were wide. "I picked her mouth and her ass. I must say it was one of the most intriguing interviews I've done. So I'll be offering her the job. But I thought you'd appreciate some guidance on how to make your own interviews successful."

He paused. "You can thank me."

She was so stunned, she slowly nodded. "Thank you." But then she remembered. "Please, sir. You've got to give me the job. My landlord ..." she stopped.

"Behind in the rent?" She nodded, her lower lip stuck out and her eyes closed. "Smart landlord. God knows I'd be trying to get between your legs if you were my tenant. However, I'm afraid I only have one position to fill." He paused. "But many positions to try in the future, I think."

Three days later, she was feeling the deadline looming ahead of her. She hadn't been sleeping well. While her dreams had been filled with sex, they hadn't been erotic. They were all of Mr. Sheldon coming in the door, leering at her, pulling off her clothes. She woke up sweaty and queasy. He wasn't actually a bad lay, she had discovered nine months back. But she didn't want him to just be able to command her.

She walked into her interview, ready. She turned the lock on the door. The pudgy, balding interviewer didn't notice; he was skimming her resume. She sat down in the chair facing him. He looked up and paused. She was dressed to kill. He cleared his throat.

"Now, Ms. Foster, the position we have ..." He didn't get very far. She stood up and put her hands on his desk.

"Mr. Johnson," she said, cutting him off. "We can do the normal resume chatter. Or I can make this more interesting." She saw his eyes drift down to the cleavage on display.

"Mr. Johnson! Are you looking at my breasts?!"

"Uh, um, no.

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