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She's taught the art of sex by her dad and hubby.

With both hands free again, I took hold of her hips and really started to FUCK her then. At the same time, the boy in front had his hands on either side of her face, driving his cock into her throat with equal lust. The other two, who had only been beating their meat before, now stepped forward eagerly, reaching down to play with her tits and pinch her nipples. Deciding it wasn't fair to leave them with nothing, I grabbed my slut's hands and placed each of them onto their two big erections.

There she was, bent over, one monster of a cock up her pussy, another huge cock down her throat, and one in each hand. Cock surrounded her, and her moaning left no doubt that she was in slut heaven.

Once more the elevator glided to its next port of call, and the doors slid open to admit a group of businessmen. My little slut couldn't see anything while she was bent over getting the fucking of her life and issuing not just a blowjob, but two amazing handjobs as well. The group of four men just gaped and stared, standing in the middle of our impromptu orgy with crazed expressions. As we humped and pumped my sweet sexy slut, the businessmen looked at each other, smiled, and began to unzip as well, stroking their cocks while watching the show.
It was like some animalistic ritual, wild and feral. I fucked her hot little pussy with sadistic glee. "Can you believe this, slut?" I taunted her. "You got a cock in your pussy, one in your moth, one in each hand, and a whole bunch more watching you and jacking off." And it was true. She moaned in response, while the gangbang continued. She was loving every minute of it.

The elevator continued to rise and fall, but there was no more room for anyone to enter, unless someone got off (pun intended) and no one was leaving. What people could or couldn't see as the doors slid open and closed on our packed house, I couldn't tell. All I knew was that next time I'd have to pick a location where my little slut could have a bigger audience.

As it was, there was only a little space about us, just enough room for all of us to be fucking her in our own ways. Her sweet body had been shuddering from one orgasm after another, and she must have cum half a dozen times. The three students began to pull together as a team, switching places so that each stud had the chance to be in her mouth. My cock alone was relentless, fucking her...pounding into her...ramming jamming slamming into her...fucking her hard and deep with my HUGE HARD COCK as it seemed to expand and grow bigger and BIGGER with each massive thrust.

And there were men all around her, cocks all around her, inside her. Every pair of hungry male eyes were on her, huge hard dicks, each of them praying for a turn. But it was my cock, my COCK, that selfishly filled her pussy, and my cock that I knew was on her mind. I knew then, as I know now, that she was doing this just for me. Just to please me, because I had found a way to let out the wild slutty angel that was hiding inside the bored little rich girl. Her excitement was increased tenfold knowing that I was turning her into my personal cock-crazy, cum-loving little slut. The china doll was broken forever. And all the king's horses and all the king's men were going to slam their cocks into her before they gave any thought to putting her back together again.

"Beg for it," I demanding harshly, my voice loud and eerily human amid all the animal sounds of pumping and fucking and grunting. "Beg for my cock, beg for all their cocks. Tell everyone how much you need it. Tell us all what a slut you are."

And she did, compliant and debased as any dime store tramp as she pulled a cock out of her mouth to obey me.

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