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Plagued by work, can they close the distance?

Iris was forty, single, and content to live alone, although she could most likely have company anytime she wished. Jenny and Ray had often commented on Iris' stunning beauty and flawless figure. Jenny was quite sure that, had she not been in the picture, Ray would have been all over Iris in a heartbeat. Hell, even Jenny had imagined Iris and her together a few times. The two shopped together often and Jenny had many opportunities to check out Iris' toned form while they tried on outfits in fitting rooms. If Ray had seen what Jenny had of Iris' hot body, he would have passed out from blood loss to his brain with the rush to his dick!

"Hey, girl!" Iris said as she walked through the foyer and into the kitchen. She was holding a plastic carafe and set it on the grey countertop by the oven. "Thought I'd bring some coffee over and see what you were up to since Ray-boy had to work today. How was Christmas with the kiddies?" Iris asked as she grabbed a coffee mug from the cupboard and poured some java from the carafe she brought with her from next door. Iris always brewed the best coffee, a Turkish blend that smelled and tasted like Heaven to Jenny.

"Oh, it was fine." Jenny replied. "The twins had to get back to college for some party and Ray Jr. has a new girlfriend that he wants to spend time with, so he didn't stay long. You know kids."

"Yeah," Iris said, not really knowing about kids since she had none. But she did know dogs and her and Bentley were as good friends as her and Jenny were. The chubby bulldog woofed once to get Iris' attention and the neighbor lady responded to her furry friend.

"Bentley!" Iris said to the dog as she moved to the hallway leading to the living room. "Come see me, big guy!" The eager bulldog stood up on the couch and moved to jump off, stepping on the TV remote and pressing the 'OK' button, resuming the lesbian porno that Jenny had paused a few minutes ago. The living room filled with the sounds of sex and moaning, puzzling Iris. "What IS that?!" Iris asked Jenny as she walked to the spacious front room to see what the strange sounds were. "What are you watching?"

"Iris," Jenny said quickly as she tried to stop her neighbor from going to the living room. "Don't worry about th..." she was cut off by the sound of Iris's breath suddenly gasping in to her mouth and lungs.

"Oh, my..." Iris said as she stared at the large flat screen TV. Two women were straddling each other in a sixty-nine position and their tongues were working one another's pink pussies. Iris stood mesmerized at the xxx-rated show on Jenny's TV, her mouth half agape and eyes as big as saucers.

"Iris, Ray had downloaded... I was just trying to figure out... You know how guys are he..." Jenny stammered as she tried to think up an excuse. Her face turned as red as the decorations on her Christmas tree. "Iris, I'm sorry... I..."

Iris cut Jenny off as she tried to apologize. "No apology necessary..." Iris told her as she continued to watch the sex act on television. "There's nothing wrong with watching a little porn now and then. Or a lot, for that matter. It's still a free country, right?" she asked Jenny rhetorically. Iris hand went to her throat and the charm hanging from her necklace. She twisted it between her fingers as her eyes stayed transfixed on the living room screen.

"Iris..." Jenny started again but was stopped short once more.


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