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Gabby connects with stranger who she meets in a hotel bar.

The room was extremely plush and extravagant. Obviously the British intelligence agency had spared no expense again.

Shutting the door behind him James removed his jacket and tie, and hung them in the coat closet. He then walked over to the in suite bar and brought out a bottle of expensive vodka. "I am assuming you drink," he asked the woman who stood eyeing the room.

"Of course I drink, James. But first the diamond." Claire's icy demeanor had faded upon entering the room. No longer needing to keep up the all-business image in case her employer was watching.

James reached under the bar and pulled out a silver briefcase. Setting it up on top of the counter he input a combination in to the lock and then cracked the case open. He spun it around so it opened facing Claire. Inside, nestled in soft foam was a diamond the size of a golf ball. Claire approached the case and picked up the stone, eying it closely. "Indeed this is real. The ever reliable James Bond," she said, spinning the stone in her hand. "Now about that drink."

James smiled and poured two vodka martinis. He handed Claire one, which she put to her lips and gulped down quickly. She sat the glass down and then reached up to her shoulder and slipped her left dress strap off, then did the same with the other. Her dress slid off of her and crumpled to the ground at her feet, exposing a nude body that was shaped perfectly in every aspect.

James had been with his fair share of women, and the specimen that stood naked before him was a level even above the rest. Perfect curvature of her hips, flat stomach, excellently shaped breasts that stood pronounced from her chest, and the long strong legs. James stood still as Claire walked over to him and removed his shirt and undid his pants, and pulled his erect penis out from its hiding. Getting to her knees she gripped his testicles and place her lips around his shaft and began to play with its head. She used her tongue to tickle it and then she leaned forward and engulfed him completely. Claire bobbed her head back and forth letting his penis slide in and out of her mouth as she sucked on it like a popsicle. With her free hand she began to massage her clitoris in unison with her motion on James' penis. As she rubbed herself her clitoris grew and became more and more sensitive until she decided she was ready.

Letting James' cock slip out from her mouth Claire stood up and place her arm around hi neck and pulled him towards. As he moved forward Claire guided his penis in to her moist vagina which was waiting to swallow him whole. Claire was pushed firmly up against the bar counter and James made continual thrusts in to her. Her breasts were pushed up against his chest but they still vibrated gently with each of his thrusts. James' eyes locked with Claire's for a second and then she closed them and opened her mouth as if to let out a silent moan. James increased the rate of his thrusts and focused on the pleasure her vaginal walls gave to the tenderness of his penis.

After a moment Claire opened up her eyes and James saw a fire flash through them. She reached down and pulled him out of her and then turned around to face the bar. She bent over the counter top and used her hands to prop herself up. "What are you waiting for, James," she said in a desperate tone. James pressed himself against the woman who's back was turned to him and slipped his penis underneath her perfectly round ass and back between the lips of her vagina. Claire let out a quick moan as he entered her, which further increased his arousal. James' thrusts were now quick and sharp and he reached around to grasp her left breast while her other breast heaved back and forth. He squeezed her breast in his hand, using his other hand to grip her thigh firmly while he enjoyed her depths. There was a tight squeeze on his penis as Claire applied pressure with her hips. Then another tight squeeze, and another that she held for a few seconds.

Then Claire reached an orgasm.

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