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Natalie is amazed.

I could tell from his tightly shut eyes and his tense expression that he was picturing every scene in his mind. I had almost finished my story when his interrogation stopped abruptly and he rolled towards me and I saw the rigid bar of his cock throb wildly as it loosed several strings of his sperm over my thighs.

"You idiot!" I whispered crossly. "Couldn't you have used a towel, or something?"

He gave me a sheepish grin and tried to wipe the mess off with his handkerchief, but I pushed him away. His spectacular eruption had made my own cock crave for attention and I needed to finish myself off quickly. As I reached down to soothe it, Stephen gave me a questioning look and murmured quietly.

"Can I...?"

"Sure." I answered eagerly. "Only be quick; I'm feeling really desperate."

"I will." He agreed, adding slyly. "And I promise I won't make any more mess."

I lay back and closed my eyes, marvelling at his enthusiasm. I would have needed time to recover from a massive climax like he had enjoyed. Some time before, we had devised a playful score chart to measure the power of our ejaculations. Over-indulgence the night before might only produce a weakish dribble the following day and score a derisory "two" on our personal Richter scale: But Stephen's recent eruption clearly deserved to score a "five". He must have been saving it up for quite some time!

A stealthy movement made me open my eyes and I looked down to see that Stephen was kneeling between my legs with his blonde head poised above my rigid cock. He seemed embarrassed to see me watching him and there was a strange, predatory expression on his face that I hadn't seen before.

"Let me try something...please?" He whispered.

For once, I was lost for words and could only nod weakly, wondering what he had in mind. I felt him grasp my cock gently between his lips and instinctively, I arched my back and pushed upward, easing myself further into the warm depths of his mouth. My need for urgent relief soon vanished as his tongue began to explore inside my foreskin, searching for the sensitive fleshy dome inside. My skin tingled as his hand begin to roam over my chest, circling and tweaking my nipples, while his other hand gently fondled the soft skin holding my testicles. Soon my whole body was trembling with eager anticipation as he began to work steadily through his extensive repertoire of delights...this wasn't the quiet, reserved boy I thought I knew.

Stephen wasn't my first sexual partner by any means, but none of them had ever progressed beyond clumsy efforts to masturbate me. In our close-knit school environment, mutual 'hand jobs' were considered an acceptable way of relieving our adolescent urges, but anybody attempting anything more adventurous ran the risk of being thought 'queer' and shunned as a result. If this was what Stephen had been looking for all this time, it was little wonder that he had been so cautious in his first approach to me. Nevertheless, it was fine by me and all of my schoolboy inhibitions melted away as I surrendered my body to him completely. I felt myself drift into a blissful sort of trance and I could hear myself whispering over and over, "Don't stop now, Stephen. Please don't stop!"

I felt my thigh muscles start to twitch rapidly as they always did when I was ready to come.

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