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It wouldn't be Key West without a stop at Margaritaville, and that turned out to be our first destination. A few margaritas there, a late afternoon dinner, and back on the streets well before the start of the parade -- along with a few thousand of our closest new friends. Walking, and with open containers allowed, even I was getting a bit tipsy by the time the Fantasy Fest parade came our way. A raucous crowd of people showing off and watching others show off just accentuated where we were: a Disneyland for Adults.

There were more than a few nearly naked ladies, some with nothing more than paint, some with lingerie designed for the bedroom -- but being worn outdoors. There were a multitude of men semi-dressed also, although I confess, I really wasn't looking at the men. And it wasn't all sexy clothing or nearly-nothing wear; there were a multitude of floats and people dressed to match the years 'theme'. We watched and laughed, and drank our drinks.

Without thinking about it, we'd gradually moved with the crowd back toward the Garden of Eden. Unlike the night before, it was totally packed, but Melissa gradually moved us through the crowd and to the dance floor. Here, unlike the night before, there were nude or nearly nude people everywhere. That we were drunk there was no doubt, but when Melissa reached down and stripped her dress off, I suddenly knew what she and her mother had been hiding between them earlier.

The lingerie she had on didn't cover much. A small see through mesh diamond shaped panel covering her pussy was the closest thing to actually covering anything that there was. Lace side panels extended to her sides, and when she turned around, I could see that the lace continued across the top of her bottom so that her backside was essentially bare. It actually covered more than Gloria's T-back thong, but with the lace, it really covered nothing.

Straps were everywhere. From the top of the panty a strap ran up the front of her body, between her breasts, culminating in a choker around her neck. The top, what there was of it, was essentially just straps also. The bra cups were non-existent, just what would have been the sides of a normal bra cup wrapping around her breasts. A single strap ran up the center, with a strategically placed bit of lace covering her nipple -- but of course, hiding nothing. The straps across the front of her breasts continued up and over her shoulder, attaching to the cross straps in back as if it were a regular bra -- but essentially she was practically nude - and very sexy.

Melissa definitely had an exhibitionist streak and, although she hadn't really dealt with it until recently, so did her mother. I momentarily grinned to myself, wondering if mother got her exhibitionism from daughter, or daughter got it from mother. Raising her arms above her head, she gyrated in place, and then reaching out to me, took my hand and dragged me with her, pressing between the crowd of barely (and in some cases not at all) dressed people onto the dance floor. When she decided that I was 'overdressed' and began working at my shirt, I just went with the flow, and moments later I was shirtless along with virtually every male in the place. A few moments later a change in the rhythm of the song accentuated the change to another, and I motioned my head back toward Gloria. Stepping that way, Melissa followed. I barely heard her say "Well?" to Gloria over the noise of the room as she reached down and put the shirt that she'd taken from me into our bag.

"I know, I know;" she said in return, "don't rush me."

"You never will if I don't," Melissa responded and reached for the tied bottom of Gloria's blouse. Gloria pulled back a little, but Melissa pressed forward, her body coming between us to block my view of what was happening. Something took place -- and suddenly Gloria's blouse was in Melissa's hand, going into the bag.

The blush on Gloria's face said one thing, the ultra-hard nipples extending from her breasts something entirely different.

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