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You give a handjob then surprises husband with the results.

Tommy breathed a sigh of relief. It was nice not to have a horrible sensation on his dick every time he moved. In fact, his dick was feeling great. Tommy closed his eyes and admired the sensation.

Gradually, Tommy noticed that his dick was feeling a little TOO good. He slowly opened his eyes and looked down.

"Uh, Zee..." He said quietly. Zatanna starting speaking as she looked up.

"Haven't seen anything about swelling ye..."

Her voice trailed off as she saw what was happening to Tommy's dick. It was expanding, slowly being filled with blood, getting larger and larger. To Tommy it seemed larger than normal, filling so full of blood that it became stiff as a board. His balls filled too, becoming double their normal size. Tommy began to feel pain.

"Oh shit," He groaned, doubling over and falling into the director's chair. His cock felt so warm and full that it felt like it would burst. His balls ached terribly; it was the worst case of blue balls Tommy had ever had. He groaned and collapsed into the chair.

"Oh no," Zatanna whispered, quickly rifling through her book to find some sort of spell to reverse Tommy's condition. She tried several in rapid succession.




None of the seemed to work. Whatever magic her father had written down was very powerful. She seemed at a loss for what to do.

Tommy, meanwhile, was in agony. His cock quivered and his balls continued to fill. He thought he might cry.

"I'm dying," He said softly, his arms clasped to the sides of Zatanna's director's chair. His eyes were closed tight, trying to cope with the pain.

As he did, he heard Zatanna say, "Well, I guess there's one thing we can try," but he didn't pay any attention to it. All his focus was on the pain in his groin.

Tommy suddenly felt hands on his shoulders, gently pushing him straight up. He strained to his open his eyes and saw Zatanna in front of him. She was trying to smile sweetly but Tommy could see the concern on her face.

"Don't be alarmed, Bruce. This is the only thing that I think we'll work," Zatanna said, looking him in the eye. With that, she brought her hand down to his dick and started lightly stroking it.

Tommy immediately groaned. "What... what are you doing?"

"I think the spell will end as soon as you... you know..." Zatanna said. She was bent over, her long legs straight. Her face was close to Tommy's, one hand on the arm of the chair while the other dropped down and was jerking his cock. Tommy breathed heavily.

"Does that feel better?" Zatanna asked. A strand of hair had fallen in her face.

Tommy tried to comprehend the sensations in his dick. "Y-yeah, actually," He said, surprised. His dick did, in fact, feel better.

"Good," Zatanna told him, picking up her pace. She looked down at Tommy's dick as she jerked it, her hand grasped tightly just below his head. She was pumping up and down quickly, turning the head of his dick even redder with blood. Tommy looked down Zatanna's vest and watched her breasts jiggle wonderfully with every pump of her hand. He groaned harder.

Zatanna slowed her pace for a second, just long enough for her to lean down and spit onto Tommy's dick. She quickly moved her hand up to it, moistening his cock with her saliva. Then she began jerking him quickly once again. Tommy caught his breath before sighing heavily. He pushed himself deeper into the seat of the chair. His cock was so hard.

"Just like old times, eh Bruce?" Zatanna said, smiling. Tommy's cock was slick with her spit and Zatanna was now moving her hand in long strokes, from the base of his shaft to the tip of his head. She was still holding him tight but would loosen her grip as she reached his head; her long black fingernails would graze Tommy's head, making him quiver.

While Zatanna jerked him, she said, "Nottubnu!" Her vest popped open, freeing her enormous breasts from their prison.

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