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Matthew and Greg hit it off.

"Just relax", you say, "You are going to enjoy this".

I feel your hand reach into my underwear and pull my cock out. Your hand moves away then back again. As it slides down my cock, I feel something covering it. "I found a condom machine in the ladies room, I thought it might be useful in keeping your pants dry", you whisper. Given the current circumstances, it only takes you a few strokes up and down my cock, before I am filling it with my juices.

I relax back into the seat to try to catch my breath. I feel you remove the condom. As I watch, you tie it in a knot and slip it into your pocket. Your hand returns to my cock with a napkin to wipe off the remaining residue. I feel you tuck me back inside my underwear and pull up my zipper. "I guess we should finish our drinks now", you say.

The waitress returns as we get to the bottom of our glasses. "Can I get you anything else", she asks. "Just the check", I respond. I am left to pay the bill, ponder what just happened and plan my "revenge".

As we drive home, I pull your hand into mine and intertwine my fingers with yours. "Did you enjoy dinner?" I ask. "I sure did. That dessert you had, looked really good. I hope I can get a taste of that sometime soon." you reply. "That can probably be arranged." I reply,

After entering the house, I pull you close for a kiss. It starts off gentle, but after just a few seconds, we can't get enough of each other and our tongues are battling inside each other's mouths. You excuse yourself to go to the bathroom again. "I just need to freshen up," you say. I pour each of us a drink and then move to the couch to wait for you.

When you join me in the living room, I am pleasantly surprised to see that you have removed your jacket and pants and your body now appears to be covered only by your blouse. As you move closer, I realize this is not quite true. Thanks to at least one less button being fastened, I can see the lace on the top of your black bra cups peering out of the neckline of your blouse. I also see the outline of your black lace thong through your shirttail. The black heels on you feet continue to emphasize your beautiful legs and feet.

You snuggle close to me as you sit on the couch, reaching to pull my lips to yours. Our tongues resume their battle. I move my hand to gently caress your throat and then down into the top of your blouse. As I move my fingertips across you bra cups, I can feel your erect nipples inside. I slide my fingers into your bra freeing your right breast. As I take the nipple between my fingers your body shudders and a long moan escapes your lips.

I break our kiss and move my mouth to your bare nipple. I tease it with the tip of my tongue and then move to take it in my lips. After my lips have captured it, I gently pull away, stretching it before setting it free. As I move my lips back to it once more, you pull my head closer forcing it deeper into my mouth. I free your other breast from your bra and suck your nipple erect. I then move my mouth back and forth between your nipples sucking and teasing them.

Undoing just a few more buttons, I lay you blouse open. I start to kiss my way from your breasts across your stomach toward the top of your panties. Along the way my tongue darts into your belly button. Continuing downward, I run my tongue along the edge of your panties. My lips move further down, covering your panties with soft kisses. As I am about to reach your most sensitive spot, I pull and come back up to kiss your lips once more.

After a few shared kisses, I lay you back on the couch. Moving to the foot of the couch, I run my fingers gently down your legs. I take your left foot into my hands and pull it towards my mouth. I kiss the tops of your toes then run my tongue into the gap between your toes and your shoe. As I move my mouth back to your toes I reach to undo the ankle strap of your sandal. As I pull it loose from your foot I use my tongue to caress the bottom of your foot.

Once I have completely covered your left foot with kisses, I gently

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