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Virgin's visit holds surprises for everyone.

"Keep going, what happened next?"

"Well, she is just riding me, slow and deliberate. Her eyes were shut and she was softly moaning. She was doing all of the work. I was just lying there flat on my back, raging hard and just having the time of my life while being completely and utterly in shock. After a few minutes of just holding her waist and feeling her hips grinding in circles I reached up and started messaging her tits. I could feel through her dress that her nipples were hard."

"Wait a second," I interrupted, "you mean she was still dressed?"

"Yeah, like I said earlier she just pulled up her dress, pulled her panties to the side and went at it. I hadn't seen her naked body at all. I could feel her wetness with my dick and see her hard nipples through the material but that was it. It was just pure passion. After a couple of minutes of rubbing her I had to quit. I had to concentrate on not losing it. It was awesome, she was so wet yet so tight. She was doing this crazy thing with her pussy that just drove me wild. It was hard but I was able to hold it for about twenty minutes until she just got so wild and really started working it fast and hard. She leaned down and moaned in my ear that she was cumming. That was all I could handle. As soon as she said that I lost it. I let out a loud scream and just spent a large load deep into her. When I did she screamed that she was cumming again and started bucking up and down on me almost uncontrollably. After she was finished she just collapsed on top of me and we kissed passionately while I remained inside of her."

"Oh man, your kidding me right?"

"I wouldn't pull your leg like this, it really happened. How do you feel, you still ok with it?"

"Yeah, I think it is absolutely awesome," I assured him, "what else happened? Tell me everything."

"We just lied there, about five more minutes until I went limp and the elastic from her panties started cutting into me. So she gets up and just gasps. I ask her what was wrong and she said that all of my cum had rushed out of her when she stood up, drenching her panties and was starting to run down her leg. I was so turned on when I heard that that I reached up her dress and rubbed her inner thigh. I could feel a bead of cum trickling down her leg. It was great. I reached up and felt her panties and they were soaked. I must have really launched a load. She asked if I wanted to shower with her and I agreed and we went up to your guys' bedroom and started stripping. It was the first time I saw her naked and I just stopped to take it all in. She is beautiful and has an outstanding body. Hey, you never told me that she has a tattoo."

It was true. Mike's whole story was true. I had purposely never told him about the small shooting star tattoo that she has right above her pubic area. It is covered by her swimsuit and the only way he would know it was there was to see it, which meant that she was going to have to be naked. Shelly hated it and never spoke of it, so it wasn't something that she would admit to in any conversation. I figured that if I didn't tell him about it then I would always have a way to verify his story if he decided to share a fantasy that never happened. But this was no fantasy. This was real. My lovely wife had committed adultery and fucked another man.

"Yeah, what did you think of it?" I asked.

"It is cute, but why a shooting star?"

"She says that it was a stupid thing she did in college. She and a girlfriend went in for tattoo's and she wanted something small and in a well-hidden place. Anyway, go on."

"Well we are standing there naked and I'm just staring at her. I think she got embarrassed so I gave her a hug and we started kissing again. I reached down and started rubbing her soggy pussy and she gets all riled up again. We didn't end up getting in the shower. I got hard again and we crawled into your bed."

"My wife let you fuck her in our bed?" I asked.

"Yeah, that ok?"

"Yeah, it just surprises me," I continued. "I just figured that was one place where she wouldn't do it."

"Dude, she was a

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