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Federal agent becomes a mailgirl for a dangerous assignment.

When my balls started tightening I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Her mouth came off my dick with a loud pop, releasing suction.

"Later, you hungry girl! Later! First we need to go shopping for some sex toys."

"Oh, I have sex toys! I have all kinds of dildos and vibrators. Even anal plugs!"

"Those are not the toys I have in mind." I said with an evil grin.

She looked confused. "What are we going to buy?"

"Blind folds, hand cuffs, ankle cuffs, teasers..."

"Teasers? What are teasers?"

"Light bondage stuff. Just to tickle and get the senses going."

She started licking her chops. "Let's do it. I'll get dressed."

"Not so fast!" I said. "You've been an exhibitionist driving me insane since the day I came here. You're going to be the exhibitionist I want you to be when we go out shopping for sex toys!"

"OK, boss!" she said. "What do you want me to wear?" She looked and read my smile and got the message. "Or not to wear?"

"Wear the tightest and shortest miniskirt you have with a semi-transparent top. No bras, no panties"

"Yes, sir! No problem, I'll get right to it."

"That's not all. Wear a garter belt and stockings. But make sure your skirt is so high that the top of your stockings are clearly out in the open and the straps of the garter belt is showing!"

"In broad daylight?"

"Yep! And one more thing..."

"What?" she snapped. I think I was pushing her limits. But I pressed on.

"Put on the brightest, reddest lipstick you have!"

"But I'll look like a slut!"


She looked at me with a stare as she accepted my dare and headed on upstairs to her bedroom.

I was still erect when she came down a short few minutes later. I blew a whistle as she came down. She turned around with her arms out making a full circle. She looked absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to fuck her right then and there.

"Come her let me inspect you!"

She walked over with a sexy smile.

"Did I choose well?"

"Lacy tops on your stockings, color matching your skirt and garter belt? And your areolas and nipple clearly identifiable under your top? Well done!" I said as I ordered her for an inspection.

"Turn around and bend over at the waist and let me see how your pussy would flash an innocent passerby."

She complied and bent over for me. Her ass cheeks were squeezing her puffy pussy lips into a beautiful peach display. Her inner lips protruding out for just a picture-perfect pussy, inviting me. I wanted to reward her for complying so willingly.

"Stay bent and open your legs. I want to see if you're wet enough to fuck!"

She opened her legs without looking back at me. But I could read the apprehension in her body language. I positioned myself behind her, brought my erection to her pussy, probing, testing the opening, and pushed hard and shoved my dick all the way in.

"Aaooow!" She yelped with delight. I gave her a very fast and very hard few pumps grabbing her sides for support... And pulled out.

"Good girl!"

"You know you can't keep working me up, and then stop as you please!" she said frustrated.

"Yes, I can, and I will continue to torture you. And when I decide you can have your orgasm, it'll be the most fantastic orgasm you will have in recorded history." with a reassuring smile.

"Is that a promise?" she asked with a nervous chuckle.

"Yes, it is. Let me get dressed quickly in a t-shirt and shorts and we'll get in the car and go shopping"

She handed me the keys as soon as I came down. "I'm too worked up. My knees are weak. You drive."

We got in her car. "Is there a nearby sex shop?"

"There's one at the other end of the town. I'll direct you as you drive. But I'm starting to get hungry. It's been a while since we had breakfast."

"Fair enough. Let's go to a shopping mall with a food court. I want people to see you like this. And you can flash some guys and some women too. Show off your perfectly shaved bald pussy."

She blushed and closed her legs together not with embarrassment, but with ecstasy.

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