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Stay at home Mum explores nudism with the neighbor.

I'll put some heat on for you."

She gave me a big smile. "You're like my Guardian Angel, protecting me!"

I had to smile at that, being anything but an angel.

As we drove, we chatted, her name was Rose, she was a secretery at a shipping company. Her boss was married, had a girl friend on the side, and chased anything in a skirt.

I introduced myself, Harry, currently unemployed, out of work bartender, musician, truck-driver, etc.

Her eyes shown in the darkness, a glow that seemed more than casual, and as I glanced over at her, I noticed how her skirt barely covered the tops of dark stockings, which women rarely wear, i thought, preferring pantiehose. She also made no effort to cover herself. Her breasts were pressed against a red satin blouse, under the suit jacket, and ample flesh could be seen as she breathed deeply, still smiling at me.

"What?" she asked.


" What are you looking at me like that for?"

"I was just thinking, I can understand why your boss is chasing you."

She beamed. "Me? Oh stop! I'm like a soaked river rat. I must look horrid!"

"Well, i'm sure you look even better when you dry off, but you can't hide a classy lady under a little water."

"Harry, I didn't know Angels were flirts!"

"Not all of us."

When we pulled up at her place, she took my hand, thanking me profusely, then hesitated and said "I know you are probably glad to be rid of me, but I really would like to thank you for helping me. Maybe a nightcap?"

Not having a job to get up for, and only anothe mile to my house, I said "Sounds good."

Inside she poured 2 Scotches, from a crystal decanter, a splash in each, and said "to Guardian Angels."

I blushed, "I'm really not the angel type."

"Good," she grinned evilly, "that will make it easier to seduce you!"

"Huh?" trying not to act shocked.

She laughed. "Just teasing...and maybe hoping a little that you enjoyed mature women."

Feeling bolder, and more than a bit aroused. "Who said I didn't?" sipping my scotch.

"This night keeps getting better and better. No wife at home?"

"Just a cat an ex-girlfriend abandoned."

"I knew you were a softie on the inside." She took my hand and led me to her bedroom.

She took my hand. "So, where were we?"

"You were about to seduce me."

"Yes! With all my feminine wiles! Do I begin with a slow strip, or do you prefer a more direct approach?" Undoing her jacket, draping it on a chair, her breasts pressed against the bra, the outlines obvious, her nipples hard in place.

"I'm up for anything."

As she unbuttoned her red blouse her eyes drifted to my crotch, now half-hard. "Yes, I see you are!" She wore a matching red bra, half-cup, lace. Her tits swelled with her breathing getting more defined.

My eyes took her in and I finished my scotch in one gulp.

She unhooked the skirt, slid out of it. She had full-lace red panties under a black garter belt, looking so much like those old photos from Old Playboy magazines I would find in my uncle's room. So sexy, in a timely manner, and she smiled again, put her hands on her hips. "So, am I to do this all by myself or are you gonna help?"

I moved forward and cupped her breast as I pressed her against the bed, "You look so fucking hot!"

"You are making me hot, honey, I'm so fucking horny and I need this in a bad way."

I kissed her, hot and passionate, our tongues met and we groped each other. I had her strap off her shoulder and one tit outtweaking her nipple as I held her close, squeezing her butt to my crotch. She practically tore my shirt open, luckily the buttons gave, she was kissing my chest, biting my nipples, sucking them. "Oh Baby, I want you so much! so much!"

Her bra was off and she dug at my jeans, breaking a nail as she went. "Oh Fuck! Help me, Baby!"

I undid them, she pushed as they went down, and she grabbed my cock, stroking it. "Oh Baby! Yes, give me that cock!"

She turned and, still in panties and garter, slid the crotch over and bent onto the big bed. "Fuck, me Baby, fuck me now!"

She really didn't want foreplay and I was more than ready, I proppe

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