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NIkki's shower is interrupted by younger brother Timmy.

I waited, as patiently as I could. My penis was becoming gradually more erect. She noticed.

"Ah, good. We will need a bit of that..." She gave my penis a little squeeze, causing it to harden a good deal more. "...if we are to make any progress. As you have noted, this is a toy designed to receive a man. Since there aren't any around, you'll have to do, my pet. Ha! What, didn't you enjoy my little joke? I have lubricated this toy, and now I will push it onto your little cock."

She grabbed my penis and aligned the head with the opening of the toy, rubbing the slippery surface over the head of my penis, coating it with lube. After a moment, she shoved it gently over my penis. It was heavenly. I closed my eyes and drew in a breath.

"Ah, I see that has your attention. That, my dear, is the point. This little device is my new remote control. In fact, I have already decided that it shall be known as 'the remote'. If I ask you to prepare my remote, you will know what I mean. Won't you?"

"Yes, Mistress. I understand." I could barely get the words out, feeling this thing squeezing my penis, moving just the tiniest bit as she held it. Every slight motion sent a wave of pleasure and anticipation through my body. I wanted to come so badly, yet I dared not move.

"Now I will explain how this works. When your face is in its usual place, between my legs, I know it can be difficult for you to hear me properly. So I will communicate with you using my new remote control. If I want you to speed up, I will speed up."

She moved it up and down my shaft rapidly, but with just a tiny range of motion.

"If I want you to go deeper, I will push deeper."

She pushed it all the way to the base of my penis. Exquisite! I was close. Much too close. I tried to concentrate on something else.

"If I want you to change your angle, I will change the angle of my remote."

She twisted it a bit, and bent it to one side. Stimulating, certainly, but not entirely pleasurable. Thank goodness; I doubt I could have held back.

"It's all very intuitive, you see? And while you may be a bit clumsy at first, I'm sure you will learn to follow my lead."

She could tell I was dangerously close to coming. I had a feeling it was intentional on her part. She stopped moving the thing at all.

"And the beauty of it, my slave, is that your orgasm is completely, totally, 100%..."

She paused for emphasis; I was rapt.

"...Incidental. I will use my remote control to ensure that I receive exactly the pleasure I desire, for as long or as short a time as I desire it. When I am done, you are done."

At this point she pulled the device away, and my penis strained in the cool air.

"I don't even need to know whether you have had an orgasm or not. In fact, in case you do experience an orgasm while you are being controlled, I insist that you do your best to hide the fact. Distracting me from my pleasure is a sin, particularly when you do so by directing my attention to your pleasure. If I want to know, I will ask when I feel the urge. Of course, it may be obvious when your pathetic little dicks slips out of the remote control. That would be a major disappointment. I'll do my best to keep my remote control motions under control from beginning to end, so even a tiny little flaccid penis would stay in. Besides, the goal is not to give you pleasure; it's to communicate in a way you will understand so that you can give me pleasure. So of course my movements will be very small. Subtle, even. You will need to pay attention."

She looked at the device in her hand thoughtfully for a moment.

"I like that. I like the idea that your pleasure is secondary. Not even that. It's tertiary! I do not even need to know whether it occurred or not. That's perfect. I should make sure I set it up so there is no indication after the fact about your pleasure, or lack thereof."

She looked at me for a moment, thinking. Then I saw her eyes gleam.

"I've got it! After I am done, I will have you take the remote control from me; I won't even see whether yo

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