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Daddy critiques her party costume. He likes it. A lot.

Maria saw him and waved him over. The man pulled the mower over to the steps and got off.

"Davey, how goes the work today?" Maria asked politely.

"Oh pretty good Maria, just got done with this one, number 7 and 8 still need doing, but I'm going to take care of that tomorrow morning." Davey said.

"Well, that's good, I know I can always count on you" Maria said smiling.

"By the way, these are our newest tenants, Teresa and Mark, this is Davey, our grounds keeper and in general genius Mr. Fixit, if anything ever goes wrong, he knows what needs to be done." Maria said introducing the pair.

Teresa and Mark both shook his hand and greeted him.

"Well, I best be putting my stuff up, gonna be dark soon and I still need to get the pool cleaned a bit, it was nice to meet you Teresa and you Mark, I hope you enjoy your stay here." Davey said good-naturedly smiling.

Both smiled back likely the young man immediately with his quiet confidence and charm.

Getting back on his mower he drove down the lane.

"Well, shall we?" Maria indicated with a wave of her hand once the door was unlocked for them to go inside.

Once inside Mark and Teresa couldn't believe their eyes, the place was huge, this wasn't just a place to spend the night, this was a whole house.

Mark blinked at first, then walked back outside to look at the bungalows structure, then walked back inside, he felt as if his mind was playing tricks on him. The inside just didn't fit right with the outside, shaking his head he just suddenly felt a calm settle over him when he crossed through the door, it still felt weird, the dimensions of the structure, but he suddenly didn't mind, and put it to the heat and tiredness.

Teresa was of the same mind, the place looked so small outside and now it was very spacious, with a large living room, a full kitchen and a long hallway just from what she could see standing inside the small space near the front door.

"Do you like it?" Maria asked.

"Well, yes, it's absolutely amazing, but..." Teresa said trailing off.

"Yes?" Maria asked politely wearing a knowing smile.

"It just seems too good to be true" Mark laughed.

Maria giggled and led them deeper in, showing them 3 bedrooms and a large walk in shower and tub in the master bedroom, with 47" TV's in each bedroom and a 54" in the living room.

"Wow, this place must rent for a few hundred a night, this is more like a house from Better Homes and Gardens then a hotel" Teresa said awed at what she was seeing.

"Well we do try to make our property as much like home as possible, it's what makes us unique." Maria said winking.

"Well, if you are hungry just dial 935 on the phone and place your order, the girls usually have it ready in 30 -- 45 minutes, they are very good chefs. Julie and Shana are two of the best in the business." Maria said.

"I am rather hungry babe, lets order some and when we get out of the shower we can relax and have a good meal." Mark said.

"That sounds good to me." Teresa said grinning at her man.

Maria told them to make themselves at home and took their orders with a notepad quickly scribbling down what they wanted, nothing fancy, just burgers and fries, and smiling, said she would return soon with their order.

When she left Teresa suddenly realized, she hadn't paid for the room, given her credit card information, she hadn't even told the woman her name!

"Babe..." Teresa turned to Mark.

Apparently Mark had come to the same conclusion as he had a confused look on his face.

"I didn't tell her my name, or pay for anything..." Mark said frowning.

"Me either, what the hell is going on here?" Teresa said

Mark shook himself and decided a shower and the woman of his dreams was more important now than anything else.

"Well we'll figure it out later, right now I'm wanting to see that body of yours all wet and soaped up more than I care about finding out if I'm in the Twilight Zone or not.

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