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Rising from the ashes.

He kept moving with her, but tried to ignore the feeling of their bodies pressed together. Finally, the pressure in his groin eased, and he was able to open his eyes again. When the chorus repeated "Lord have mercy," he silently agreed.
"That was close," he gasped into her ear. Heather nodded. He noticed then that her breathing was as harsh and ragged as his. She had her eyes closed, bottom lip caught between her teeth. A red flush crept down her face and neck to cover what he could see of her cleavage. Holy crap! She's as turned on as I am. At least! He thrust forward gently as she pushed back. Heather moaned and pushed against him harder. They kept the pressure up through the rest of the song, but she was careful to avoid too much friction, as if aware he wouldn't be able to hold back a second time.

Mike was dimly aware that other couples had joined them on the floor at some point, but their presence didn't fully register until the song ended. Once the final chord faded, Heather turned and smashed her lips to his. Her tongue wormed its way into his mouth. Mike could feel her nipples poking his chest even through her bra and denim blouse. He hesitated, shocked at her aggression, but soon found himself kissing her as thoroughly as he'd ever kissed anyone. She groaned into his mouth, and he found himself thinking that this would have been a perfect moment if not for an incessant tapping noise. Mike managed to ignore it for a moment until Heather pulled her face away and he finally realized what the sound was. Clapping. He even heard a few hoots and wolf whistles. Heather turned an even deeper shade of red and buried her face in his neck. Her auburn hair shielded everyone from her view. A slow George Strait song started, and the noise died down as people started dancing once more. Mike placed his arms around Heather's waist and tugged until she put her hands behind his neck and joined him in moving in slow circles around the floor.

They were dancing with a hand's breadth between them, her cheek on his shoulder. She smiled and said softly, "Still think I have a 'sweet ass'?"

"Sweet?" he whispered. "Damn, woman, I think you gave me diabetes. But I've got to ask: What the hell was that?"

Heather lifted her head and pouted. "You didn't enjoy it?"

"You know damned well I did," he said with a grin. "In fact, I almost enjoyed it a little too much. But that doesn't answer my question."

Heather snuggled in closer and tightened her grip around her shoulders. "That was a reward for taking me dancing for the first time since my wedding day." Her smile took on a mischievous cast. "And a possible preview of the night's coming attractions." His surprise must have registered on his face because she gave him a brief kiss just as he was about to voice a question. "I know what you're thinking, Mr. Baker, but my husband won't be home until tomorrow. After that, we'll just have to see. But for tonight, it's just us." She rubbed her crotch against the steel pole tenting his slacks. "Besides, you didn't really think I'd leave you like this, did you?"

"To be honest, I'm not sure what to think. I'm just kind of enjoying the moment."

"Not a bad idea." She placed her head back on his shoulder. "If you'll let me enjoy this moment for a while longer, I'll make sure you have another to enjoy later."

"As long as you want." He murmured and kissed her neck. She moaned in response.

The song ended, replaced by a series of faster tunes.

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