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A son finds out about his mother's dark secret.

..both panting...wanting...

A little pause as he rubbed more massage oil between his hands...starting at the very bottom of her back and stroking up with enough pressure to add the pleasure of massage to the hot arousal that kept her breathing ragged...

He rubbed and kneaded with concentration...seemingly ignoring his now fully erect penis making other promises to lower parts of her body...

Once her back was moistened and relaxed to his satisfaction, he removed one hand from her back and eased back...she opened her thighs still more to accommodate his movements...pushing her ass up and only stopping when he put a little pressure on her with one hand...pushing down his cock and inserting just the head in her welcoming pussy...she couldn't withhold the little mews and whimpers that drove him crazy...his hand trembling slightly, he repositioned both hand so that they curved down around her hips, grasping slightly as he used a combination of push and pull to enter her fully...rewarded with her pushing in response...both of them feeling that unique satisfaction when he hit that point inside of her that always made them both pause...tiny circling motions with his hips he explored that pleasure point...the moisture increasing so that his access was complete...her moisture overcoming the paltry resistance given by her pubic hair...his knees on either side of her, he established a slow, steady and out, in and out...she tried to increase the pace...her breath increasing simultaneously with the beads of sweat that made her back more slippery...his grasp difficult to maintain...

He rolled them both to their sides -- staying inside with muscle and willpower, re-establishing a slow steady rhythm -- pulling out less but still touching that magical spot that would bring them both. Using one hand, he moved her hair out of the way and nibbled on her neck, using tongue and teeth to heighten her sensations - knowing that neck and hair play could make her orgasm stronger -- hotter...he pinned her hair to the side -- half rising behind her -- losing the angle for access -- but contact with the bedding had made her hips less slick -- easier to grab...he started to roll her back over to her stomach just as the sounds from outside the bedroom door penetrated..

"Mom!" an exasperated Abby knocked -- clearly not for the first time. The handle on the door started to move.

"Did you lock the door?" Her whisper a combination of motherly tension and laughter.

"Don't think so." With a Herculean effort, he rose higher above her and leaned perilously over the side of the bed to scoop the generous quilt up and around them both. Just in time as the door opened and 11-year-old Abby poked her head around the corner, taking one step in and continuing her mini-lecture before her eyes communicated fully with her brain or mouth...

"We're all WAITING! The dishes are all cleaned up, the brownie timer dinged like an HOUR ago so since you Weren't There, I took them out for you. Monopoly is set up and...oh my God! What are you... Jeez! It's still DAYLIGHT! You guys are MARRIED -- you're not supposed to do that in the DAYLIGHT!"

He muffled his involuntary chuckle against his wife's neck...trying to keep his body from shaking.

"Abby, haven't we asked you to wait until we said to come in?" Her voice was even and calm, which somehow made him laugh even harder.

"Oh -- trust me -- this will NEVER happen again! I am SCARRED for life! You guys will have to pay for YEARS of therapy! Forget having a NORMAL life - - I'm going to grow up warped and then write a BOOK about this! There have to be some LAWS against that! Aren't you supposed to stop being INTERESTED in that stuff when you're OLD?

"Parents aren't supposed to act like that! Oh, my GOD! You're Not on your honeymoon! Did you use protection -- because that's just humiliating! You could get PREGNANT!"

Always the drama queen, she half-slammed the door and they could hear her stomping

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