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A slave required punishment for months of offenses.

I admonished as being the slut that she is; flashing her cunt to her Master's son and for that she would have to be punished! I then told her to go upstairs and bend over the chair in the bed room, where she would wait my pleasure.

I returned upstairs and taking her bag, walked in to the bedroom, I asked about the Indian club, she admitted using the neck on her cunt and a couple of times her arse, she even admitted trying to get the wider base into her cunt and had managed to get it half way in. The base was 5 inches across and at its widest point was nearer 9 inches.

I asked "How far did you get the wide end up your cunt?" she pointed to a point that was 3 inches from the bottom of the club, a point where the width seemed to be six or seven inches. I then picked out the test tube and asked what she used this for being 4 inches wide and 15 inches long.

"Master, may I be allowed to show you?" she asked. I nodded and she immediately stood up took the test tube from me and disappeared downstairs. I heard the food processor whirring and soon Tammy reappeared with the Test Tube packed with crushed ice. She sat on the edge of the bed as she rolled the test tube, over her nipples across her stomach before slipping it into her cunt. For the next 15 minutes she fucked herself to two orgasms before removing the test tube licking the outside clean. She then popped the rubber bung and tipped the melted ice on to her breasts. She then used the open end on her cunt catching some of her cunt juices in the tube before allowing this clear liquid to drip into her open mouth.

I then stopped her actions and made her lie across the chair where I administered 12 slams with the ping pong bat until her arse cheeks glowed a rosy shade of pink.

"Stand up, slut" I demanded "now lie on the bed with your legs opened towards me" I informed her. I then began to insert three fingers into her cunt and after a few minutes of thrusting added a fourth, before finally adding my thumb. Soon I had my whole hand up her cunt and forming it into a fist I began fist fucking her. She let out a loud moan as she then sprayed her cunt juices high in the air as though she was laid on her back pissing. The bed sheets were soaked by the time she had stopped spraying.

I released my fist and pulled my soaking arm, wrist and hand from her cunt; she immediately began licking them clean. Thanking me for yet another first, the first time she had been fist fucked. She asked rather worriedly "would there be any permanent damage to her cunt being fist fucked like that!"

I replied "No, when you think about it, your cunt stretches to larger sizes to allow the head of a baby to pass through it and then it goes back to normal size, so why would it not return to normal after fist fucking".

I sent her off to put the sheets in the washing machine and to take yet another shower. I picked out of her clothes a low cut top and a short white skirt and cherry red panties. I laid them out then went downstairs, where I told her to go up and put on the things I had laid out when she finished her shower. I took the cucumber she had brought with and placed it in the deep freeze, for that night.

Also whilst she showered I set up the St Andrews cross in the guest bedroom and laid out my own handcuffs, blindfold nipple clamps and head phones. I then sat in the living room awaiting her return.

Thirty minutes later she appeared at the living room door correctly attired and eager to see what I had in store for her. I informed her we were going to go out and feed the ducks in the local park, adding I expect you to flash your knickers upon my command and to play with yourself as, when and how I tell you.

I gave her a example, telling her "I want you to stick your right hand down the inside of your skirt into your knickers and play with your clit, do not put your fingers inside your cunt and I want to see them moving even through your skirt!" "Now put your left hand inside your top and feel your right nipple, pinch it between your forefinger and your thumb then pull it away f

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