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A brother and sister find each other.

"Louder," Kyle said. "Don't make me ask it again. They better hear you in the next fucking cell block."

James took in a breath, slanting his eyes down toward the ground, not wanting to look at them. "I'm a faggot cock slut and I love having my ass fucked!" he exclaimed, to the whole room. The room immediately erupted into laughter and raucous comments.

"Good slut," Kyle said. "Now get undressed and get into the shower blocks."

Kyle stepped away, getting undressed smoothly and quickly, leaving James to his own devices.

James lingered, hoping that if he just took long enough, he would somehow be able to avoid whatever was coming next. However, Kyle didn't wait for him, leaving the room, and James became increasingly aware of the men staring at him. Suddenly, he felt unsafe. More unsafe than he felt with Kyle, somehow. He finished undressing hurriedly, aware of the eyes raking his flesh, swallowing as he hurried after Kyle before he was gang raped in the changing room. A fate which he felt sure he would be punished for.

Kyle was already under the water, and James had to admit that he was magnificent. He stopped, staring for a moment, watching the water sluice over smooth, muscular skin. Normally, he would never stare like that, but Kyle had fucked him. Kyle had dominated him thoroughly. When Kyle turned, James got a magnificent view of that thick cock, and he wondered how something like that had ever fit inside him. Kyle chuckled.

"And you say you're not a faggot," he said.

James flushed, deeply. The comment immediately sent his gaze back to the floor. Other men showering eyed him with a predatory gaze. James stepped toward Kyle without even having to be told.

Kyle shoved James under the spray of water with some soap. "Get clean. Quickly," he said. The water was lukewarm, but James did as he was told, scrubbing quickly. He didn't want to be punished over something so simple.

When Kyle decided that James was clean enough, he shoved the boy out of the way. "Kneel," he said. "Wait on your knees until I'm done."

James looked down at the scummy floor, his face twisting. He looked at Kyle, not quite believing the order, and was met with a hard backhand for not obeying immediately. His head snapped to the side. Immediately, he fell to his knees, trying to avoid more. He licked his lips, surprised when there was no blood. The blow had stung.

Kyle washed himself. Men filtered in and out of the shower, leering at James, kneeling next to Kyle's feet. Kyle reached for the shower head. He unscrewed the head slowly, and the hose came free, still spraying water. James watched, confused - was he allowed to do that? What was he doing it for?

"Get on your hands and knees," Kyle said, moving behind James, the hose in hand.

James looked behind him, still confused, but he did as he was told. Then, he felt something at his hole, and he realised what was happening as Kyle slid the hose inside him.

"No!" James yelped, reaching behind him to dislodge the hose. He could already feel the water gushing into him, a little too warm to be comfortable.

"You little shit," Kyle said, as James tried to pull the hose free. He reached a hand between James' legs and squeezed his balls hard.

James screamed, immediately slapping his hand back onto the gross tiled floor, retching. The pain was so sudden and so intense that he couldn't cope with it, black hovering at the edges of his vision. As soon as he stopped trying to resist, Kyle stopped squeezing his balls, but the pain lingered.

"You'll stay right where you are until I come and get you," Kyle said, just watching for a moment.

James whimpered.

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