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Sherri admires her sleeping friend.

It was a deal.

Last month was our 9th monthly visit from my husbands lover. I don't call her Donna anymore. If I'm allowed to speak to her, its "My Man's Lover."

My Man's Lover has also become much more open with her sexuality. For 24 hours, my man makes her feel like a goddess. I know how this feels, so its actually a turn-on for me to watch him treat her this way. She knows he loves anal so she now is comfortable offering her asshole to him by dildoing it first, gaping it out, and teasing his cock with her winking sphincter. The first time she did this, he almost came instantly. While he spread her hole even wider with his fingers and licked the inner rim of her ass, I was on my knees sucking the cum from his cock.

It was that same night that I did her laundry. She thought it would be exciting to have my man plug both my ass and pussy while I did her laundry. With my holes stretched and plugged, I started taking the laundry basket downstairs when my man caught sight of her panties on top of the pile. He stopped me and playfully picked one off the top of the heap to smell. Apparently he liked the smell of her pussy a lot.

Remember? This is where we started.

Today, I have been directed to pick up some groceries, wine, laundry detergent, and a $200 gift card to Lane Bryant so My Man's Lover can buy herself more lingerie for my man to fuck her in. I have some sexy pieces I wear around the house sometimes as well. I'm sure he is looking forward to two attractive women, lounging around in practically nothing, worshiping his cock.

By the time I get home, My Man's Lover was already in the shower. We keep a drawer of hygiene products for her, along with a douche and enema she can use to keep herself sparkly clean. I arrive just in time to offer her a warm towel, fresh from the dryer. I am greeted with a huge smile, a warm naked hug, and kiss on the cheek. She wraps a towel around her head and heads out to the kitchen. Her red painted toes travel barefoot across my kitchen floor and into my mans arms. He reaches down to squeeze her ass cheek and I watch his finger slide up and disappear into her hole. She squirms and lets out a giggle.

"I just can't seem to keep your kinky man's fingers out of my ass!" she says with a playful smile. Wiggling herself away, she takes the towel from her head and shakes her hair out loose. My man and I are both still clothed but she has no problem walking around my kitchen, with her large breasts and thick hips and ass. His eyes are glued to her ass. Without even looking up, he let's me know what's on his mind.

"Braid her hair for me please, my love. Oh, how I enjoy pulling it tight as I impale her." He disappears to the bathroom to take his shower.

"I have to say it's been a busy month! My daughter was sick for a few days and I had to keep her home from school. I miss her so much during the time she is with her father but I have to say that my first night spent after leaving her, with you guys, is what keeps me sane. I feel a sense of relaxation and renewal that I have never been able to find anywhere else. I truly appreciate and adore both of you." My Man's Lover confides.

We've heard this before. Her display of gratitude is another reason I enjoy being her servant for a night. It's also the reason I actually become so turned on watching my man pleasuring her and how I can allow her to please him. She's endearing.

When my man returns, he sits naked on the couch and leans back with his hands behind his head to signify the end of his work week and the beginning of his fun. "Come here Donna. Sit on my lap and tell me how horny you've been for me this past month."

Still nude, she climbs upon his lap and sits on her knees facing him.

His hands on each of her breasts, she begins to tell him of a masturbation scenario while he lifts them, separates each one of them, then puts his lips around a nipple.

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