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The gas could not be seen, but my HUD showed its presence in high volume in the air of her quarters. By this time, she should have inhaled enough to be knocked unconscious, which was exactly what I wanted.

She was sprawled on the floor, in the same position as when I had last seen her on the primary monitor. Her nostrils twitched and I thought I saw a finger flex subtly, so I knew that she was still alive. My partner had drawn a weapon from his belt and had it trained on her, ready for anything and everything.

I took a deep breath, thankful for the mask which enabled me to do so without fear of suffering her fate. Slowly, I approached her, wary, ready to leap back if necessary, especially since I purposely was unarmed for this assignment.

My weapon would be my sperm.

Slowly, cautiously, carefully, I knelt beside the prone alien. The tall stiff collar hid the small ridges which I knew were at the back of her neck. The long flowing garment had bunched up a bit, displaying much of her lower legs, her slipper-like footwear having come off between the start of her panic and her collapse to the thick carpet.

As gracefully as possible, I rolled "4" to her back, her arms flopping as I moved her. One arm was draped across her lower ribs, which naturally drew my eyes to her chest. Her breasts were the smallest of all those we had abducted, yet they still made a noticeable pair of swells atop her chest. I purposely checked, and they did rise and fall - far more slowly than usual because of the gas in the air and in her lungs. It made me hesitate for a moment, considering the statistical chances that another planet could be so very much like Earth with the exception of the three suns and the fact that not a single male of any species existed normally in Syla's solar system.

With care and perhaps with a hint of affection, I slid my arms beneath the foreign woman and picked her up, rising to my feet and making my way to the bed. Her long magenta strands shimmied beneath her head as I crossed her quarters, acutely aware of my partner's weapon at the ready. My own breathing sounded somewhat loud in my ears, my breaths trapped within the mask which kept me conscious and calm, the bulk of the mechanisms which purified the incoming air weighing heavily at the back of my neck. Glancing down at the beautiful alien in my arms, I wanted to share this technological gift with her, to allow her to return to consciousness, but it would be at my own peril, for I would succumb to the gas, and my ultra loyalist partner would certainly not hesitate to turn his weapon on me.

I settled her upon the low bed, touching her as long as possible without arousing any suspicions either from my partner or from those monitoring before I finally stepped away.

"Proceed," I heard from the mask's small speaker near my right ear.

Saying nothing, I simply nodded, looking to my partner. The perfect professional soldier, he had taken a crouching position beside a dresser, weapon ready. I knew that he was a near-perfect marksman at a full kilometer, so the incredibly short distance from one end of the quarters to another was an absolute guarantee of a kills hot if he felt the need to fire. I wished I could have seen into his eyes, but that was not possible, for the gas masks allowed the wearer to see out but no one to see in.

That would make things all the more terrifying for "4" if she were to somehow regain consciousness. However, I had been informed that several of her sisters had been gassed previously, and none of them had returned to any semblance of alertness for hours.

Hours would be far more than I needed. Hours would be enough for most of our squad to each enjoy some less-than-quality time with her.

I thought of the last time I had enjoyed a woman's body.

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