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Secret rendezvous in a deserted parking lot.

I felt the covers lifted and a warm weight settle in next to me, so I rolled over and pulled her into an embrace, kissing her squarely on the mouth.

My intention was a quick goodnight kiss, then to roll back over and go to sleep nested like a pair of spoons. Her intentions were quite different, which was quickly made obvious when she wouldn't let me escape the embrace and kiss. Mentally shrugging, I pulled her closer, and enjoyed the warmth of her legs next to mine. Her left hand started stroking my back, which I took as a signal to do the same; her right was over my shoulder pulling me tighter against her upper body. I could feel her breasts through the thin cloth shirt she wore- I was not wearing one, myself, and her erect nipples were occasionally poking me.

The outcome of tonight was rather apparent, at this point, so I slid my right hand down to her left butt cheek, which I suddenly discovered was only panty-clad. Pulling her hips up against mine, I was certain she could feel my swelling erection; and sure enough, she rolled us over so that she was straddling my hips. She broke the kiss and sat up, grabbing her nightshirt by the hem and lifting it over her head.

Her breasts were clad in moonlight, and her nipples stood at attention. They were lighter than most that I'd seen, but I do not profess myself an expert judge of nipple color. She lay back down on top of me, and I diverted my left hand to stroking and playing with them, as my right was still on her butt. This kiss was more energetic than the last, and our bodies started to move together as our libidos began to take over.

She reached her left hand inside the elastic on my sweatpants and grasped my fully erect seven-inch penis. She began pulling on it as I devoted a little more attention to her nipples, rolling them around between my fingers. Our tongues were engaged in what seemed to be a wrestling match, and hers was winning, which I was perfectly fine with. I sucked on it gently, which she put up with for a few seconds, then broke the kiss. She looked seductively at me, which I thought was kind of a waste of effort- she already had me seduced.

Tanya stretched her neck a little longer and nibbled gently at my nose, so I licked her throat, causing her to arch back. Apparently, I had found her weak spot. I slid my hand inside her panties to squeeze her butt cheek, and she slid off my hips, taking her hand from my rock-hard cock. I was dismayed until she grabbed the waist of my sweatpants and tugged them down and off. She replaced her left hand with her right and again began working the fellow, who was standing more or less vertical, at this point.

We kissed four times before she moved her head southerly, kissing my nipples, abs, gut, and finally the tip of my penis. She began to alternate licking and sucking it, so I did what any guy would do in that position-I pulled her panty-clad crotch over my face. The panties didn't last long, and I was shortly looking at her shaved snatch; I lowered it onto my face, and began my own sucking and licking alternation.

I don't know how long we were in that position, but we stayed there for what felt like hours. It was probably only one- I'm pretty talented at giving oral pleasure, and Ashley was too, but for some reason, neither of us could make the other come very quickly. Any time she got close, her reaction was to lift her hips up, which I tried to stop by restraining her butt; that was only marginally effective. And whenever I got close, I would push it away, because nice guys finish last.

Finally, I brought my right hand down, sliding the tips of the fingers along the crease between her cheeks.

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