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Moving out.

'Ya' said Marco, a nano-second later, with a fake posh accent and we cracked up in a fit of boyish giggles. Two twenty-two year old kids.

As if all that had happened at peanut-brain's hadn't been enough, when I got home after dropping Marco off another awesome thing happened. Not in the same league of awesomeness as with Lucy. But still awesome.

What happened was, after I'd got back to my place, I went to use the toilet. Well, not right away because first I'd gone straight to my room. Usually I'd go to the living room and have a chat with my flatmate before crashing out. Either that or go to the kitchen with good intentions of washing up the dirty plates in the sink. Not that I actually ever did that.

But tonight the lights were off and everything was dark and quiet. Eric must have crashed early. I knew he wasn't out cos I'd seen his boots by the front door when I'd come in. Well, caught a whiff of them actually. To be honest about it.

I didn't want to wake Eric so I'd gone straight to my room, stripped off and got into bed, lying looking up at the ceiling, grinning with self-satisfaction.

I felt like I was floating on air.

Then I couldn't resist it. I messaged Lucy.

I didn't get a reply, not straight away. I don't know if I even expected one to be honest. She was probably asleep. I just wanted to keep the contact going I suppose. But anyway, not entirely sure of what to say I wrote 'That was awesome. Thanks. Hope we get to catch up again sometime' then pressed send.

Then I felt like a right bozo.

Because straight away the screen of my phone lit up. It was a number I didn't know. But I kind of had a feeling about who it was. I opened the message anyway.

'She's asleep' it read.


Peanut-brain. He wasn't as stupid as I gave him credit for.

What was I thinking? Lucy was Toby's girlfriend. Toby with the posh talk and the posh flat and the chiselled body. Toby with loads of money. Toby the rugger-boy. With the impressive cock.

The guy who'd just caught me out.

So what? I told myself. I'm just being polite and saying thanks. And I shrugged it off and lay back again, hands behind my head, dreaming of Lucy. Lucy with the shaven haven. What was it about girls with brazilians? Women girls, I mean - not little girls. I wasn't interested in little girls. I'm not a pervert.

But girls - women - with shaved pussies. Something so sexy about that. Well, mostly. And I thought about Lucy's pussy, that smooth hairless honey pot I'd dipped my tongue in, pushed my fingers in, tasted, licked.

I could still taste it now, licking my lips as I pulled on my hardening meat. But then a pain pressed forth from my bladder and told me I had to piss.

Thoughts of Lucy's vagina weren't going to disappear. So, I put them on hold while I got up and shuffled along in the dark to the bathroom, my semi-erection swinging from side to side along with the motion.

The door to the bathroom was shut but I could see the light was on. It usually was at night; one of those unsaid agreements between flatmates who regularly got up in the night to take a leek.

So, I arrived at the door and pushed it open and walked in. With my cock already in hand.

Well, I'm sure you can guess what happened. Yep. My eyes were too busy adjusting to the light. I didn't even seen her. Not until she shrieked. I stopped, surprised, in my tracks, standing bollock-naked with my engorged half-hard cock in my hand ... looking at the biggest pair of knockers I've ever seen.

She was topless and she was sat on the toilet. Her face was a picture; eyes wide open in surprise, mouth gaping in shock at the sudden intrusion.

'Oh, hello ...' I said raising my gaze upward and trying not to sound too flustered 'I'm Eric's flatmate' and like a complete nob held out my hand for her to shake.

She looked incredulous, shaking her head, covering her tits with her arms, staring at the cock jigging in front of her, pointing towards her tits.

She was about thirty I reckon. Quite nice looking in a rotund sort of way.

'Earth calling E

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