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The anal training begins in earnest.

They smiled at each other before sleeping.

Milana and Masha were at a film studio dressing room with the latter wearing glasses. Milana laid on a recliner as Masha took off her shorts. They lip-locked with Masha feeling Milana's breasts as Milana took off Masha's coat, shirt, and pants. Masha then took off Milana's tank top. She lay on a sofa as Masha took off her panties to lick her vagina. Masha sat on the sofa as Milana took off her bra to kiss her breasts. Masha lay on the sofa with her knees bent as Milana took off her panties to suck her vagina. Masha turned facedown to let Milan kiss her buttocks and finger her anus. Masha urinated on the sofa at a point. Milana went on all fours on the sofa as Masha sat behind her to finger her anus and kiss her buttocks. Milana also urinated onto that sofa. Masha then sat on a stool and Milana knelt in front of her to suck her vagina. They suddenly heard producers and creators for an upcoming film project who they had a meeting with coming. They rushed to find their clothes, quickly put them on, and greeted the people as they came into the room.

One afternoon Katie and Milana jumped onto their bed and kissed. Katie laughed while taking off Milana's pants and panties. She told her to stop that and make love. She sucked her vagina as Milana bent her knees and said it tickled, as she took off her shirt and bra. She used her feet to take off Katie's bra and shirt. Katie went atop her in the 69 position to suck her vagina as Milana took off her shorts and panties to finger her vagina and anus. She could not lick or suck them as Katie was shorter than her. She urinated on Milana at a point. She then fingered Milana's vagina and Milana grabbed and felt her buttocks. Katie then lay face-up on the bed as Milana lay sideways next to her, put her arms and legs around her and kissed her neck as they cuddled up.

At the same time, Yuliya and Masha took a bath together and kissed. Masha then kissed Yuliya's breasts. She leaned on the tub wall behind her. Masha got up to let Yuliya lick her vagina. Yuliya got on all fours on the tub as Masha sat behind her to kiss her buttocks, licked between her cheeks, and suck her anus. She lay face-up as Masha atop her as they kissed. Yuliya rubbed Masha's thighs as she kissed her neck. Masha then lay on the tub and Yuliya lay sideways next to her. Masha put an arm around Yuliya, who put a hand on Masha's breasts and her head at the shoulder. They caressed and talked to each other until it was time for them to get out of the tub, so they and the others could cook and prepare dinner.

Milana the next day played games on the computer as Yuliya sat at the floor next to her watching. Yuliya took off Milana's pants and panties after a while to lick her vagina, then stood by the adjacent wall facing it. Milana knelt behind her, took off her pants and panties, and sucked her vagina. Yuliya then took off her shirt and bra and Milana kissed up her stomach and breasts. Yuliya threw Milana onto the sleeping mat on the floor, removed her shirt and bra, got atop her, and kissed her breasts and neck. She about-faced to form the 69 position as they licked each other's vaginas. They suddenly heard a person approaching the door, got up, and covered their private parts in panic.

When it opened, Katie and Masha entered. Relieved, the four girls went to the bed. Milana lay on it as Masha lay atop her kissing her neck, and Yuliya lay atop Katie and held her face on her breasts so she could suck them. Katie and Masha, still clothed, kissed down Yuliya and Milana's breasts and torsos respectively before putting their head in-between their bent legs to lick their vagina. Milana was on her back while Yuliya got on all fours. Yuliya stood upright as Katie kept licking her vagina, then Yuliya lay facedown atop her and let her kiss her buttocks and masturbate. Masha turned Milana facedown so she could kiss hers. They licked between their cheeks and sucked their anuses.

One night, Milana and Yuliya had a slow dance

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