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er head feel into my lap and she moaned so quietly I thought no one could hear but me, but I heard the voice of the man who had been fingered her say "Ah, you liked that, huh?"

Marie made no reply but just kept her head resting on my leg, still holding my prick, until she caught her breath. Then she lifted her head slightly and gave my cock three long licks, and sat up.

She turned to look at the man beside her.

"That was lovely," she said to him. He moved to kiss her and she did not turn away. As they kissed deeply he moved his fingers out of Marie and gave her pussy a squeeze. She kissed him harder.

And then, without asking my permission, she said to the stranger: "Sit back. I'm going to give you a present." It was a phrase I had heard her say before, and I knew enough not to interfere, nor did I wish to.

As the stranger sat back in his seat Marie dropped her head and immediately surrounded his prick with her lips and started a very vigorous blow job, her head bobbing up and down for about ten seconds before she lifted her mouth off, licked the head of his cock and then licked all around the head.

I heard the voice of a woman say "Damn, George, she's sucking that guy off!"

I put my hand on her pussy but, without stopping she lifted it away, placing it instead on her leg. So I held her leg as she continued to suck off this guy, now in a more leisurely fashion. I would bet that every man in the theater was now close to us. Marie obviously was thoroughly enjoying sucking this guy, and showing off. He was rubbing her head gently and moving his hips just a little, thrusting up gently to slide his hard member into her mouth as she bobbed up and down on him.

But once she picked up her pace, he was lost. It was probably not two minutes after she went down on him that his body arched up and he silently filled her mouth with come. Marie eagerly took it all, continuing to suck on him until he said faintly "enough, enough" and lifted her head.

She looked him squarely in the eye and swallowed. Everyone there knew she had just swallowed his cum, and several of the men said that out loud.

"You see," said one voice. "She does like it."

The woman's voice replied with some wonderment: "Yes, I guess she does."

Marie sat up and looked toward the screen. Her view was blocked by men standing in the row in front of us. "I can't see," Marie said. I said "Sit down, guys, so the lady can watch the movie," and although it took a couple of minutes soon the porno was again visible.

Marie sat back, not looking at any of the men. Her tits were still exposed, but she had pulled her skirt down. On the screen now a man and woman were in a car. We watched and heard them talking about how much she liked sex, but that her husband would not do it more than once a week, and then only in the dark. Soon she had her skirt pushed up and was playing with herself, and a trucker passed by and honked his horn.

"You've done that," I said, and Marie gave a little laugh.

The stranger was still beside her, and I saw that he was holding her hand, as I was.

The movie continued and soon the couple had stopped at a home and rushed inside, where each was removing their clothing. Next they were giving oral sex to each other and that went on a long time. Marie liked a story, not just fucking, in a movie, and since she had seen the two talking the story line made sense. "I like this," she whispered to me. Then the woman pushed the man down on the floor and sat on his prick. "That looks nice," Marie said, a little louder.

The stranger sitting next to Marie moved his mouth to her right nipple. Marie looked down and raised one hand to stroke his hair and show him she liked it. I watched, then began to do the same thing to the left breast.

Marie's head went back and her eyes closed.

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