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Rodney loves me. Maybe he is the one...

Darcy. Yumm!! My temperature rose about 10 degrees as the image of rolling around in a field with him flashed through my mind. I daydreamed about him ripping my dress off to reveal a white corset, bosoms heaving and barely covered, my hand on his hardened cock, which I could feel through the fabric of his breeches. My nipples hardened at the thought and as I came back to reality I realised he had been talking to me. He had a smile on his face as he took in my sudden flush of colour, his eyes taking a quick glance at my hardened nipples, which were visible through the thin material of my tight fitting blouse. "Sorry, I was miles away, what were you saying?" I asked.

I turned to a different angle knowing that he would get a flash of my bra where I had unbuttoned myself just minutes earlier. Max had gone quiet. He stepped towards me then suddenly dropped to his knees. He was directly in front of me now. His eyes met with mine as he pushed my skirt up, sliding his hands slowly up my thighs. "Naughty girl" he said as he touched my neatly trimmed bush. "No knickers, I approve!". I parted my legs a little and gasped as he touched me lightly on my pussy. He moved his finger slowly up and down my moist sex, circling my bud. His dark brown eyes were still intensely locked with mine. "Take off your blouse" he ordered me.

I glanced at the door, knowing that anyone could walk in at anytime, a delicious little thrill shuddered through me, the excitement of getting caught in such a compromising position only adding to the pleasure I was feeling. I obeyed Max's command, unbuttoning the rest of my blouse and slowly peeling it away from my body. Max looked appreciatively at my breasts encased in a lacy black bra. I slipped down the straps of my bra and revealed my hard rosy nipples. Slowly I unhooked my bra and discarded it on the floor. Max rose from his knees and ordered me to sit on top of the table. Once again I did as he instructed.

With his hands Max pushed my breasts together and lapped at my nipples with his tongue, taking each in turn into his mouth and rolling his tongue around them, slowly, exquisitely. He spent long minutes licking, nibbling and sucking at my nipples; the aching in my loins was by this time unbearable.

Anticipating my frustration, max lowered himself and placed his head between my legs. He quickly darted his tongue out and licked me quickly. I trembled with pleasure. I pushed myself closer, wanting more. Max didn't fail me, he plunged at my throbbing clitoris, sucking and then pushing his tongue in as deep as it would go and engulfing me with his mouth, then withdrawing and licking with the lightest of touches. Max pushed a couple of fingers inside me, still lapping at me with his tongue, probing my insides, pulling in and out with his fingers. My breathing was getting heavier and more ragged with each movement. The two very different sensations of licking and probing making me groan with ecstasy. I was rocking on Max's fingers, getting closer and closer to orgasm, my hand on the back of his head pushing his face closer into my pussy. I felt myself tense and arched my back and suddenly I was coming, hard and fast, Max removed his tongue and quickly thrust another couple of fingers inside me, pushing his fingers in and out with his thumb firmly pressed on my swollen clit, I was riding his hand furiously, wave after wave of wonderful pleasure washing over me. I knew my cries were loud at this point but I didn't care.

I groped around for the fly of Max's trousers and unzipped him. Max groaned as I reached inside his jockey shorts and placed my hand round his very hard erect cock. With my free hand I yanked down his jockey shorts and his impressive penis sprang forth. His cock slipped easily into my throbbing wet pussy. Still riding high on my own orgasm I needed him deep inside me. Max leaned forward and kissed me passionately, the taste of my juices on his lips, his tongue probing my mouth.

Max withdrew a

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