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After learning to love anal play our lovers celebrate.


You park the car and we both move toward the door. As we go in as soon as the door closes I move next to you. I put my hands on your hips. Look in your eyes. Then start to kiss you.

Our arms go around each other and kiss harder with more passion. My hands start to play with your ass. I pull you even closer to me. I know you could feel how hard I was. You break the kiss and lead me to the couch and we both sit.

We go right back to kissing. Now my hands move over more of your body. I kiss your neck and shoulders. I can smell your perfume, I can smell how sexy you are.

As we kiss your hands play with my hair, mine start to unbutton your shirt. You lay back and my lips start to move down your body. with your shirt open I start to kiss your bra. Your nipples are so hard. I bite them through your bra. I hear you let out a little moan. I go to the other one and do the same.

My mouth goes back to yours. My hands move around to your back and I unhook your bra. Still kissing I take off your shirt and bra, then take my shirt off. Our arms go around each other and our skin touches all over. I feel your hard nipples against my chest. I kiss you harder. My hands rubbing your legs and playing with your ass under your skirt.

"I can't believe I'm doing this. I can't believe I'm doing this with a boy your age," you say.

"I'm so glad you are Julie"

"So am I James. I can't believe how turned on you have me" After saying that you start to kiss me again with even more passion.

My hands move to your chest. Your amazing chest. I cup your big tits and squeeze them softly. My fingers playing with your nipples.

Your hands start to play with my ass. You push your hands down my shorts. I unbutton my shorts and unzip. Now you have easier access.

You kiss me and start to roll us over so that you now are on top. I look in your eyes and see animal lust. I smile as you start to kiss your way down my chest. As you go lower i feel your nipples on my stomach. You kiss my chest and tummy. When you look up at me as you do it I lose control. No girl has ever turned me on like you have.

You go lower and lower. You get to my shorts and don't slow down.You kiss and lick me there and your hands grab my shorts and undies and with one motion pull them off of me. My cock pops out.

"My god James it's beautiful," you say as your look at my 7.5 inches. "I have seen bigger, but never more beautiful of a cock."

You go back to kissing around the base. Then lick up the underside. You do it again and again like it is a Popsicle. Then you look up in my eyes and take me in your mouth. Your hand is stroking as your mouth move up and down on my cock. My hand caresses the side of your face as you work my cock like its never been before.

You keep going and going. You stop and tell me "I am very oral James. But I think you have figured that out by now."

You are swallowing my pre-cum, and I'm sure there is a lot coming out.

You go faster and harder. Your hand and mouth working together. "Julie I'm going to cum soon," I tell you. You never slow down. You go even harder. I feel my balls boiling. "I can't hold it baby," I say and stop fighting it.


I feel the cum shooting out. I look at you and your mouth never leaves my hard cock. I see you swallowing. Your hand and mouth milking out as much as you can get. Finally I hear a pop as you take your mouth off of my sloppy cock.

"You are the most amazing girl I have ever met Julie," I say.

You quickly correct me, "I am a woman James. Not a girl."

The smile on your face is even prettier than before. You get up and get us a glass of wine. You come back and sit across my naked body. I keep looking at your amazing chest. You tell me how you have never been with a man as young as me. All the times I stroke your arm and shoulders. We keep drinking the wine.

When the wine is finally gone you move to me and start soft kisses.

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