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A guy turned into his girlfriend's couch slave.

"I was getting hard just thinking about them and that cute little ass of yours." She felt the tears coming to her eyes: "Please don't" she pleaded.

"Now you know I love it when you whine. Let's go somewhere comfortable. Oh yeah, Lets go upstairs. I know where there is a really comfy bed. And I have some really neat toys with me this time. "She looked down at the bag on the floor realizing for the first time that it was there. He picked up the bag, and grabbed her arm and spun her around to face the stairs. Then he shoved her towards them.

As she began to take the steps to her bedroom, she realized she had her long button up night shirt on and he could see straight up the back as she went up in front of him. He reached up and rubbed her ass..."mmmmm...nice view. Were you getting ready for me? Hmmmm? "

She was silent and kept climbing....13...14 steps. At the top she tried to run but he grabbed her shirt and she tripped and fell. He mounted her and ask.."Right here is fine with me but I thought you'd prefer the bed." "Please don't do this," she pleaded again. I won't tell anyone if you'll just leave. I promise. I didn't tell before. "

"Shut up" he growled and shoved her into the bedroom. She fell onto the bed and her shirt gapped open where he had ripped it open. Janey reached down and tried to cover herself. He moved over her and pushed her hands away. "I need you now and then we'll talk" He roughly pulled her shirt off and exposed her bare body. He grabbed her breast and then noticed the scars.

"Hey look. You wear my own personal brand. Kinda neat huh?"

He kept using the word 'neat'. It reminded her of someone else but she couldn't remember who. He bent down over her breast and licked the scar.

"You're mine" he mumbled.

"No I'm not yours" she cried out.

"That's good. I like it rough too and the more you resist the more turned on I am." He reached down and unsnapped his pants and pushed them down. Then he reached down and rubbed himself and pushed it into her wetness.

"Why was she wet? She wondered. He didn't turn her on? Did he? NO! She screamed to herself. He laughed again and said, "So the lady missed me after all?"

He stroked her pussy and then inserted his finger feeling his way into her vagina and stroking her clit. She could feel her body betraying her and heating up. She moved a little and he stroked harder. She couldn't help but respond. She felt her body moving in rhythm with his stroking. ...up down up down. Then she felt herself climbing, exhilarated, and writhing under him. As she was about to climax he stopped and retrieved his penis.

He placed his hardness at the door of her pussy and pushed it into her wet hairy cunt. Then he reached in and continued to rub her clit as he rocked back and forth on her. She felt her body climbing again. Her breathe coming in spasms now. Breathing deep and hard. With every stroke he plunged deeper into her. And then she cried out and came in hard spasmodic waves, He felt her body reach its peak and felt the explosion inside her as she squirted out her cum onto his cock as his cock willingly soaked up the wetness from her, filling her with pleasure and fear.

What would he think of her. He probably thought she enjoyed it; she did. It sickened her. He moved off her and threw her ripped shirt at her saying" clean yourself up slut." I've got a friend coming over later." "What? What do you mean?" He laughed and said "don't worry. She's a surprise I think you'll like. So I can share this with my friends. Wouldn't you like to be a facebook star??

"No she cried out. You can't..."

"Oh but I can" he interrupted. "I can do anything I want with you. You're mine whenever I want you. Don't you understand that yet? Baby you and I are going to be together for a long,long time. I'll bet you'll even invite me to move in with you at some point. Yeah, that would be cool and then you could have supper ready for me every night and treat my friends to a freebie once in a while."

"Are you delus

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