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Wife becomes the slut he always wanted.

Angel! Ryker reminded himself that's why he stopped at the florist shop in the first place, to buy flowers for Angel.

"A dozen white roses..." Ryker's voice trailed off.

Nettie smiled and walked into the back where the flowers were kept refrigerated. Ryker couldn't help but to glance down at her legs. Black hose covered her rounded calves and Ryker swallowed hard. There was something about Nettie that was familiar but Ryker couldn't put his finger on it. Her face was ageless and her attire seemed so 1950's to him. Her pretty lips were painted a deep red hue similar to the shade worn by his favorite pin up girl, Bettie Page. Nettie returned with a long black flower box and set it down on the otherwise bare counter. Ryker noticed OO-RAH had been carved into the counter top and thought it strange, then Nettie spoke again.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" asked Nettie, her eyebrows were raised and she tilted her head to one side.

Ryker was confused, was she referring to the roses or the unusual black box?

"Yes." he replied, not knowing what else to say.

"Then perhaps you could assist me in the back, I need your help if we are going to finish filling your request."

Curious, Ryker followed Nettie to the back. He hadn't noticed that all the flowers out front were either dead or dying. The room she led him to was empty except for a mattress on the floor. Before Ryker could turn around, he felt her hands shove him down on the mattress. Bewildered, Ryker attempted to roll over and face his beautiful attacker but Nettie had straddled him firmly. Ryker heard her clothing rip as she recklessly tore them off her shapely body.

Nettie pinned Ryker to the mattress and began grinding her mound against his buttocks, methodically massaging her clitoris against the course fabric of his blue jeans. Nettie purred into his ear until Ryker was sure he would die from the tingling heat of her breath. Ryker heard Nettie panting heavier while she humped his ass until she screamed through an orgasm and fell limp on top of Ryker.

After a brief rest Nettie allowed Ryker to roll over and touch her body. Thigh high stockings show cased a shaved pussy that had a trace amount of her cum visible, glistening just outside the naked lips. Ryker adored garter belts and stockings. The garter belt was a shiny black material and matched her missile bra with the enticing pointy cups, creating a nostalgic style and reminiscent of a time when women were allowed to have curves.

Timidly, Ryker slid his pioneering fingers inside Nettie, watching her smile as she enjoyed the sensations of his exploration. Soon her stickiness turned to a smooth and slippery wetness until a wild Nettie pounced on his zipper and freed his pumped up desire with flattering enthusiasm.

Nettie tantalizingly balanced her exquisite slit over his erection until Ryker was ready to drop her ass like a 64 Impala and make it bounce. Nettie impaled herself on Ryker's generous cock until she climaxed. Ryker savored the sound of her whimpering her way through another orgasm.

Nettie fell onto the mattress gasping; and after a long several moments, Nettie stood up and provocatively unhook the metal and rubber grips holding her stockings up, and teasingly rolled one down using the palms of her hands.

Once Nettie removed her stocking she pulled the hose onto Ryker's right foot and used her palms to unroll the hose upward, reminding Ryker of a cock being covered with a condom. Ryker felt the silkiness on his leg and jerked on his rock hard erection in a frenzied state. Nettie removed her other stocking and with the same coyness slipped the hose on Ryker's other leg and then submissively buried her head in his crotch, sucking him like a devoted mistress. Ryker felt his leg muscles tighten and relax underneath the hosiery while Nettie licked his balls and rubbed her face all over his engorged shaft.

Fearing he might climax, Ryker gently stopped Nettie and positioned her on her hands and knees.

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