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Cheryl uses Kitty's BootBoy to learn the tricks of the trade.

"A couple of hours of work and looking around and I am going to need to crash. If nothing else Satasha and I can use the bed in my room for a nap while you are looking."

Once they were done eating they headed down to the ship and started working on it. During the day both he and Satasha napped off and on as needed.


Over the following week or so the two of them finally recovered and work was progressing. The rooms had been completed and the ship stocked with the Sholan meal pouches. He had his own food as well which he was looking forward to. The Sholan food was good and he was enjoying it but he wanted something from home.

The hardest part was integrating the new sensors and communication equipment into his ship. It ended up they simply installed some totally new sensors and communication equipment. They were stand alone units that he would have to take the information from and punch it into his systems. It was a jury rigged affair but it should work till he had time to upgrade his sensors with his technology.

As the various techs were working on his ship Billy and the others spent a great deal of time with the first contact team. That was fascinating in a way but also seemed to give him headaches as well. Every morning he was working with the tutor to learn to build the shields and controlling his talent. Both he and Satasha were getting stronger which greatly confused both the tutor and mentor aboard the ship.

Eventually the ship was ready to go and he was going to be taking most of the warriors so they had more room aboard the barque that would be carrying the rest of the contact team. They were going to be escorted by a stealth fighter for good measure as well. Z'Marl had been spending a great deal of time in their quarters and spent a number of nights curled up with the two of them as well.

The night before they were going to be leaving the three of them were curled up in bed. Z'Marl had fallen asleep a few minutes before and her body was relaxing as was her face. "She almost makes me think of one of my girls." His fingers gently stroked her cheek. "Well not including the fun and excitement occasionally." He looked at Satasha. "She looks so young when she is asleep. You look younger as well but not nearly as young as she does."

Satasha smiled back at him. "I had noticed that some time ago. I had to wonder about the mask she puts on and why she does." Her hand was resting on Z'Marl's hip since she was between the two of them this evening. "I am starting to think she is falling for you Yilly. You are giving her something she has never had before. I understand her position and why and it doesn't bother me." She reached over and stroked his cheek. "I do have a surprise for you before we leave tomorrow. I am going to let you wonder though."

Billy closed his eyes and leaned into the stroking and simply smiled. "Yes my love and thank you for understanding. For some reason I just feel a need to take her under my wing and help her." He closed his eyes and sent a surge of love to Satasha. He didn't realize it but some of it washed over Z'Marl and a smile crossed her face as she slept.


The next morning when Billy awoke he was rather startled to find Satasha dressed up nicely. She smiled at him. "Good morning and get a quick shower while I pull out some cloths for you two." Satasha had secretly been working on the surprise. She had made sure that the others knew to dress up as well.

Billy frowned at her and stalked towards the bathroom. Behind him he could hear Z'Marl rolling out of bed and padding after him. Sally and Vangie were in there and he yawned a greeting before stepping in and started working on Z'Marl's back and hair.

Before he started she turned around and wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder. "Thank you Yilly for everything." She rubbed her head on his chest for a moment and then stepped back and turned so he could work on her back.

"Silly cat, of course I would help you.

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