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A Fellatrix plays a role in an independant film.

When you return, Mistress makes you squat before her in your usual waiting position... hands and feet on the floor, your ass slightly raised, your legs spread apart, and your head bowing down.

You secretly watch as she places the harness around her hips and secures it into place. She unhooks the O-ring attached and tosses it in the bag.

That's weird. you think... She needs that for the dildo.

You watch as her hand comes out of the bag, not with the delicate little dildo you have been accustomed to, but a regular human sized vinyl phallus. Not only are you immediately scared by the size, but suddenly you feel shame when you realize how realistic her toy looks.

The vinyl penis is the same color as Mistress' lovely skin, but so obviously anatomically male looking. Along the shaft it is peppered with realistic veins, ending with a circumcised mushroom-shaped head. You become even more disgusted when you realize it even has a pair of attached testicles that look ridiculously authentic.

Mistress knows that you are only attracted to women, yet somehow the idea of sucking or getting fucked by her girl cock feels the complete opposite of gay... in these moments she is all woman, and your sole life purpose is to make her happy.

In the magical moments such as these, your whole being is dedicated in worship to her exquisite femininity. You know that even though you will be submitting to her in such a wholly wanton way, you will still feel justified in your general submission to her when it's through.

You have found that even after intense scenes such as these, you are able to keep your confidence and self-awareness of your masculinity intact. Mistress has always restored the peace and balance back to your soul during her after-care snuggling sessions. There is nothing more heavenly than lying in her sweet arms, completely used and spent from sex, while she kisses and caresses you with her affections.

Even with the current threat of a more painstaking emasculating experience, you know that your pride will be safe and sound, and will be happily restored to you by her when it's over.

Whenever Mistress is happy and feeling loving, she generally treats you with the respect that ought to be afforded towards you and your gender.

It's during these sweeter moments, that you are a rather normal heterosexual couple. She will compliment your strong muscles and manly sinew, and beg to have your cherished cock inside her.

After, she may even have you hold and cuddle her, letting you be the caretaker/the big spoon. At times she allows herself to be the softer one of you both in domestic duties, open to letting you take care of her: lift the heavy things, kill the scary bugs, or stand up for her at the bar when a drunken ass gets a little too grabby.

However there are the many times when Mistress can be rather cruel. She readily admits to enjoying the power you have afforded her. Mistress holds a few tricks up her sleeve.

She has a few creative ideas that resemble torture. A few times she has enjoyed demeaning you by painting your face with her make-up, putting a classic 50's style woman's apron around your hips, and making fun of you as you cooked and cleaned for her while she quipped intensive insults.

Perhaps she will go another way this time, inflicting her torment upon you in more barbaric ways. You remember when you were late in meeting her for dinner, and the result was a particularly unique agony.

She had surprised you with a chastity device that she locked around your cock and balls, preventing any sort of sexual release or effective erections. She kept you that way for three days, and you catch yourself hoping that today won't cause a repeat.

You take a deep breath and close your eyes for a moment. Remembering the giant dildo she is holding in her delicate and beautiful hand, you try to mentally prepare yourself for what is about to occur.

"Open your eyes Bitch! It's time you paid the price for disobeying me."

You open your eyes

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