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This year, Paul plays Santa.

"I'm going to go. Thank you for your help. Good luck to your friend. We'll be in touch. Try and have a good one." Jesus God, I know he meant well. He nodded to Renee on his way out. She looked at me and rolled her eyes.

I stood. "Tell me please." She came and sat in the chair. I took the hint and sat.

"Okay. Right now, looks like they'll take her to O.R." My eyes filled. She held up her hand. "Julia, it's more to make sure that nothing major has been nicked. If not, they'll look for and repair what they can. We'll know more after all that. They've got her on I.V. pain meds. They've got her listed as serious but stable." My eyes begged. "They'll let me know when, Julia. I know it's tough; try to be patient." She squeezed my hand. I couldn't help it. I leaned, lay my head on her shoulder and sobbed. Desperate, aching, fearful, grateful, wracking sobs. Renee put her arms around me and let me cry. She talked through my sobs. "She's young Julia, in good physical shape. It'll help. Does she play sports?" Oh Jesus, I have to get to Nikki, tell her, find Sheri's parents and tell them.

I sat up and wiped my eyes. "She's on her college softball team."

Renee nodded, "It'll help her a lot honey." She stayed with me a while longer. I wasn't the only one in E.R. She had to go. In fact, I had to go. Renee had an aide take me to a surgical waiting room. "I'll make sure the aide tells the nurses who you are and why you're there." She hugged me briefly. "Good luck to you both Julia."

I'm not sure I've met many as nice, especially for the shitty circumstances. I grabbed our purses. The aide took me to an elevator. We got off and she led me to the waiting room. She, Tanisha, asked that I take a seat. She would be right back. I took out my phone and called Lin.

She answered, nearly screaming, "Is she okay, Julia? Will Sheri be okay?" Lord, everyone has to be worried half to death.

"Yes, thankfully, I think so. They're going to take her to an operating room but it seems to be more about making sure she's okay. It's very early but they seem to think she'll be fine. That's all I know right now."

Poor thing was crying. "Oh lord, I'm so glad. I called Kat; she was frantic." I didn't hear the rest. Should I call Sue?

"Linda!" I interrupted her. "I can't talk long. Please don't say anything more than I told you!! I'll let you know when I know more. Did the police talk to you?"

"They asked a lot of questions. They said they'll be back later for more. What earth is wrong with that moron?"

"I don't know honey. I honestly don't." I told her I had to go. She begged for an update. I promised and said goodbye.

Tanisha came back. She'd told the nursing staff who I was and who Sheri was. They'd update me. I thanked her. The crash came down hard on me. The adrenaline was gone. I was limp. I wanted to sleep. I wouldn't do anything until I had seen Sheri with my own eyes. I walked to the nurse's station. When asked, I practically begged for a cup of coffee. Maybe it was my eyes; the nurse nodded, stood, and came back with a cup of liquid gold. She told me where I could find more. I wanted to hug her. I gushed my appreciation, went back to my chair, and gratefully drank the piping hot, black coffee.

Oh God! I had to call Teresa and Randi. I called Randi first; my god, it was already 4 pm. She answered. I cried. I told her, haltingly. She was shocked. She told me, over my protestations, to call when I was ready to go home, regardless of what time. Thank you sweetie. Teresa: Silence, then she cried. I cried. I promised to call with an update when I had one. I had no idea when I'd be home. Poor thing. I was so moved. While I was on the phone with Teresa, a nurse and another lady, not a nurse, came to the waiting room. The nurse (one who'd gotten me coffee) spoke to the other woman, and left.

When I ended the call with Teresa the lady began to walk in my direction.

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