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Husband discovers the truth and takes action- conclusion.

I felt his cock swell even larger inside me, exploding with cum at the same moment that he sunk his teeth into my neck, drinking from me again. The pulling sensation of blood leaving me was deeply satisfying, and yet this was the third time I had been drunk from that evening. My body was still thudding from the orgasm I'd just had as my light headedness dwindled to dark, the lights of the kitchen looking farther and farther away. Theo didn't pull away though, still pumping into my body, and the black consumed me entirely.

I awoke to soft pillows and a gentle stroking of my hair. I kept my eyes closed, rolling back into the person who was spooning me. I sighed contentedly, feeling one hundred percent comfortable at that moment. The person behind me shifted away from me, calling my name. I snuggled closer, pulling the warm, naked body closer to mine.

"Lana, Lana! Are you awake?"

I shook my head, uninterested in getting out of this fantastic bed, and I heard a familiar chuckle. I opened my eyes to see Theo propped up behind me on one elbow, clearly relieved. I remembered the amazing sex, and then, oh yeah. I winked at him.

"Did you think you'd drained me?"

"Oh Lana," Theo pressed his face into my neck, breathing deeply. "I don't know why, but I lose my control with you! You just tear it right away from me."

"So it would seem!" I laughed, sitting up, feeling a rush of light headedness. "Whoa." Theo caught me, holding me upright, as he reached for a glass of water.

"I am really sorry about that, but you honestly taste amazing. And you feel amazing. Mmmmm," he groaned, rubbing himself against me, "you really do feel amazing."

I chuckled, drinking the whole glass at once. Suddenly I had a terrifying thought.

"Inga! Is she okay? What's going on? How long has it been?!" I jumped off the couch, looking for my clothing. I slipped on my panties and pulled my dress over my head, forgetting the bra.

"It's fine, Lana. They're fine. I think Inga even got a chance to have a nap herself. She told me she's feeling great."

"Well I need to go see them. I can't believe I got so distracted!" Theo chuckled and pulled me against his naked body. He was warm and tossled, and I felt my heart clench just a little bit at the comforting feel of his body against mine. He placed a chaste kiss on my lips, then one on my forehead. Then one slightly less chaste on my lips and I pushed away from him.

"I see what you're doing, buddy! Don't you even try that with me!" I smiled and pushed past him into the hall, up the stairs to the bathroom where I had left Inga and Lux. I knocked softly and followed the call to come in.

"Hey there, how's it going?"

Inga looked up and me smiling peacefully, and Lux jumped in. "It's great! We've been doing like you said, breathing and relaxing through the contractions, and we feel wonderful!" I smiled at his enthusiasm, glad to see him open up a little bit and become a part of the process.

"Inga, do you think I could give you an exam? I just want to know how close you are to delivering."

Inga nodded a moment, concentrated on moving through her contraction, and I grabbed the second of the sterile gloves, pulling it on and waiting for a pause between contractions, at which point I put my hand in the tub, down between her legs to do an exam.

"Wow! How are you feeling? It looks to me like you have got to be nine, almost ten centimeters! I got back here just in time! Are you feeling like you need to push at all?" Inga shook her head, and I nodded. "Well, are you comfortable the way you are, or would you prefer to move at all?"

"I'd like.... ooooooohhhhhh" She was cut off by a contraction so I waited, massaging the muscles around her shoulders. When the contraction had gone she started again, "I'd like to stand up, but... I'd like to stay in the water."

I thought for a moment, then asked, "What about squatting? Can you imagine that feeling good?"

Inga nodded, and Lux and I helped her to move into a squatting position.

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