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Maggie just wants to get home to Christian.

She slurred her words and had trouble keeping time, which caused her to bump and grind against me. I became hard as a rock, and before I knew it, my pecker was sticking almost straight out from the leg of my shorts, caught between her legs. I could feel the head being caressed by the insides of her soft thighs with every step. She seemed not to notice at all. She was chatting pleasantly over my shoulder to Billie, who was seated while Rob and Carol danced. Thank God the song changed, I turned as if to check the stereo, reached down into my shorts and yanked my dick upward, trapping it in the waistband of my shorts. Now it was flat against my belly, and didn't stick out.

A while later I found myself partnered with Jane again, except we were now alone in a dark corner of the living room. Something on TV had caused an exodus to the den. I could feel her breathing hard into my ear to the slow beat of the music. Her left hand had had gone from my shoulder, and was stroking the head of my dick. When I squeezed her waist with my right arm, she thrust her pelvis hard against me, pushing the crotch of her suit aside. Because of our different heights, she exactly straddled the head of my upward pointing dick with the wet opening of her pussy. Now she had both arms around my neck and ground her wetness downward on to my cock. We were no longer dancing, we were all but fucking.

A horrible vision of my wife and Rob suddenly appearing before me, almost froze me dead. It didn't slow Jane down though, the insides of her thighs were moist and slippery, and she was breathing harder and kissing the side of my face and neck. The thought of Rob, and Billie (with a lawyer) shocked me back to life. I reached around her and lifted with all my strength, half carrying her through the sliding door out on to the dark pool deck.

"Jesus Christ honey, gimme a break, we can't do this!" I gasped, trying to push her away. She took a couple of steps backward, and flung the shirt off her shoulders. I bent to pick it up, and when I raised my head back up, she had slipped the straps of her swimsuit down her arms, so that she was naked from the waist up. She had both arms around my head and was rubbing my face into as fine a pair of tits as I've ever seen.

"Fuck it!" I told myself, whatever happens, happens. My cock was about to explode.

I grabbed her arm roughly, and dragged her to the darkness between the garage and the fence. I pushed her against the garage, kissed her full on the lips, and tongued her hungrily, as I ground my dick between her wet thighs. I spun her around, grabbed her tits from behind, and licked her neck and ears. She began to sigh and moan rapidly.

Pushing her forward against the fence and over a pile of stacked firewood, I pulled the swimsuit down to her knees. Her long legs positioned her pussy perfectly for me to enter her from below. She was really juicy, and with a push, my head slipped inside her. She let out a squealy "ooooh!" as I slid myself all the way in against her cervix, then grunted "aah!" as I pulled back. When I plunged myself back in, she clawed my leg and pulled back against me with a loud "u-ngh." The whole thing became a series of jerks and spasms, punctuated by moans. After what seemed like a few seconds later, the walls of her vagina convulsed several times, grabbing me like a fist, and with a low groan she collapsed over the wood pile, paralyzing me in a long ball-draining orgasm.

Reality set in, I pulled out, and sat her on the wood pile, put the shirt back on and fastened a few buttons. Then I carried her through the garage to a bathroom that connected a guest bedroom to the garage. It was empty, I sat her on the toilet and locked the door that led to the bedroom from inside. I also locked the door to the garage, and sprinted back outside, stepped into the living room and grabbed a CD from the shelf, just as Rob came around the corner, and asked:

"Where'd Jane go?"

"She took off with the rest of you guys.

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