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Henry victorious.

So I now know where I stand and that's with a good chance with him. Well his party went well - great music - plenty to drink - plenty of nibbles - twice as many guys as girls - so us girls had plenty of dances - us girls like to dance. Her brother was a great host and mixed with everyone that night - but I noticed he didn't have a girlfriend nor did he pick up any girls - he was too busy being a good host - taking plates of finger food around and playing the music and making sure every one had something to drink - and yes he kept his sister & I with a constant glass of champagne in our hands.

Eventually the party crowd thinned out - by 3 am there was only the three of us left - him, his sister and me. None of us was tired - still in the party mood and too much to drink - I suggested we go for a walk around the block to walk off some of the champagne - so us two girls took him by an arm each and we ventured off - by this time - around 3.30 am there was absolutely no one around - everyone in town in bed at home.

I said it was so quiet that you could walk down the main street naked and no one would notice - my girlfriend said you wouldn't be game enough - you know people should not ever dare me - so I took off my top as we walked and passed it to my girlfriend to hold - her brother just said 'they are nice' - they both seemed a bit excited - so I took off my jeans and pants - now completely naked - I said see no one has even noticed and yes we were in the main street of this country town - both of them were shocked and excited.

I grabbed her brother and backed him into a shop door way and grabbed him for a tongue kiss while I grabbed his crotch and squeezed his hard on - he reached up to touch my breasts and his sister said go on squeeze them - I think she liked watching - so I started undoing his belt then unzipped him and I kneeled down and pulled down his pants and started to suck him off - his sister said go on bite him - I did gently - he even got harder - he liked it and she loved watching me do it too him.

I pulled at her top - dragging her down and I pulled her head over and forced her to put his dick in her mouth - and whispered to her suck him for while I catch my breath. I held her head there for a while until I was sure she and he would keep doing it. I then put my hands over to undo her blouse and I rubbed her breasts while she sucked him - every time she started to withdraw her head I put my hand behind her to stop her forcer her to keep sucking him off - she couldn't let go or take him out of her mouth - he looked down with a glazed look as I started playing with her tits in front of him - I even lifted her breasts to my mouth - it was all too much for the poor boy - he came in her mouth and I pulled her head over to me and I tongue fucked her mouth the get a taste of his cum.

They were both stunned by what had just happened and silent for a little while. I said let's go back home - so we dressed and walked home - and with in a couple of minutes a police car cruised past - talk about timing - we were safe. No one talked - I can not imagine how busy their heads would have been processing the experience. I know they both found me sexy, and liked seeing me strip naked in front of them. I know they both liked playing with my tits and me playing with both of them. I know she like to suck, I know he came in her mouth so must have like it. That could have been some of what was going on in their heads.

As soon as we were home - I dragged both of them by the hand into the bed room and told them that I wanted them both to play with me and fuck me.

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