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Being a goddess can be cool, but not for those you rule.

"Oh, my god! What're you doing?" Beth exclaimed.

"What?" Jason returned.

"Now you want to go there? Is that why you were playing back there?" Beth concluded.

"No ... but it's an interesting alternative," Jason suggested, but with a big smile.

"Geez, that would hurt, especially with your big dick," Beth complained.

"It's not that bad," Jason explained.

"You've done it back there before?" Beth asked.

"Yeah ... a few times," Jason offered.

"I don't think I'm ready for that either," Beth confessed.

"Okay," Jason replied. "But based on how you reacted to me touching you there, you should try it sometime. You might find you like it."

"I don't know about that," Beth commented.

Jason's cock was beginning to lose some of its original stiffness as they just talked. Even though the subjects were sexual in nature, her reluctance to do anything took some of the wind from his sails. He really did like Beth and had hoped to make love to her for the first time. He truly believed that their relationship could be special but until they evolved more in their relationship, it was hard to tell.

"Want some more champagne?" Jason asked, climbing off the bed.

"Sure," Beth said.

Jason poured them two more glasses, draining the last of the bottle. Beth sat on the edge of the bed and Jason stood before her taking sips. Beth looked from his face to his softening cock and back again.

"You're disappointed?" Beth asked.

"No, I told you, it was up to you," Jason confirmed, but with a touch of evident sadness.

"You are so!" Beth exclaimed. "You must think I'm a terrible cock tease or something. But the truth is I do like you, Jason."

"It's okay, Beth,"

"Come here and set your glass down. I'll make it up to you," Beth said.

They both put their glasses on the night stand and Beth pulled him, standing up, between her legs. She picked up his flaccid cock and took it into her mouth, soft like it was. She didn't mind them soft and sucked most of it into her mouth. She pulled away from him, keeping her mouth locked to him tightly; it stretched his cock out like a rubber band. It didn't take long for Jason's cock to get hard in her talented mouth.

"Oh, that's good," Jason gasped.

"Just wait," Beth said, smiling up at him.

She pushed the head of his stiff cock into her cheek repeatedly, making it bulge out erotically. Jason moaned as he felt the wonderful soft pressure against the inside of her cheek to his cockhead. Beth did this for a while. She took him from her mouth, pushed his cock up, and licked his balls until they were wet with her saliva. Then she licked her way back to the head and sucked it into her mouth. She sucked and licked him, paying close attention to the head, until he was moaning loudly.

Beth backed off, "Fuck my face now, Jason. Take my head in your hands and fuck my mouth as if it was my pussy."


"Fuck my mouth like you would my pussy," Beth reiterated.

Jason looked at her in disbelief, but complied. He had known aggressive girls like Stephanie that liked taking charge or submissives like Ariel that liked to be dominated, but he wasn't used to being told to fuck someone as cute and innocent looking as Beth in the mouth. He held the back of her head and slowly eased his cock deeply into her mouth. Beth let him do that for a few moments before backing off.

"Harder," she said. "Make me gag on you. I don't mind. I like it actually."

Jason couldn't believe his ears but he pushed deeper and harder into her mouth. His cockhead wedged into the back of her throat and made wet squishy sounds as it tried to go deeper. Beth stay with him and to his surprise let him set the pace. He wondered how she could breathe but somehow she managed. He fucked her mouth like that for a while and could feel his balls beginning to churn again from the pleasure and the erotic sucking sounds coming from Beth's mouth.

His cock was starting to slide a little deeper and made Beth strain more to breathe and not gag too much.

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