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Katie enjoys fucking a masked stranger at a Halloween party.

"These are the lips of my pussy see?" she said. She slipped a finger in between her glistening swollen lips. They were pretty, pink lips not brown like some other girls and stood out from her pale white skin.

"Oh, I can feel I'm turned on. But then again, I'm always horny, "she giggled. "Now slide your finger in between the lips like this," she started to slide a delicate finger in between the pink lips. She was sliding her finger up and down and getting excited. I could tell because her breathing was becoming harder and her chest was rising and falling.

"Now, this is your clit," she said.

I nodded looking transfixed as she spread her lips wide apart and pointed to a little nub at the top of her mound.

"When you play with it you get really excited and it gets hard like this," she moaned a little arching up. I heard it and blushed looking and nodding.

Suddenly she jumped up kneeling on the bed near me. "Take your pants off," she instructed, "that way it's easier to show you too."

I saw her beautiful firm tits near my chest naked and flushed and I nodded. She was breathing heavy with excitement. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans in a flurry, rushing before she changed her mind. I could feel my pussy pulsing and knew this meant I was getting kind of excited and flushed embarrassed. I felt a little naughty.

"It's o.k. Don't feel bad all girls jerk off. Or else you walk around frustrated all day," she laughed catching my expression.

I was more comfortable having her show me the ropes than the other group home boys in the building next to ours who I heard could be clumsy and rough. I lay next to her in my panties and bra as she looked down on me. She took her fingers and undid my bra. My breasts popped out free. I could feel my nipples were hard.

"There, better and take off your panties," she instructed. Before I could think her fingers were on my waistband helping me take them off. I blushed.

"Don't worry," she was giggling, "this is gonna feel good. I promise," she smiled. I nodded excited letting her pull my panties down. She gently slid them off.

"Good that you shave your pussy it's easier that way," she said as she tapped my mound. I nodded.

"Now, lie down," she instructed, leaning over me and watching as I lay down on the bed

"Spread your legs like mine," she ordered and she leaned back on her arms spreading her legs slightly. I copied her movements next to her. She looked over at me with her ringlets and big blue eyes and instructed,

I could hear her say, "Good, lay back and relax."

I tried my best to relax but I was holding my breath and the most I could do was lay back as instructed. I looked over at Jenna who was laying on her side looking at me.

"Put your fingers here," and she started to finger her pussy again her index finger sliding between the two swollen lips.

I tried my best to do the same, looking down at my pussy, but I was a bit confused.

"Oh God, Sabrina," she sighed giggling, "like this."

She took her fingers and started to stroke my pussy. It felt incredible. I only know I did not want her to stop.

"Feel good?" She asked.

"Oh God, yes," I thought, "like nothing I ever felt," but I nodded and a sigh escaped.

"Ahhh, there you go. Now you are relaxing," Jenna said.

I had a feeling this was not the first time she was with a girl doing this. She really knew what she was doing. As she glided her fingers up and down I could feel myself getting moist.

"Oh yeah, you are getting wet now," Jenna said. Her other hand moved to my breast and gently kneaded my nipple.

"See? Do this while you are touching yourself," she whispered. A small moan escaped my lips and she giggled.

"Hmmm, that's it, "she said approvingly. She stroked my breasts softly admiring them for a bit and then a hand went down to my pussy again.

"Now, this is your clit," she touched the small nub at the top of my mound and I jerked a little.

"Relax," she said.

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