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Conclusions and the Tradition.


"Yes," he answered. I could hear the embarrassment in his voice.

I pulled the white panties Julie was wearing, thankful they weren't a pair of mine, down to his knees then cupped his balls and cock. "Her clit is rock hard. I think she likes being called a sissy slut," I said as I lightly squeezed them.

I spread the lube around Jeff's ass hole then dipped my finger inside. His tight ass gripped my finger and sucked it in deeper. Jeff moaned softly as I pushed the finger in further.

"Such a slut," I said as I slid my finger completely into his ass and rubbed against his prostate gland causing him to moan. I winked at Franco then pulled my finger out guickly. Jeff gasped then groaned at the feeling of emptiness. "Don't worry slut, something much bigger is headed your way."

Franco moved into position and I stood next to him. I spread Jeff's ass and revealed the rose bud hidden between the fleshy cheeks. I could feel my juices dripping down my thighs as Franco filled Jeff's ass with his cock. My number one fantasy was coming true and I was giddy with anticipation.

"He's too big!" Jeff cried out as the thick cock slowly pushed into him.

"You can handle it, my anal slut. Remember what that call girl taught you," I replied as I massaged his ass cheek. "Take it all in so he can fuck you then you can fuck me."

Jeff replied with a groan but did it. A strong thrust from Franco finished the job and his cock was fully encased in Jeff's ass. He started to fuck the tight hole slowly.

"How does his pussy feel?"

"So very tight," Franco answered as he continued to move in and out. The huge smile on his face left no doubt as to whether or not he was enjoying it.

"Julie, you should see him fucking you. It is so hot," I said as I reached under him to caress his cock. "Oh my, your clit is so hard and you're so wet. My hand feels like it is gliding over water."

With my other hand I squeezed and teased Franco's nipples. He moaned his appreciation as he started to fuck Jeff faster.

I was in heaven but didn't want to be left out of the fun. "Roll Julie over so I can ride her."

Franco pulled out so Jeff could roll onto his back. He put Jeff's ankles on his shoulders then slid his cock back into his ass with ease. I straddled Jeff's hips while he held his cock in position so I could slide my pussy onto it.

"Oh yeah," Jeff and I moaned together. His cock inside me was just what I needed. Franco reached around me and cupped my huge breasts as he continued to fuck Jeff's ass, using my breasts as handles. Jeff watched me bounce up and down on his cock, his hands resting on my hips to help control my motions.

"Julie, you're so sexy in that dress," I cooed. "I can't wait to get you into some of my other clothes. And buy you some lingerie so you look pretty when I fuck your ass or when we have company like Franco."

"Oh god Nan," Jeff gasped. "I'm going to come!"

"Come before me and Franco will come in my ass then you will eat my ass and lick up all his cum," I threatened. Jeff closed his eyes as he tried to think about anything but orgasming. I reached out and started playing with Jeff's moobs. I found the nipples and tugged on them.

"Oh...fuck!" Jeff cried out as he filled my pussy with several strong bursts of cum.

Franco pulled out just as Jeff started to come so he didn't accidentally come too. I let Jeff finish then laid across his chest. "Naughty girl! But I don't mind Franco filling my ass with the cum that should have been yours."

Jeff helplessly watched my face as Franco spread my cheeks then slid his cock into my ass with ease. "Oh god, he's so fucking big. No wonder you came so hard so fast. Too bad your clit is all floppy and soft now. Franco is left on his own to do the job."

"Nan!" Jeff exclaimed as his face turned a bright red.

"Hush girl or I will make you wear that dress for the rest of the weekend," I said then moaned as Franco drove his cock fully into my ass. He started moving faster, his balls slapping against me.

Jeff tried to kiss me as I got reamed on top of him.

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