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She climbed up the three porcelain steps and out of the basin, standing with her back and bare bottom facing us.

Sister Ruth walked around and approached Lucy. She took another towel from the tray. Lucy bowed her head forward. Sister Beth rubbed the towel firmly and swiftly through Lucy's wet scalp. The long, wet strands of Lucy's hair bounced up and down at the sides of her face as Sister Beth vigorously dried off her head.

Sister Ruth started to dry off the back of Lucy's body. She quickly rubbed the towel firm against Lucy's skin. She started at the top of her shoulders. She then went down and across her back, between her buttocks, down her legs, and finally crouched down to finish at her heels.

When Sister Beth was satisfied with the condition of Lucy's hair, she proceeded to work on drying off the entirety of her front side with the same haste as Sister Ruth. They made quick work of it. Soon Lucy was completely dry, with the exception of her damp hair. Both nuns returned the towels to the tray and stood before Lucy again.

"My child," Sister Beth said, "you are now as pure as the day you came into the world. Cover your nakedness and go in peace, never to give into temptation again. Amen."

"Amen." My parents repeated. The word echoed off the marble walls.

Lucy went behind the white silk screen to get herself dressed. The two nuns stood by ready to assist her. My parents unfolded their hands, which had been clasped the entire time, and relaxed their posture. I took this as permission to do the same. My mother gave me a quick glance to make sure I was okay. She looked somewhat concerned for a reason I did not comprehend. My father looked at me as well, only he was giving me a quick hint of a smirk.

My parents quickly turned around and faced the entrance to the chamber. Luckily, they did not notice my erection which had been throbbing the entire time. Only now did it begin to soften. They then spent the time silently staring at a small angel statue on the back of the confessional door. I followed suit as we all waited for Lucy to get dressed. I took the opportunity to reflect upon what I had just witnessed.

With the blushing in her face, and her inability to look any of us in the eye the entire time, it was apparent that my sister was quite embarrassed by what just happened. And I think I could understand why. I too would be devoted to complete the ritual of course, but only to make my parents proud and to absolve myself of the sins I had just confessed. But at the same time, the whole experience would have made me very uncomfortable to say the least.

The idea of having my entire bare body, which was to be kept hidden and private from my beloved family, put on display in front of them, was mortifying, especially because I would have to face them every day. All while two strange nuns washed every inch of my most intimate areas like I was a helpless child. Having my body reacting against my will to whatever they chose to do with it. I really don't know how my sister managed it all.

In a way, I realized it all added to the beauty of the Ritual. My sister did not refuse to endure this humiliating experience even though she knew both her father and little brother would be observing from a close distance away. Though overcome with embarrassment, she allowed us all to witness her in this most private and vulnerable state, giving up her modesty completely to show she had nothing to hide from the Lord.

It was a testament to her unyielding faith. In a way I admired her. I knew without a doubt my parents did as well. For that, I decided to just do what my father told me to do earlier that afternoon -- observe and respect the beauty of the Ritual of Confession. I would not ever mention it outside these church walls. Even my peers from school would never hear about it from me. I would try my best to preserve its sanctity while never forgetting my own selfish reasons for enjoying it.

After all, this ritual was to be the only time I was given the chance to see any woman under the

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