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He's been watching her for a long time.

She could see his erection straining against the fabric of his pants. Seeing how large he was surprised her slightly. She knew it was common for his species, but not for humans which was the only contact she had, had. She stood close to him, her hands drawing lazy circles across his chest and down to his abdomen.

S'iraa leant forward, his whiskers washing over her face as he brought his nose to her neck, the sniffed at her, small little ones at start before long drawn out ones from shoulder to just below the ear. He had to lean down more then most because of his height over her. His hands remained by his sides, this was because of his claws. His ears facing forward, his whiskers flared over her face and his breathing only added to the glare his eyes gave off.

Tommie looked up into his eyes; his whiskers tickled her bare neck as he took in her scent directly off her skin. Her hands carefully slid lower on his body. Her fingertips danced lightly over the bulge that had formed in his pants. His panting sent goose bumps down her back. For the first time in her life she trembled slightly. This was no human, the creature standing in front of her was meant to kill, just like she was meant as a slave to man. He was a full foot taller than her, and broader. She wasn't the most slender of females but she was extremely shapely. She locked eyes with him again as her fingers continued to play over the top of his pants.

S'iraa's nose was cold to the touch and it only touched her a few times during his moments lapping up her scent. His tail still around her thigh only the tail tip slowly like a snake worked higher until it reached the point where her thighs met and prevented him going higher. Her touches only poked fun at the fire raging within him; all he could think about was her. Even as her finger tips played over the strained front of his pants he wondered many a thing.....all of them involving her.

Tommie could feel the heat produced by her own wetness, his tail sneaking up her let felt nice and teasing. She finally loosened his pants. Her breathing came in sharp bursts as she pushed them down his thighs. She took in the sight of his hard member; she placed her hands lightly around it. He was long and thick. An excited whimper escaped her lips as she looked at him.

S'iraa pulled his tail through the hole in the back of his pants designed that way so that he could walk with his tail as balance instead of packing his tail under his uniform for appearance sake. He felt his pants slide down his thighs, felt the air on his hardened member, he could even smell her own sexual scent laced in the air. His tail waved gently from side to side behind him, eager especially from the view of her cleavage when she leant forward slightly to push his pants down.

Tommie took a step back, her hands moving to the back of her dress, unzipping it and letting it fall to the floor. Revealing that underneath all she wore was a black lacy thong. She stood, feeling the heat from the stove on her bare breasts and stomach.

S'iraa wasted no time in taking what he wanted. He moved forward cupping her breasts in his hands and licking them and sucking on them. His tongue was long and slightly rough to the feel, his fur was soft on her skin but he enjoyed the weighted feel of her breasts in his hands as he sampled them. His hardened member pressed against her, his tail about her to make sure she didn't escape, while he was only in his robe and her a thong, it was enough......for now.

Tommie gasped at his sudden move. Up until this point he had only slowly moved, doing things almost by accident. Again the thought floated through her mind about him being a lot stronger than she. But it was quickly forced from her mind as the pleasure from his tongue intruded on her thoughts. She could feel his tail around her, holding her in place. All she could muster in response to him was a moan of delight. Her hands tangled through the fur on his head and shoulders.

S'iraa turned her around within his grasp, now with her back to hi

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