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A lady in a tower awaits rescue.


"Oh my God," Cassie exclaimed, and the others showed interest. Barb, a cute petite brunette, looked on with wide eyes. Lexie, a slender sensuous blonde whose relationships were frequently on-again and off-again, pressed her knees together.

"And then?"

"I was about creaming my panties when he pulled the top of my wedding dress down to my waist. He started kissing me here," she said, placing her fingers on her nipples. The others squirmed. "And then he took his clothes off and got me on my back. He pulled my panties off and started to eat my pussy."

"With your wedding dress on?" Cassie asked.

"Oh yeah, that was so sexy!"

"When did he, you know..."

"Right when I started to cum, he went inside me. It felt so good!"

Barb surreptitiously put her hand inside her panties. Lexie giggled and asked, "Who slept in the wet spots?"

"Wet spots? There weren't any."

"What do you mean? Didn't he cum inside you?"

"Well, yeah, lots of times. He eats my pussy every time."

Lexie and Cassie gasped. Barb exclaimed, "Oh my God!" and shook with her eyes closed as she orgasmed.

Kendra had a confused look. "Doesn't every guy do that?"

"Oh my gosh, no!" exclaimed Cassie. "It would be so sexy, but I don't dare even ask my husband. I'd give anything to have that done to me!"

"Me too," added Lexie. "Barb, have you ever had that done?"

Barb was coming down from her orgasm, and had a sexual blush on her face. She just shook her head no.


I was asleep when Kendra came home from her first girls' night out since our honeymoon. I was pleasantly surprised at her arousal - it seemed like she wanted to screw all night. After her first creampie orgasm of the night, I asked her how her dinner went.

"They all said I was lucky," she giggled as she cradled my balls in her hand. "I hope you don't mind, but I told them some details about our wedding night."


"Tee-hee! When I told them that you started out by kissing my feet, I thought they were all going to cream their panties. Cassie made no secret of the fact that her husband was too drunk to do anything on their wedding night. They asked about who slept in the wet spots, and when I said that you eat my pussy before and after intercourse, one of the girls had an orgasm."

She couldn't help noticing that my cock hardened at her narration.

"None of the others have ever had that done - after intercourse. When Cassie said that she'd give anything to have that done to her, I got an idea." She giggled.

Just thinking about all her friends with cum-filed pussies and wanting the same kind of relief that Kendra gets regularly, made my cock harder still.

Kendra giggled and said, "I should edge you ten times before you fuck me again!"

"Oh God, Kendra!" I moaned. "What's this idea of yours?"

She giggled again and said nothing. She just kept stimulating my cock until I was about to ejaculate. Then she pulled away. Abiding by my unspoken code of self-control honor, I didn't take matters into my own hand, as much as I wanted to.

"Aaahh! Kendra!"

"I love it when you call my name, especially when you're about to spurt!"

As soon as my cock began to recover from her teasing, she again brought me near ejaculation and backed down.

I grimaced and made a determined effort to keep my hands away from my midsection. "Tell me your idea," I panted.

"No, I'll tell you after I've edged you ten times and before we fuck!"

So it went for the next forty minutes. Kendra immensely enjoyed teasing and edging me, and after the tenth ascension just short of the pinnacle of ejaculation, she told me her idea.

"It would be so sexy if I could see you eat Cassie's pussy right after she's been fucked by her husband," Kendra began. "Maybe Barb and Lexie too. They'd get to experience what they've been missing for a long time, and I'd get to watch. Would you do that for me?"

I had to be sure to keep my head and think about it, because at that point I would have agreed to almost anything for Kendra.

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