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Beautiful Hungarian woman talks to her absent boyfriend.

When the hips squirmed and rotated around and around, he thrust with all his might.

"What? No, no," Sharon pleaded, as strange spasms rocked her entire body. "What... what?" The tremors increased and so did the convulsions inside her stomach.

"Sweet fuck, yes, keep doing that. I love white whores!"

"What, what, no... noooooo."

Ken felt the powerful muscles milk his pulsating hardon. Every time he tightened his stomach and thrust his hips forward, he drove his cock to the hilt. "Fuck yes, fuck yes, move that cunt. Yes, yes!"

"No, no, stop. Please stop."

"Sweet fuck, yes, you're the best. Fuck me... fuck me!"

Nobody had ever treated her like a whore and Sharon desperately knew she should protest, yet her body seemed out of control. When her hips started vibrating, her guts exploded. Suddenly she was pressed up against the wall and she had to turn her face. The vast cream flowed and intense convulsions erupted in her belly. "Gaaawww, gaaawwwkkk."
"Aah, shit, no, not yet... damn. Spread your legs. Wait baby, wait."

"Whaaa, whaaa."

"Yes... wider! Yes, perfect." Ken kept his cock embedded and relished the intense heat.

"Whaaa, noooo." Sharon didn't know how her legs spread yet her feet were about two feet apart. Her bald pelvis banged against the wall and she couldn't stop her gyrating hips.

"Oh fuck, yes, yes. Holy fuck, baby, you're creaming! You're fucking creaming!"

"No, no, no." Without warning her head jerked backwards and it felt like her hair had been yanked out by the roots.

Ken pinned the head against the wall and put his mouth directly on Sharon's ear. "You're cumming all over a black cock. Cum, baby, cum all over my cock!"

"No, I can't... no, I can't." Her hips jerked out of control and rocked back and forth, as she milked the disgusting man-cock. She was always the one who had to prolong intercourse yet this time her body belonged to the devil.

"Do you want some cum, baby. I'm going to fill your white cunt with cum... then we'll do it again."

Sharon was flabbergasted. Her untimely orgasm flourished and she couldn't stop the free-flowing juices, but another sexual encounter with Ken sounded far too dramatic. "Oh gawd, no, no, I can't. No more."

Ken pulled back and held for a brief moment, as the pressure built. Then he powered his hips at the thrashing buttocks and lifted the distraught woman off the floor. The first blast of cream erupted and then it was followed by a continuous flow of virile semen, as Ken climaxed in the womanly domain. He heard whimpers coming from the sweaty woman and they merely energized the sexual encounter.

Her back was arched and so was her neck, as Ken yanked on her hair. Her torso was trapped and allowed the maniac to fuck her anyway he wanted. It seemed her juices had no end and she kept coating the thick meat, making it easier for Ken to pump his hardened cock in and out of her ravaged cavity.

After the longest and most penetrating orgasm of her life, Sharon almost collapsed, but she remained upright. She was pinned against the wall and felt a never-ending pumping, as Ken used and abused her body. When the last spasm caused Ken to thrust forward and fully entrench his cock, Sharon imagined the horrible encounter might be over.

They both clung together and it took several seconds for each to regain a measure of control. "Baby, that was the best. Darlene was right, you're hot and horny. I've never had a wench cum so fast and long... baby, you're the best."

Sharon merely moaned and groaned. She would never admit to feeling a touch of regret when Ken slowly withdrew his stellar cock. All of a sudden he pushed her to her knees. "Suck it, baby. Suck my cock and get it nice and hard. I want to watch you cream all over my dick again... and again."

Sharon was shocked.

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