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Lesbian/non consent older woman ravages a younger woman.

It was just a story.

The incoming storm was very real and Krulak had never known a man to just disappear into the snow and never be found. They always showed up after the first thaw, he had known men who'd frozen to death thinking they could handle a storm. It wasn't really a choice. He lowered his head and starting putting one foot in front of the other.

The storm was far faster than Krulak had expected, he should have been back at the cabin before it even started snowing but it had crept upon him silently. It was when he was almost exactly halfway between the tiny cave and his cabin that it overtook him. He'd been storms before but nothing like this, it seemed like it was something alive actively working to block his path and confound him at every turn. Krulak grumbled, going back wasn't an option but he could hardly tell which was forward. He only knew that stopping wasn't an option. He might have survived in the cave, he'd have no chance of surviving if he didn't find some kind of shelter.

Time took on a strange pace in the white flurries. He wasn't sure if he'd spent minutes or hours pushing forward in the hopes of finding shelter. There was nothing his footsteps to tell Krulak how much time had passed. It was a frightening sensation to be in the middle of a storm and yet his finger tips felt like they were sizzling. So did his toes. Krulak's legs were starting to get heavy and he was sweating. He wanted to strip down but he knew better. He knew he had to keep pushing on no matter how badly it hurt and how much he wanted to just curl up and rest his eyes for just a bit.

Then he could see a cabin, it wasn't his. At least he didn't think it was his. His wife, Susan, should have been awake and the fires should have been burning but this cabin looked larger than his but no smoke was rising from the cabin. Maybe it was abandoned. Krulak tried to rack his brain for any empty cabins in the area but he couldn't think of any but he also wasn't sure where he was and he'd die if he didn't find shelter soon.

The snow was suddenly much more intense blocking his vision enough that he had to walk all the way around the building twice before he could find the door. When he did find the door he had to search for the knob for and when he finally found it he collapsed across the threshold.

"God I was starting to think you were dead." Krulak wasn't sure how he felt about the fact that he wasn't dead. Everything ached nd he could see anything. He was aware that he was missing his clothing and he was in a bed. Next to someone, someone female. She wasn't Krulak's wife either. His wife wasn't that well endowed and her stomach was softer from child birth. "You barely made it here." Her breath was hot against his shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"I think so." Krulak groaned slightly turning to get a look at her. Never in his life had he seen a woman with skin as fair as hers or hair quite so long and black. "Wow." She blushed in response. "Where am I?"

"My cabin, when you broke in I thought you were a burglar but they don't usually pass out about to freeze to death." She coiled her leg around his waste. Krulak couldn't tell if it was intentional or not but her smooth calf was brushing against his maleness. "I dragged you in here and. . .revived you."

Krulak was certainly feeling something stirring and coming to life. He wished he could just will it down but she moved her leg just a bit. "I'm sorry what's your name?" Krulak turned his attention to the ceiling, he wasn't sure if he could keep looking into her oddly green eyes. He hadn't decided if they were disturbing or alluring but he knew he had to look away or he'd risk being trapped in there forever.

"My name is Aisizu." She replied. She let her hand move across his chest tracing the remnants of his pecs. He was still in good shape, the deep creases that he'd had before settling down were still there just beneath the surface. "We should make sure your blood flow is proper."

Aisizu had stradled his waist before he fully understood what

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