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A reluctant sub begins her journey.

They exchanged a long kiss that left Lisa limp. Guy reached behind her and unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor with her ample breasts pressed to him Guy ran his hands across her silk covered cheeks. Lisa stepped back and unbuttoned his shirt. She kissed each inch of flesh she exposed. She reached his belt and unbuckled him. Soon his trousers were at his ankles. Lisa didn't see them hit the ground. Guy wore no underwear and Lisa's eyes never made it beyond the tanned flesh between his legs.

She remained bent over as she nuzzled his public hair. Her hand cupped his balls and allowed his expanding cock to run up across her wrist. He was a nice thickness and length. If she were to venture an opinion his cock was beautiful. It grew as she tickled his balls and began to lick his shaft. She wanted to kneel before him and love his manhood with her mouth.

She was interupted as Guy lifted her head and beckoned towards the bed. She almost reluctantly moved to it. Guy remained standing a moment. His not yet fully inflated cock twitched as it grew. What he had said to her in the plane he now began to demonstrate. He started at her toes. He 'fellated' each of her toes which was a first for her. It seemed that they were connected to her clit. It took him 15 minutes to get to her ankles. Another 10 to kiss his way up one leg to the back of her knee. With one leg in the air and the silk of her panties damp Guy ran his tongue along the back of her thigh to the point where flesh ended and panty began. He lowered her leg and ran his lips along the line of her panties and across the their top. He nuzzled into them and sniffed deeply as Lisa spread her legs moaned and bucked up at him. God knows how long this took.

Her panty crotch was soaked and stretched tightly across her sex. She begged Guy for relief.

Guy pulled her panties down and craddling her buttocks in his hands he made oral love to her overheated sex. Lisa's red curls were slick with juice. Her outer lips were a deep pink, flushed and puffed with desire. Her flower opened to display the route to her core. Topping the vision of beauty was her pink opalescent clit which was standing out of its hood.

Guy made his tour of all these delights and then latching onto her clit pressed is tongue to it and began to hum. Lisa thought she'd go mad. There was no relief from what Guy was doing. What happened was a need was becoming an ache. She felt her body congest with want. She couldn't breathe properly and then it happened. One solid lick and she came. She had wet the bed with her juices. She arched her back and mouthed a scream but nothing came but the sound of rushing air. Guy had spent an eternity between her legs. Just caressing her. No man but her beloved deflowerer had ever even fucked her for that long. Guy still had to get his cock into her!

Something soft, her panties perhaps, was between her legs mopping up her fluids. Her legs were lifted, her cheeks spread and the moisture between them blotted and dabbed. Lisa lay with her ankles together and knees parted, panting with her eyes closed. As each breath emptied from her it came as a soft cry.

A kiss to her stomach that moved north across her breasts to her neck and thence to her mouth brought her partially to her senses. She came around further as a hard, warm, smooth probe began to enter her. It took a minute to get him inside her. She felt he was a nice size, filling without being uncomfortable. He felt her envelope him and grip. He could have pushed into her in a second or two. She was certainly wet enough but he wanted to feel every millimetre of her with his cock.

She felt the ripple of his bulge go deep and as his balls kissed her rear entrance she crossed her legs behind his back.. They rocked back and forth like this as Lisa had two more orgasms.

She told Guy that she would love to taste his seed.

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