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Sometimes when you work too hard, you need a break...

I hadn't bothered to let hubby in on my secret because I was sure he'd try to talk me out of it or he'd be paranoid all evening.

I wore a black mini-dress with nothing beneath and black high heels. I had parked about 4 feet from the bushes where I knew my chat room friend was and I discreetly looked out the window trying to see if he was there, without arousing hubby's suspicions. Of course I was going to have great sex even if he had decided not to show up. Lucky for me he was there, watching even if I couldn't see him, and he recounted the whole affair for me the next night in the following chat room conversation (my screen name was "Denali" and his was/is "Joeby05"):

Denali: hey there joe, what's up?
Joeby05: hi babe, not much, you?
Denali: trying to stay awake
Joeby05: I hope you make it
Denali: I'm sure I will. I didn't see u last night. Did u go?
Joeby05: yeah I was there
Denali: well?
Joeby05: well what?
Denali: don't be a dick, did u enjoy yourself?
Joeby05: oh yeah, I sure did. Good show ;-)
Denali: I did a lot of things just for your benefit.
Joeby05: Like what?
Denali: I'll tell u after u tell me what u saw
Joeby05: K
Joeby05: U there?
Denali: sorry, I had to go to the little girls' room
Joeby05: oh
Joeby05: I got there but I couldn't figure out where to put the car, so I had to park it on a street and walk back. I was worried you'd already be there and I wouldn't be able to get into my hiding spot, but you weren't.
Denali: aha, go on
Joeby05: Anyway, I got into my hiding spot just in time cuz about 3 minutes later you pulled in. Nice car by the way...
Denali: thx
Joeby05: welcome
Joeby05: I saw you pull into the parking spot and I thought "what a bitch, she parked too far." But then you moved the car closer and it was perfect.
Denali: Yeah I know. I parked it and thought "I'm way too far, so I came up with an excuse about hiding one side of the car against the bushes in case anyone sneaks up on us. lol
Joeby05: cool
Joeby05: Anyway, you switched seats with your husband and got in the passenger seat and opened your windows. It was a perfect spot because the only light along that side of the building was a few feet away and I could see you perfectly in the car.
Denali: yum
Joeby05: you got up on your seat on your knees then bent down and started to give your husband a blowjob. That was so cool. I could see your head bobbing up and down on his cock. I saw him reach behind you and pull up your skirt (nice outfit, by the way) and start massaging your ass. I could see your pussy and I got to see it even better since your husband was pulling your pussy lips apart with his fingers.
Denali: did you like that?
Joeby05: oh yeah
Denali: I did something for you right then.. did you notice that?
Joeby05: I think so.. you pushed your ass almost out the window?
Denali: yeah... I wasn't sure that you could see me so I stuck my ass out the window and rested my pussy on the window sill. Did u get a good view?
Joeby05: Yeah, and I went one better. I snuck up so close that I could smell the soap on your pussy. I was tempted to give it a lick but I was worried that you'd jump and give up the ghost. I a lover, not a
Denali: yeah, that probably WOULD have freaked me out
Joeby05: I figured as much. Anyway, I heard your husband when he said to make room for him so I snuck back to my place just as his heat popped up between your legs and started to pleasure you. What a lucky bastard.
Denali: lol
Joeby05: I kinda wish he had caught me.. maybe he would have given me some... lol
Denali: lol
Joeby05: unfortunately I had to contend myself with my girlfriend, the right hand.
Denali: too funny
Joeby05: I had to be very gentle and quiet because I was so

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