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And they lived happily ever after - yeah, right.

.. his hands reshaping the pliant mounds. He cups them... swipes his thumbs back and forth across her hardening nipples. The attention makes them swell even more. They become proud, dark spires atop her milky breasts. He takes them between thumb and finger... tweaks them just so.

"Oh God, please don't" she whimpers.

"You're enjoyin' this," he hisses.

"Please stop. Please." She realizes he's right... senses how his attentions are affecting her body... how it's making it start to simmer.

"Yes you are." He assures her, his hands continuing to manipulate her tits. Within his pants his cock throbs angrily... his need growing insistent.

A couple of minutes later he releases her tits and climbs off her to kneel on the bed beside her.

Her freed arms rush to cover her breasts, crossing her chest.

She had crossed her legs in a weak, desperate attempt to withstand him.

He grabs one in each hand and jerks them apart... climbs between them to tower over her on his knees.

She keeps her face turned away, her eyes shut, lip quivering with her quiet sobs.

The uniform skirt is disheveled, but still covers her private area. As his hands slide up along the tops of her thighs they shove the material upward, revealing her panties; simple and cheap like her bra. He pushes the skirt higher... piles it at her waist.

The exposure alarms her. She tries to pull away... to escape.

He reaches out... grabs her waist... pins her in place, pressed against the bed.

"I said behave," he glares at her.

She stares up at him through tear-filled eyes.

His hands slide inward... his fingers grip the top of her panties. He jerks at them and the sound of ripping cloth fills the room.

"Pl- please," she whimpers, rolling her face away again, closing her eyes tightly.

The panties are shredded... torn apart to lay loosely across her thighs. Her neatly trimmed sex is revealed... shimmering with a thin glaze of wetness.

Her body's natural reaction to his attentions to her breasts.

Reflexively she tries closing her legs.

His hands cup her inner thighs... stops her... holds her legs apart... keeps her exposed to him, his hands centimeters from the ruined panties.

"So good," he sighs.

One hand slides up... touches her sex. Two fingers press between her labia... rub at her slit and bump against her hidden clit.

She whimpers as the contact causes her hips to jerk reflexively.

"Please no," she whispers as her body again tries to escape, wiggling and twisting in an attempt to slither away. "Please don't. Please."

And again he clamps a hand on her waist, pinning her.

He draws his fingers through her slit... bumps and rubs at her clit. Then he uses two of them to massage her opening while his thumb focuses on her clit.

"Please. Please don't," she begs even as her wetness grows... her body responding instinctually.

Under his touch her clit swells and her sex grows wetter and wetter.

The fingers press at her opening... force the walls apart... enter her.

"Oh God," she whimpers as her hips roll from the penetration.

Keeping his thumb atop her clit he works the fingers back and forth... slowly... steadily fucking her with them... preparing her for something much bigger.

"Please," she whimpers as she turns away, her eyes closing.

In and out his fingers slide... back and forth... in and out. His thumb rubbing... pressing at her swollen clit.

Her body gradually starts to respond on its own, her hips rolling gently. She tries to stop them... to force them to remain still. But all she manages is to limit their movement.

"You're enjoyin' this," he tells her, his digits continuing their assault.

"Oh God," she whispers, knowing he's right. One hand comes down from her shoulder and grabs his wrist... tries to push his hand away.

His other hand grabs her wrist and jerks her hand away. Releasing it, the hand snaps across her one uncovered tit... slapping it.

"Behave bitch," he growls.

"Mmm!" She whimpers, her hand falling limply to the bedspread beneath her.\

His needs boil within him... his hunger growing... his lust seething.

His fingers pum

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