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Penny seeks Quinn's advice when her life is endangered.

But you should know that I really liked what you just did to me. Marianne must be a very good teacher. Well, I saw it, didn__t I."

She pulled me up on my feet and resumed sorting the linen not bothering that she was in the nude. I watched her for a little while which seemed to please her.

"You should know that you are very welcome back inside," she said laughingly when I put my shorts back on.

I went down to the barrack and started the cleaning having got instructions from Barbra during her inspection round. The work was easy. I took all the mattresses and blankets outside and shook them carefully and spread them out in the fresh air. I dusted the cubicles carefully when through a window I saw Barbro coming. What made me startle was that she still was in the nude.

I watched her coming with spring in her steps. She had a very nice looking mature body. I think she must have been in her mid forties but her body was well kept. I guess that farm work is good exercise and healthy too being outside a good part of the day. Her big heavy boobs sagged only nicely and swung lovely when she walked. Big nipples stood out. Her body was womanly with a marked waist and wide hips. A nice rounded belly. I couldn__t see her ass properly when she walked towards me. But that it was full and round I had seen earlier. And when taking her from behind I had experienced how well muscled it was.

"Eric, where are you," she called out from the door but didn__t wait for an answer but came looking for me.

"Oh, there you are. I thought you needed a break and a cold drink," she said smilingly."You have done a lot already. Come, let__s sit outside in the sun." She led the way and sat down on the flight of stairs bringing with her a basket with a bottle and two glasses. She poured and handed me a glass. She stretched out putting her hands behind her pushing her boobs forward making them to lift and push out.

I had been aroused already by the sight of her walking in the nude and when she came into the barrack. This little show turned me on even more. I tried to shield it for reasons I couldn__t explain. I guess that I was shy. But of course she noticed it.

"It looks like a nice thing you have there," she said giggling heavily. "Could it be that it would like to come inside again? As I said, it__s most welcome anytime."

As before she didn__t wait for an answer but just reached out and pulled my shorts down. Her mouth was around my rapidly hardening tool before I knew what was happening. She pulled my hands to her boobs to get them fondled. After a while she let go of my hard cock and lay back on the porch. She pulled me over her pushing downwards and I guessed what she wanted. Her high moans proved that I had been right when I started to lick her pussy. She smelled fresh and a little sour when her juices started to flow and soon her body shook and she cried out once.

She pulled me up and spread her thighs raising her knees. I could kneel on the lower step and easily enter her which I did with such great enthusiasm that she cried out when I bottomed out in her on the first inbound stroke. I kept banging her fast and hard to her obvious pleasure. It didn__t take long until her single cry of ecstasy was heard and her pussy clasped hard around my cock. But she eased her grip very soon and I resumed banging her but now with slower strokes that got hard in the end. She put her feet down to meet my thrusts by lifting her ass making my inbound strokes real hard. Again her single cry came, this time in a higher tune and her pussy narrowed.

She came three more times with her cry reaching a real high pitch tune in the end. This time her pussy kept it__s hard grip around my cock.

"Oh my goodness, that was nice. Even better than before," Barbro exclaimed keeping her hard grip around my cock. Her pussy muscles slackened but only for a short while before they hardened again. But slowly her pussy was set in motion massaging my still hard cock.

"Oh goodness gracious me, I am very selfish.

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