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'Drunk' wife gives voyeur a close look.

She tore open the package with her teeth and then held the condom in her mouth. She'd read about someone doing this once. She waited while Sammy unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his knees. He sat back on the bed and spread his legs. She took the liberty and pulled his jeans down to his ankles.

His cock was semi erect and very small. She wondered how small, but knew he wasn't completely ready so maybe he'd grow a bit more.

For the first cock she'd seen, he was beautiful. She leaned forward and using only her mouth, rolled the condom down his shaft. He moaned. Nikki was afraid. She'd never done this before and he was already moaning.

She grabbed his cock in her right hand and began to pump him softly while looking up into his eyes. She read enough to know that she should lubricate him better. She spit onto the head of his cock and then placed her mouth over him. She pressed her mouth as far down as she could get him inside and she easily placed every inch.

Sammy grunted while she continued to stroke his cock and suck on him. His head flew back in ecstasy. His cock grew, but not much. He would only be around five inches or so. Soon, his hand was in her brown hair guiding her head. He liked when Nikki put his entire length in her mouth. It made her gag a bit. He'd pull Nikki's head forward so his ball sack smacked against her chin and then back to the tip of his dick and then slammed forward for his cock to hit the back of her throat.

Sammy came in the condom.

She leaned up only now feeling her own slobber around her mouth. "Was that okay," Nikki asked.

"Yeah," he told her breathlessly. "You ready to fuck," he asked.

Nikki shook her head. "It's time to go back to school."

Sammy looked at the clock. Reluctantly, he rose and drove her back to the school. He gave her a quick kiss on the lips when she got out of the vehicle. A kiss, her brother Alex did not miss.

"What was that," he asked when she stepped inside the vehicle.

Nikki played coy. "I don't know what you mean."

"You kissed him," Alex stated.

"With my mouth on both of his lips," she smirked.

"You didn't," Alex announced.

Nikki shrugged.

"I'm ashamed of you, Nikki."

That jarred her. "You're not a virgin, Alex. I don't see you married either."

"I made penance for my sins."

Nikki laughed harshly. "Oh yeah, when was the last time you had sex fully or orally."

Alex opened his mouth and shut it dejectedly.

"Thought so," Nikki replied.

When they got home, Alex did not come in with her. He sped off elsewhere. Nikki realized she would be the only one home since there was no one here. She headed to her room where thoughts of Sammy swept into her mind.

Immediately, she stripped off all of her clothing and took a shower. With the water pounding down on her body she was horny. Her eyebrows quirked up when she remembered her father calling her hormones the devil.

She grabbed the shower head and spread her legs shower width apart. She turned the nozzle to spray up towards her vagina. She gasped as the water hit her clit. "Uuuuhh," she moaned softly.

"Oh yes," she heard herself say.

Her vagina clenched at the movement against her pushing to grasp onto the watery source causing the pleasure. Her body began to ache, her left arm caressed her breast and her own lips were drawn to the silky skin.

"Aaaah, yes."

The shower curtain pulled open and Nikki came face to face with her brother Timmy. He was the one closest in age to her. Well he was actually only ten months older than her. Nikki was more of the accidental baby for their parents. He looked like her with the brown hair and same height. They favored their mother while the others looked like their father.

The sensations were building up inside of her as Timmy watched the sight before him. Nikki was too turned on to care who was watching at this point. "Oh, yes. I'm commmming." She had leaned forward and held onto Timmy while her body rode out the climax.

"Wow, sis." Timmy said.

It wasn't the reaction she had been expecting.

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