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That cliche about an employee hooking up with her boss.

"I was looking through my closets this week and found some ladies clothes that haven't been worn for a while. They looked your size, but lonely."

"Lonely clothes are sad, clothes are meant to be appreciated, like this dress I am wearing tonight."

"That dress should feel quite appreciated. I am taken with it, and so were all of the men who saw it at happy hour."

Laura kissed Greg's cheek, "How taken, darling?"

"Taken enough to taken it off of you later."

"That was horrible, the pun bad, your set up even worse. I will let you take it off when the time is right even if you do bad puns."

"What about the other lonely clothes in my closet?"

"Let me work on that problem. It might take a few days to give them all of the attention they might need." Laura and Greg bantered around the subject of another extended stay at her second home. She decided she could play at outrageous humor as well as her lover. "Since you have been on vacation and haven't been driving your gas credit card should be all paid up, right?"

"It always is, why?"

"I thought I could save on gas for a week and ride with you." Laura got a tender kiss for an answer.

"You can ride with me for a week or forever; ride with me to and from work and on me after work." Laura hummed and squeezed Greg's hand. "We will, soon. I want to talk to Dan and work out timing, but soon."

"That's probably best; no need for you to walk out and have him keep your rings, is there?"

"I will leave my rings with him, but on friendly terms. When I spend more than a weekend with you I will always leave my rings behind. They represent my marriage and intrude when I live in my other home with my lover."

"We need to see about a ring set for our other home."

"No, I am wearing your special jewelry tonight."

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At another restaurant, at the country club, two couples shared dinner and conversation. Their setting was elegant, but with much better lighting. Their conversation had a different sort of anticipation. The interior decorator and the older of the two women were talking about collecting art for display, as opposed to purely personal holdings. Artsy was facilitator for the evening. She made sure the discussion didn't get too esoteric for Dan's limited art background. Dan was delighted; as far as he was concerned he had a personal seminar at graduate level in a far more comfortable classroom than any when he attended college.

The older woman was helpful with more pointed suggestions toward the public relations value to Dan's company. She was the one who recommended Dan begin with two or three related pieces for his office and a nearby corridor or high traffic area. She also suggested ways to talk higher management into participating financially. Artsy offered to place some floating works by painters her gallery handled. By the time all were ready for after dinner drinks Dan had an oral plan, and commitments from all three for ongoing support.

Interior decorator suggested the lounge for after dinner drinks. Mrs. Patron agreed and commented that the two ladies needed a better audience to display the beauty of their dresses. Soon the four were in a large, leather covered, circular booth with snifters of brandy. Dan sat between the two women; his curiosity got the best of him. "Could we talk about the portrait you showed us last week?"

"Of course, Daniel; what would you like to know?"

Two hours and three brandies of conversation about the woman having her nude portrait made covered, more correctly uncovered, every bit of curiosity detail Dan could imagine. The interior decorator had bid good evening after the first round of drinks. The older woman remained alert enough to know all had too much alcohol to safely drive home. She insisted the club limousine take them to her home where they would all spend the night.

Artsy declined a separate guest room when sleeping arrangements were discussed but told Dan not to get any risqu__ ideas.

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