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They make it to New Mexico.

She's into Tantric sex. She lit some candles and got out some warm massage oil and played some romantic middle-eastern music. She has a great massage table; we both stripped and she had me spread out on the table. She gave me an awesome Tantric massage, a long, slow rub over my entire body. Her fingers are amazing; strong and soft and supple, and they worked all my muscles with just the right touch. As she worked her way up my legs, I could feel my cock getting bigger and stronger and stiffer. She noticed it too, of course. After she did the rest of my body, she gave me a Lingam massage. That's like a middle-eastern hand job, only very slow and very slippery. She spent half an hour slowly stroking my shaft, my balls, my cock head. She slowly stroked up and down, and slowly twisted around in circles, all the while keeping me generously oiled up."

She had the dildo deep into her pussy by now, leaning back on one hand, and moaning. But her teeth were clenched, and I could tell she hated what she was hearing. She also hated that it was turning her on so thoroughly. I was also extremely turned on, and could feel that familiar old tingling in my balls.

"Then she finished me off with a prostate massage. She had a long, slim dildo designed just for that purpose. It fit right up my ass to my prostate. As she inserted that up my ass, she lowered her face and sucked my cock back into her throat. She held me deep in her mouth and worked her lips and tongue on me while the dildo worked my prostate. Together, the effect was indescribable. I blew my load in her mouth and nearly blacked out from the intensity. It was awesome.

"After that, she fed me a dinner of oysters and dates and red wine. She pulled out a big Tantric sex manual, and showed me some sexual positions that I'd never heard of before; we eventually tried them all. Some involved lying down, some were performed standing, some while sitting; many of them I can't even begin to describe. We each came four or five times before the sun came up, and each time was more mind-blowing than the last."

My wife was nearly in a trance by now, sawing the dildo in and out furiously and pinching her nipples. She said nothing, but continued to glare at me through her horniness.

"Eventually I told her I had to leave for work, but that she had given me a lot to think about. She was deliriously happy, and is pulling for me to leave you as soon as possible." I smiled at her. "Next, I called up Susan Clark from your office."

"Susan, that bitch? I hate her! She tried to steal the Anselmo account from me."

"Yeah, well she hates you too, because she think you stole the Anselmo account from her. Anyway, I called her up, and asked if she'd like to get even with you by fucking your husband. She said absolutely."

"Nooo!!! You didn't fuck Susan Clark!!" She shoved the dildo in a few inches deeper and sweat broke out on her brow and upper lip.

"I sure did. I went straight to her apartment. She said she would get even with you by being the most depraved fucking slut possible with me, by fucking me every which way but loose, by indelibly marking her territory on me. You'd never be able to show your face at your office again for being such a loser of a wife. And she did her damn best to accomplish it, too. As soon as I arrived, she dropped right down to her knees, right there in the doorway, without even bothering to close the door. She fished my cock out of my pants and started sucking it. She slurped the head into her mouth and wrapped her fist around the shaft, jacking me with the circle of her thumb and forefinger. She flicked her tongue back and forth across the bottom of my cock head until I was moaning across her front lawn."

Now my wife was lying on her back with her eyes rolled back in her head. She had bent the double-ended dildo in half and had it in both her pussy and her asshole. I squirted some extra lube on my cock and my scrotum and continued to stroke while I spoke.

"Then she pulled me into the house and into the bedroom and rippe

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