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Med student develops remarkable enlarging serum.

Kya had blonde hair, white skin, stood at 5'5, and had double D's.

They lived in the same old, run down apartment, and paid rent by working part-time at dunking donuts (misspelled on purpose.)

Suddenly, as if right out of a book of cliche's on how to further a crappy plot, the phone rang. Both girls practically tackled the phone, but Lara answered.

"Lara and Kya's Paranormal Exploration, how can we help you?"

An old man's voice answered on the other side of the phone, "Hello, I saw you in the ad and I called as a last resort. Things go flying around my house at night. I hear thumping, even though I live alone. A knife went flying across the room, and I knew I had to get help. I am currently in a hotel, but I left the key under the doormat." The man gave the address to Lara.

"Thank you sir, we will be right over and alert you of our findings." She hung up the phone, grinning wildly.

"Kya, we have case."

The house was on the rural outskirts of town, and an hours drive plus traffic. It was a small house that you would find on the side of roads, but had an eerie feel to it. The girls removed the doormat, grabbed the key and unlocked the door, before moving in and beginning to unpack. When night fell, they split up between upstairs and downstairs (because what could go wrong? Also l#lazywwriting.)


There was a slight chill throughout my body as I walked around the bottom floor. My thermometer showed a constant temperature of 45 degrees. I entered the kitchen, which held a stairway to, presumably, the basement. The Kitchen itself had a cheap tiled floor, lined with fake gems and intricate designs. The staircase leading down was old oak, and the path was narrow. I knew going down alone was a bad idea, but my curiosity got the best of my. I slowly walked across the crusty tiled floor until I reached the old wooden door.

I made my way down, creaks from the stairs occasionally making me jump. The temperature stabilized at 40. The basement seemed to be a cellar. It contained old wooden barrels, stacked on a rusted steel case. As I began to move forward, I heard a sudden thump directly in front of me, and then silence. The temperature had dropped to 35 degrees.

I pulled out my EVP detector, and began to ask the standard questions.

"Hello. Is anyone there?" I asked in a shaky voice.

No answer. I was about to ask again, but then I felt a chill on my stomach. It was like a single concentrated area of cold, liked a hand was on me. The cold spot moved around my body. It threw around my hair, and rubbed my breasts for a short moment. It began to move down and down. When it was right above my crotch, a distorted, raspy voice echoed through the room, "surprise." The chill went straight through me and I felt it on my whole body. Then it was gone. I tried to turn and run, but I couldn't move. I heard the raspy voice again, this time it was in my head. "Hello girl. You shouldn't have come." My hand began to move of it's own accord. "I'll show you a good time," the voice rang in my head.

My hand was forced in my pants, and began to rub my clit through my panties, while the other was squeezing my boobs. I began to gasp and moan. The entity forced my pants off, and began to take my panties off. I could feel they were soaking. My hands resumed pinching my nipples and clit, causing me to scream in pleasure. It removed my hand and contorted it into a "live long and prosper" sign, and began to dive in again.

It was now rubbing against my G-spot. I moaned and screamed, until I peed.

It pulled my soaking hand out of my pussy, before returning for round two.

It was practically fisting me at this point. I was reaching my climax, when the voice spoke again, "Not so fast girl," it pulled out, "You have to beg if you want to cum." My had was stroking around my pussy, and I was at climax, but couldn't cum.

"Fuck y-y-you!" I said, trying to sound strong. It took my hand and positioned it in front of my asshole.

"You will learn respect," said the raspy voice.

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