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Woman finally breaks free of her past.

Her gaze remained fixated on his shaft, which was nearly at her breasts' height, while she jerked it off with both hands, running them from head to base, and back up again.

He unbuckled her bra and pulled it off; then, Elizabeth stepped out of her fallen dress, still stroking him with a bright smile decorating her face, in only her high-heel black pumps and g-string.

"I'm not sure we..." he once more attempted to protest, but, Elizabeth took him in her mouth, effectively shutting him up.

She only had to bend over to blow him and she did so as show-offish as she could, arching her lower back and lifting her ass high up in the air. She only had the tip in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the sensitive, warm head, while still stroking him with both hands.

At nearly 10 inches, it was vastly bigger than any prick she had insofar encountered; and as terrifying as it appeared to her hazed mind, it also deeply fascinated her.

Dave pulled her g-string, smiling at how his cousin squirmed and groaned; then, he reached forward and copped her ass with both hands, her ass disappearing into his huge grip. With one finger he rubbed her over the g-string, getting more excited as he noticed how her lower body twitched and turned under his caring touch.

She got down to her knees, burying her face in his balls, taking them in her mouth and swirling them about, sucking and licking them; his heavy moans were music to her ears, while she stared in astonishment at his prick standing in attention over her head.

He leaned back on the wall with one hand, as she ran her lips across his shaft, her warmth and wetness causing his prick to throb; she took him back in her mouth, stroking fast while trying to take more of him down her throat.

Not even halfway in and her gag reflex kicked in; she had to stop, heaved, and looked up, straight into his eyes, with a watery gaze.

"It's so fucking huge," she told him with a pant; he patted her head, played with her hair, and gave her a meaningful smile.

Elizabeth cried out in bewilderment, when he picked her up with extreme ease, holding her from her spread thighs; she held on to the wall, as he began passionately to kiss her down under-first over the g-string, then, after he had set it aside, directly on her already wet pussy.

Being in the air, totally helpless, only further increased the euphoria flooding her mind; he licked her clit slow, sucking and nibbling on it. Her moaning turned heavier and louder when he placed her calves on his shoulders and pressed her tight pussy closer to his face.

His tongue went deep in her, flapping around fast, expanding her labia. Her hands held on tight to the wall, her body falling forth, as she trembled violently, her body erupting in a phantasmagoria of pleasures.

He wrapped his strong hands around her waist and elegantly lowered her down, so he could face her; she wrapped her legs around his waist tight, his throbbing member right underneath her, and she slowly grinded her wet pussy on it.

"My God," she whispered to him, their lips almost touching. "This is... you're holding me up like I'm weighing nothing."

"You do weigh nothing," he offered her a wide, bright smile.

Neither took the extra inch required for the kiss; somehow, they both felt it wrong and therefore momentarily they remained in that position, Elizabeth's arms around his shoulders, his prick throbbing underneath her.

He moved her toward the couch, his 275-pound figure of muscles easily carrying her 98-pound slim body, and put her back down on her feet; Elizabeth sighed in relief, finally finding back her balance and touching ground, but, quickly he turned her around, pressing his manhood against her ass.

She took him in her hand and lifted his prick, pointing it upwards; she helped him get between her ass cheeks, before she started grinding and twerking slowly, feeling his immense girth and length between her firm, round ass.

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