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William Sr. lies to Alex & Aida is in a dilemma.

"Danielle, I'm just trying to help out, you know. I don't expect..." I stopped him and said "It's ok Randy, I just wanted to show you how I appreciate everything you're doing for me."

He just stood there and let it happen. I moved to the edge of the couch in front of him. I pulled him between my legs and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. First I rubbed my hand over his cock, then slid his underwear down, then held it in my small hand at the base.

"Wow, this sure looks good enough to eat baby."

I cupped his huge black balls with my other hand and stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of his cock. Randy just kept looking down at me, so kept going. I was gently pulling on hic cock until a gob of precum leaked out of the tip. I lapped it right up, tilted my head back, closed my eyes and swallowed the liquid. I returned my mouth to his cock and proceeded to suck on the head and moved it in and out of my mouth. He was loving this. He now had his head tilted back, now starting to move his body back and forth with the rhythm of my sucking. I sucked him for maybe five minutes when he stopped me by lifting my head up.

"Wait Danielle, I'm getting close to cumming."

"It's ok with me, unless you'd rather fuck me instead."

Holy shit, I couldn't believe I just said that to this strange black guy, but oh well, that's why I'm here anyway. Randy just let me lead the way. I told him to lie down on the carpet and I would do all the work. He unbuttoned his shirt and layed down and I stood up, pulled my thong panties off and lifted my dress and got down and strattled him on the floor. I grabbed his cock and guided it to my pussy. I started to work the head in, little by little, until just the head was inside of me. "Oh god that feels so good" I said. I gently moved up and down until all of his cock was in my pussy.

I placed my hands on his chest and began fucking him hard. I was grinding away without a care and then remembered something. With all of the excitement last night, I had forgotten to take my birth control pill. In fact, I forgot to bring them with me totally. Here I was fucking this big black guy bareback and unprotected. I wasn't that close to my ovulation time, but you never know. This guy's cock inside me felt so good, there's no way I wanted to stop. Randy would just have to pull his cock out of me before he came.

"Randy, before you cum let me know. I forgot to take my pill and I could get pregnant"

"I will" he said.

We were really getting into it. Randy was pounding my pussy, lifting his ass off of the carpet, ramming it into me. I could feel my orgasm building up fast. All I could think of was making sure that Randy pulled out of me before he shot his load.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me! Fuck me!" I screamed, then like an explosion, I came, hard. He kept fucking me while I came, which made my orgasm super intense.

"Oh god.....Oh my god...oh my god...ohhhhhh I'm cummmminggg!"

My pussy was pulsating hard on his cock. He kept pounding me, then grabbed me and rolled us over with him on top. Randy grabbed my ankles and held them in the air then started pummeling me again. His balls were making a slapping sound as they smashed onto my asshole with each thrust.

"You like that baby, you like that shit?" he said.

I'm just recovering from an orgasm and then I remembered that he had to pull out before cumming. I could feel another orgasm building up inside of me, when Randy said he was going to cum soon. I think that's what set me off again. Randy started to speed up and was getting ready to cum, then bam. I climaxed again. Randy started to pull out of me and said "you want me to stop?"

I grabbed his ass with my hands and pulled him back inside my pussy.

"Oh Fuck it! Cum in me baby, shoot your load in me, don't ever take your cock out of me.

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