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Chantal’s trip continues.

it's icko that Sasha's dad and brother fucked her?'

"Not as long as she was willing to go along with it."

"Do you think mom thinks that same way?"

"Well, you should ask her yourself, but we have talked about incest and I know she knows a lot about it has no problem with it." I knew that my wife's first sexual experience came from her dad and uncles and that her mother had fully encouraged it while they all lived in an isolated farm in Arkansas. Even now, whenever her brother visited us, she would spend a night or two in bed with him.

Tinley's eyes searched my face as she asked, "What did you think when mom bit Trev's cock?"

'I was kind of surprised, but he was asking for it."

She surprised me when she got up on her knees on the seat, thrusting her pert titties in my face. "What do you think I'm asking for right now?"

Not needing a cattle prod to set me into motion, I quickly took one of her nipples into my mouth and began sucking, playing with the hard nub with my tongue. "I think you're asking for trouble." I said. My hand was just below the sweet fullness of on of her ass cheeks and I could feel the warmth of her pussy at the tip of my fingers. She was just about pulling my hair out of my head when we heard the screen door open.

Tinley quickly sat down on my lap, nearly impaling herself on my raging hard on.

"Boy!" I said. "That took long enough."

"Almost long enough". Tinley whispered. I put my hand on her thigh and she opened her legs a little and guided my hand to her pussy.

I noticed that Trev's cock was still fully erect and the Becca's nipples were hard and pointy. She sat very close to our son.

"Tinley wants to know your opinion of incest." I stated as I turned to my wife.

She glanced at me and Tinley and Trevor. I noticed something of a smirk on Trevor's expression as he looked at his mother. His hand was under the water but it looked like he had it resting on her leg.

"I think it's really hot!" he offered.

"Not your opinion, you perv." Tinley answered. "I want to know mom's opinion. You are such a perv you probably think sex with dogs is hot."

"Incest.....incest is....something that...I guess it is okay under certain situations." Becca finally said.

"Like what?" Tinley asked. My fingers found her clit and I began a very subtle stroking of her little button.

"Well, I guess as long as everyone agrees and the kids are old enough that they can make the decision for themselves and stuff. I don't think people should have babies through incest, but some people do and I guess the stories about birth defects and retardation and stuff are true but rare."

"Do you know of anyone like someone know...I mean, does incest take place in your family?" Tinley asked, sort of tentatively.

"Well, I guess it does, honey. I've heard that Uncle Carl and Aunt Josie have sex with Sandra sometimes."

"Sandra? She is so hot!" Trevor, once again, couldn't control his reaction.

"So, it really isn't so icko then?" Tinley seemed pleased.

"Ask her if she's ever been fucked by a family member." I whispered very quietly in Tinley's ear as Becca took a long drink from her beer.

"Have you ever had sex with a family member mom?" She almost blurted the question.

Becca continued drinking and then slowly set her glass down on the deck. She looked at me for a second before she answered. "Yes, I have, on many occasions, and it was wonderful."

"Totally hot!!!!!" Trevor was delighted.

"Who with mom?"

"Well, you grandpa, your uncles and my uncles."


We fell into silence again.

"That is so hot mom, dad." Trevor could hardly contain his enthusiasm. "Will you have sex with Tin and me?"

"We'll just have to see."

The ringing of the telephone and the subsequent call served to fully dampen the mood. The call was from my manager of operations telling me that the plant in Burlingame had caught fire and that two of our employees were missing. I quickly made arrangements to drive out there, took a quick shower, packed and was on my way.

When I arrived at the plant the fi

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