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Cindy's boss finds a way to see more of her.

"I think I'm getting a hard-on."

"You're what?" she quickly replied.

"I told you before, when you previously denied it, that it was sort of a turn-on." I admitted.

"Do you still have your webcam?" she responded.

"Yes I do," I quickly replied, "How about you?"

"Yes," she admitted, "I'll turn mine on if you turn yours on."

I did, and she did. I was just wearing a pair of pajama bottoms and a T-shirt, while she was wearing a pair of stretch fit workout pants and a skintight top with spaghetti straps over her shoulders and no bra. I grinned watching her. She had a spectacular body - tall, with a b to c cup breast and fairly narrow hips. She believed in keeping up her appearance so the many trips she made to the gym every week kept all that promise firm and potent. I think she was as turned on as I was, as her nipples were sticking out like spikes.

"Ok, so what was the wildest experience you had during the internship," I inquired.

"Well, you know about all the dance clubs and parties that I went to when I was there, right?" she asked.

"Yes, I know what you told me," I replied.

"Well, what I didn't tell you was the many times M. and I wound up in bed together" she responded. "We didn't have sex every time, but we did have sex."

"Probably the wildest time was when his friend Stephan was driving us back from a club and M and I were in the back of the car while Stephan and his friend were in front. You know how I like to dress up and tease when we go out, and this was no exception. I was wearing my usual mini-dress with heels. We had had a few drinks and were feeling a bit excited after all the dancing and flirting, so when M. reached under my skirt and started stroking my pussy I wasn't entirely surprised. I was getting seriously turned on and my breathing was getting deeper. He pushed my g-string aside and began finger fucking my pussy while the others continued driving. M. asked them to put on some music - which fortunately covered my breathing. I didn't think it would continue much beyond that but M. announced to the others that we were going to try and get some sleep and he took his coat off and covered us as we lay down in the seat. He quickly undid his pants, pulled my skirt up to my waist, pulled my g-string to the side, slid me on top of him and slipped his already hard prick right into my well-lubed pussy. The reality of the situation quickly hit me and I came so hard it took everything within me not to scream as I dug my fingernails into his chest."

I noticed at this time that her typing had slowed considerably so I looked at the webcam and saw that she was typing with one hand while the other had slipped below out of view.

"Take your top off!" I commanded.

Ever since the time we nearly got busted having sex in the woods she had been reluctant to allow herself to try anything adventurous with me, but there must have been something about the situation because without any hesitation she reached down and pulled her top off.

I gazed at those perfectly round tits and saliva immediately came to my mouth.

Now was my turn to slip a hand out of view.

"Turn your microphone on," I continued.

She did.

"Did he come with you," I asked.

"No," she said. "He kept fucking me from underneath while he was talking dirty in my ear."

"What did he say?" I inquired.

"I don't remember exactly, but he called me a dirty slut for getting off the way I did, which turned me on even more" she said. "It wasn't more than a few minutes of this that he pulled my top down and began sucking my tits as he fucked me harder and deeper. I was in the middle of my second orgasm when he squeezed my ass and came inside me. We slept for a few minutes like that before the guys brought us back to the flat. Funny thing is, the guys acted as if they hadn't noticed anything when we got out, but then Stephan winked at me as we said goodnight."

"So you think he knew you're a dirty slut?" I said.

Her face contorted and she whimpered a "yes."

She was seriously getting off, and I was getting off watchi

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