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Apart, but together.

There's no sense in confusing things. We're neighbors here and we need to get along as long as we live here."

"Maybe that's true, but I know I'm bored to death without enough to do. I've thought about you often and figured that maybe you would enjoy having a sex slave to do your bidding once in awhile. Besides, the way my mind is going, I'll just forget about it eventually."

Well, she had a point and besides, she was so docile most of the time, certainly, a nice prerequisite for a submissive. She felt nice enough in his lap, what could it really hurt?

"I do promise to be a very good girl, Sir."

"Good? My definition might be different than yours. Stand up and take that gown off."

He stood up as she pulled the gown over her head and stood there waiting for instructions.

"Sit down and show me that well used hole."

Her face flushed red, but she did as told and spread her legs wide and pulled her labia far apart.

"Come on, touch it and make it wetter."

Her fingers rubbed her clit furiously and then she started sticking her fingers in her cunt, first one, and then two; eventually, she had four sliding in easily.

"My late husband taught me the pleasures of fisting, Sir. Before he died, I was able to take a wine bottle all the way in to entertain him and his friends. I can take as much as you want, Sir."

"Be quiet and get up on your knees and show me that big butt of yours."

As she did that, he walked over to the table and picked up a hand shaped fly swatter.

"Keep playing with your pussy, but I'm going to punish that white ass for being such a brazen slut today."

"Yes, sir, I was very naughty to do this to you."

So she continued to rub her clit and insert her fingers as deep as they would go. He started slapping her ass with the flyswatter and as her butt turned pink, her breathing grew more rapid and the wet sounds from her cunt grew louder. Her four fingers and hand was easily sliding all the way in to her thumb. So he turned the fly swatter around and started using the long thin plastic handle to smack her ass.

"Aaaaah, that hurts, Sir."

"Yeah, but you're enjoying it, aren't you, cunt?"

"Oh, yes, sir. Don't stop."

"My arm is getting tired, so you have 2 minutes to come or I'm laying you on the floor so I can beat that nasty big hole of yours."

"Yes, Sir."

Her fingers moved rapidly and circled her clit and her gasps and moans grew louder as she worked herself to a frenzy. His arm rose and fell harder creating such delightful stripes and welts on her now very pink ass.

Just when he thought she was close enough to her orgasm, he stepped over and quickly slipped his fingers inside of her steaming wet cunt and with just a little effort forced his whole hand deep inside. Her cry of ecstasy was immediate and he could feel her cunt spasm and clench around his wrist as she came."

"Oh, my God. Oh, my God!!"

Her cunt continued to throb and spasm uncontrollably around his fist, but he eventually withdrew it from her with a loud slurping noise and her exclamation of delight.

Looking down at her as she curled into the fetal position, he thought that maybe this move might work out for the best after all.


As the weeks turned into months and time passed by, he became more accustomed to the routine of his new life in the retirement community. He wasn't sure if everyone was enjoying life here the way he was, but you just never knew what went on behind closed doors. He kind of wondered what that couple who always ate together got up to by themselves.

He had been nervous at first with his new relationship with his neighbor. She was such a sweet person and everybody loved her. He wasn't too sure how long he'd get to stay if the community knew the games they played together during these long boring afternoons and nights. She may have forgotten a lot about her life, but her tastes for degradation and pain seemed to have stayed with her.

His heart always skipped a beat or two whenever they ate together and she'd catch his eye and burst into a fit of giggles and blushes.

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