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Heather intensifies her grip on her slave.

Back in his room, Matt didn't bother to turn on the light. He stripped, leaving his clothes on the floor inside the door; went straight to the private bath, turning on the light there; and entered the shower. No sooner did he have the water on than he was being crowded from behind and shoved into the back, tiled wall of the shower. Muscular black arms encircled him and a voice hissed at his ear.

"You were with the old man a long time."

"I had to wait until he went to sleep. Oh, shit. Oh shit." Matt moaned as he felt the fingers digging up into his channel.

"You're as loose as a ten-dollar whore down there." Emmet growled.

Matt's first instinct was to say that he had become no better than a ten-dollar whore, but what he answered, with a groan, was, "The judge took Viagra or something. He was rock hard and the size of a horse. I'm sure he reamed me well."

"Just as well," Emmet muttered. He lifted and turned Matt to where Matt's back was against the tiles. "Straddle my hips," Emmet commanded. Matt did so, and Emmet thrust his big, black dick up into Matt's channel and began immediately to pump. Matt buried his face in the black man's chest, finding one of Emmet's nipples with his lips and moaned at the taking by a cock as naturally thick and long as the judge had produced earlier that night and even more vigorous in the stroke.

Matt felt himself being pulled away from the wall, though, and another black man was pushing in between him and the shower wall. Another muscular, hard-bodied man, although taller and thinner than Emmet. Uglier than Emmet, a black of the American south in contrast to Emmet's Caribbean origin. But none of that mattered. His height was matched to the cock. Another hung black man, although the cock wasn't thick. It was, however, probably a good ten inches long and curved up in its full erection.

"His name's Lamont," Emmet muttered. "Works in the kitchen. Said he'd love to do you together with me. I told you I'd put you on a string, because I knew you wanted it. But you're such a slut that I knew you'd like this best."

Matt threw his head back against the stranger's chest and cried out in surprise and ecstasy as the man started working his cock up inside him on top of Emmet's.

"Happy New Year, fucker," Emmet growled.

Matt would have answered, but he was taxed enough just to maintain his breathing. Atherton's pills hadn't opened him up nearly enough for this double working of his channels. He panted hard, every bit of his attention focusing on those two black cocks sliding against each other inside his undulating walls.

* * * *

Matt swam up from a deep, erotic dream, reaching over to feel the hardness of the dark chocolate skin of Emmet, only to find no one was there. The smell of the man-no, the men, he remembered now-remained. Similar to that of Dashad. A musky scent of honest sweat and cum. Closing his eyes again, imagining himself not alone, Matt luxuriated in the knowledge that both the sweat and the cum had been for him-repeatedly-in the night. Emmet had laid on the bed watching Matt writhing on top of Lamont for a while, with Lamont on his back and Matt moving on top of him, trying to take in as much of that long cock as he could, and staring up at the canopy of the bed. But then Emmet was below them, straddling Lamont's closed legs and lifting and spreading Matt's legs and working his cock in on top of Lamont's this time-doubling him again. Matt opened his mouth wide in a silent scream, silent because Emmet was stuffing a good part of his fist in Matt's mouth so that he wouldn't awaken the rest of the household.

"This is the New Year's present you want, I know," Emmet growled. "Two black cocks inside you at once."

Matt began to work his hips, working with the two men who themselves had just set into a rhythm of their own. After he'd ejaculated, Matt drifted off, exhausted from his long evening, both of the black men still working him like a calliope. When he next woke, he was alone in the bed.

When he realized no one was on top of him, under him, or beside him, Matt'

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