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Daniel has hypnotized a woman to be a sexual superhero.

"Fuck me Duncan. Harder. YES! YES! YES! YES!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." I could feel her cumming as much as I heard her. Her pussy clamped down hard on my cock as she came hard and continued to fill the room with her screams. I was sure someone would hear us but I did not care all that mattered was riding out her orgasm. I barely made it. I pulled my dick out of her and pumped until I came all over her sexy ass tits. I moaned loudly as I unloaded all over her amazing body. I sat down next to her on the bench. We began kissing once more. This time slower more deliberate.

"That was amazing! I really needed that." She finally said to me holding my face close to hers.

"Me too! You have no idea."

"Why is that?"

"Just nervous my show is premiering tomorrow night." She pulled away her eyes wide in surprise.

"Oh Duncan! I'm so sorry. I had completely forgotten."

"It's okay I know you're busy."

"How about if I try to get a later flight out and go with you as your date?"

"You would do that? That would be amazing!"

"Of course I would. Anything for the guy who gives me the best orgasms ever!"

"Oh really I had no idea I was the best."

"What can I say you know how to fuck me right?" We both laughed.

"I would love for you to come with me tomorrow."

"Well it's all set then. Except now I'm in need of another shower because you could not help cumming on my tits. AGAIN!! Care to join me?" I just smiled and let her pull me along under the shower once more.

About fifteen minutes later I walked into the lobby of my building and nodded towards James who simply nodded and gave me a knowing wink. I reached my apartment and got in bed right away.


The following evening I had put on one of my favorite suits and looked great. I was pretty nervous as I had expected but knowing I would be spending the evening with Margot kind of made me feel better. There was of course no chance of there being anything serious between us, but maybe that is why I enjoyed her company so much. Romantic involvement was really the last thing on my mind at this point of my life. I took the elevator down to the garage and entered my brand new BMW M9. There was no way in hell that I could even afford this car. Kanye had gifted it to me after we had wrapped the season. When I had picked up the script the year before I had no idea how much this project meant to him. The show was called M.A.D.D DOGG RECORDS and followed three childhood friends as they tried to build a music empire from the ground up. It was fascinating to write. I had avoided seeing the final cut until tonight. Wanting to see it for the first time with an audience was something I wanted to experience.
I left the building and made my way towards Margot's hotel. The car was so great to drive and handled beautifully across the streets of L.A. It was a beautiful night as they often were. L.A truly did spoil you in that department as well as the beautiful women I thought as I saw two incredible beauties jogging in short spandex shorts. I smiled appreciatively.

Arriving at Margot's hotel I left the car with the valet and called her from my cellphone. She asked me to wait for her in the lobby that she was almost ready. I found a comfortable seat and waited near the elevators. They finally dinged and as the doors opened I realized that there are some joys in life. None more joyous than seeing a beautiful woman dressed to the nines and walking towards you. Margot looked stunning. She was wearing a sleeveless knee length yellow dress with a plunging neck line. My mouth instantly went dry. She let her hair down and her smile simply perfected the vision that she was. She hugged me and her perfume was so sweet. I held out my hand and she grabbed it as I escorted her outside to the front of the hotel. I told the valet I wouldn't be long so the car showed up not long after.

"This is yours? Did you rob a BMW dealership or something?" She asked me laughing.


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