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A moral horror. Darkly satirical and sickly sexual.

"Here's me, do you want to check out my place?" She asked waving a hand underhandedly at the door. It was unlocked and slightly ajar.

"I don't know. Do I?" he said coking an eyebrow.

"Yes, definitely!" She declared it as she grabbed his wrist and dragged him in. She let go once they were in and she continued across the room in the dark to a light switch. She flicked the lights and gave him a moment to let his eyes adjust. "I have a roomie, but she mostly sleeps at her boyfriend's. Actually, this is the week she and her beau are gone - to the mountains for skiing."

"Uh-huh, well let me get that look around." He said, still letting inquisitive tones creep into his voice. It was a simple two-bedroom, two-bath place. Her roommate occupied the master bedroom, which had clothes strewn on every surface prompting him to ask, "Is this normal?"

ATONEMENT! segment B

He did think briefly about trying to look into the messy roomate's room until she stepped in close and placed her hand over his on the doorknob, "Yeah, she's a bit of a slob, let's just do this," and she pulled that door to. "Did you try in here?" she pointed at the other bedroom door.

"Um, no. Again, should I?"

"Absolutely." She gave him a light shove toward the door.

"Really, what is it you expect me to find? Are you really concerned about something?"

"Sorta, you just check it out and I'll check out the kitchen." She bounced off before he could say another thing, and he resignedly opened the door. The light over the student desk was on so he could see to find the main light switch. He knew he should be concerned. He knew he was in the lion's den now, but he was intrigued by her energy at this hour of a night spent out. He did look around the room, which was neater than the last, though there was a high occurrence of panties on the floor inside of, and just in front of, the open closet door. Her bed had clearly been made at some point, but had its sheets turned back from one corner. Two books were open on top of the small desk with a magazine open across them. Peering around the foot of the bed he could tell that the glossy pages shone of a tall blond nude in a bed in a very white room trying out a good sized vibrator.

"Ahem, officer, did you find something that concerns you?" She said from behind him. He was suddenly a little flush, as if he had something to be embarrassed about.

Before he turned he said, "No just wrapping up," then he realized he'd not actually told her he was a cop. He turned to her in the doorway, starting, "Hey, how did you...?" but stopped when he saw her.

She stood blocking the door out of the room holding two open long-neck beers. She still wore the denim jacket and gray skirt, but the blue tube-top was rolled down to just above her waist. The open jacket allowed him to see much of each of her good-sized breasts, but not the ends - the tips. She moved forward to hand him one of the beers and the extension of her arm revealed the hang of her left breast and the faintest flash of her light pink nipple. She walked to him easily and pressed the cold bottle up against him followed by herself. She let him see that her ice cold beer was pressed against her skin just inside her jacket. "I had you picked out from back at the bar... Before you ask I want you to know that I'm 21, I'm in charge of my own decision and I want you."

His better judgments raged, but he took the beer and took a swig from it.

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