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Her client presents evidence that may aid in his defense.

Frantically dropping my shorts had pushed them down a bit and the big purple head of my penis was poking over the waistband. Jayne purred with excitement and reached up to feel the ridge of my shaft through my briefs and to stroke my penis head, before she pulled my briefs down round my thighs so my balls and cock were out with my shaft sticking up hard. I pulled off my sports shirt and tossed it aside so I was stark naked. I stood with my legs spread shoving my hips forward toward Jayne so my seven inches of hard muscle was sticking out from my bush bending up in all its glory.

While she was still squatting wide legged with her dress pulled up high above her panties she looked up at me with her big grey eyes and very conspicuously rolled her tongue over her lips. I got the message. With a couple of steps I had my penis head pressed against her lips. I'd never dared to ask my wife to suck my cock and now it was happening to me with my dream woman! The explosion of sex pleasure as she licked her tongue over my cock head and flicked its nozzle was exquisite! Her tongue found that so sensitive bit just under where the mushroom head of my penis met my shaft, and flicked back and forth across the base ridge of my knob. At the same time she reached up to run her fingers through my pubic hair, tickle my balls and the inside tops of my spread thighs.

In response to her tongue on my knob I involuntarily shoved my hips forward and my cock head slid between her wet lips till all my knob was in her mouth. She squeezed my cock head between her soft lips, rolled her tongue over it and rocked her blonde head back and forth to slide her lips up and down across the ridge where my penis head met my shaft. I think I yelled with the unbelievable sex pleasure! I grabbed her head, ran my fingers through her blonde hair and pulled her face toward me, frantic for more.

Jayne slid her lips up and down my shaft perhaps about a dozen times till the tension in my penis was exquisite and I was on the brink of jerking my load. My penis felt as taut as an iron bar and like it was going to snap. But she stopped at that and didn't take me to a cum. When her lips slipped off my cock it was sticking up at sixty degrees, it felt like a steel bar, the veins were standing up along my shaft and my mushroom head was bright deep pink. And I was frantic. Jayne stood up.

"Did you like that? Has it got you nice and stiff for me?" Jayne asked rhetorically, her voice quivering with excitement. "Undress me!"

I hardly needed to be asked! It didn't take me long to remove her dress. My hands were shaking with the excitement of my blazing lust. I was about to get this sex bomb's body that for ages I'd lusted for and wanked over! I unbuttoned her dress all the way down the front, savouring every button, enjoying the bulge of her breasts and her curves on the way. I pulled her dress open and slipped it off her shoulders. Under her dress Jayne was in those black lace panties and a matching bra. I made a point of draping her dress neatly over the wooden garden bench.

"Do you like my sexy underwear?" Jayne asked, standing with her legs spread tantalisingly and rocking sensuously on her sandals. "My husband bought it for me."

Her husband might have been a bastard but he sure had good taste in lingerie! Her bra cups were black lace like her panties and only just big enough to sling her breasts, barely covering her nipples, and the thin straps looked barely strong enough to hold such a hefty pair of bouncers. The front of her panties was just a tiny triangle of see through black lace, and they were just a thong strap nestling between her bum cheeks at the back. I moved behind her to undo the bra clasp but there wasn't one.

"My bra's front fastening" Jayne said. In my excitement I hadn't noticed!

I got close enough to her to undo the clasp between her breasts that my penis head brushed against her belly just above her panties, and moments later her big round melons were gleaming under the summer sun as they rose and fell with her excited

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