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International student works hard for her grades.

She heard keys in the door and knew that Jesse had stayed with Terrence. The shorter girl hummed to herself as she threw down her purse and strolled into the kitchen.

"Damn, you look like who lost I found. What happened to you? Was it Hot Chocolate? 'Cause I can take care of him..."

"No, I just had a bad dream is all."

"Really? You had bad ones the last couple nights, too. You sure it's not him? I can get Terrence to straighten his freak ass out..."

"He's not a freak. He's the normal one."

"Normal? The boy buys you cocoa for a month and you think he's normal?"

"It wasn't cocoa. It was the kind with a candy bar in it. You can taste the difference."

"Well, it was damn good."

"Yeah, it was great," Jo sighed. It was all great when it was just a secret admirer. Now, it was Daniel. A person who had this habit of pressing every alarm button she had.

"Hey, why don't you go out with us tonight. I already invited Gary, but I can tell him not to come if you want."

"No, I'll just work at home."

"Come sit in a chair and pretend to laugh. I've read if you go through the motions, you'd actually feel what you should."

"Am I that bad off?"

"You sure as hell are. I don't want you to be anywhere alone tonight."

She knew it was an utter mistake when she saw Daniel at the piano as they walked in. She had pulled her hair into a ponytail and picked out a nice shirt. She thought she'd be safe from seeing him for at least a few hours. It wasn't amateur night. He stopped in mid-song and started something new. He shook his head in dissatisfaction and started another one. Someone walked up to him and whispered in his ear. He nodded and looked around the room. She knew he'd spot her, so she sat down and waited. He slammed a hand down on the keys and stood up. He looked straight at her. Jo was certain everyone in the room had seen him focus on her. When he mouthed her name and slid back down, the fear was confirmed as fact. She couldn't help the smile that crossed her lips at his recognition of her. His face softened into a smile and he closed his eyes. The sound gently filled the room as he finally settled on a song. Jesse murmured that his song wasn't half bad. Jo didn't tell her that it was a song by Ben Folds. She wasn't up to being talked about at the moment. Her idea of a good song was more broad than most. When he finished, he went immediately into another one. This time, she didn't recognize the sound. All the time, his eyes were closed. She concentrated on her soda and half listened to what Jesse was saying to Gary as she registered every note Daniel's fingers struck.

"So piano guy has a thing for you?" She should have been paying better attention.

"Yeah." She looked away from Gary and into the bubbles of her drink.

"Look, I'm not looking for anything strange. If you're into him, it's cool. Even better for me. There's nothing like a little competition to get a man on his game. I just want an honest shot."

She rested her cheek on her hand as her elbow rested on the table. "That's nice, but I'm sure you've got girls lined up around the block. A fine, well-educated man like you doesn't need to be bothered with me."

"I'm willing to clear my slate for a very beautiful girl. I'm willing to wait, if you have a problem with rushing into things. I see the score. You're man shy. I can help you with that."

"Man shy?"

"I can tell by the way you collect yourself under the table and keep your arms close to your body. Too shy for you own good. You need a man to put all of your suspicions to rest."

He leaned forward and put his hand on hers. "I can take good care of you, when you're ready."

She forced herself to keep her hand still under his for a moment then slid out from under. "I'll keep it under advisement."

"Hey this might be worth dancing to," Jesse loudly informed. She got up and dragged Terry onto the little square designated for dancing.

Jo hadn't noticed the change of music.

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