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Interrupting her thoughts, Alex stood up and gently massaged Chloe's back. "I had no intention of making you upset. Please forgive me."

Wilting from the utterance of an apology, Chloe relaxed and spoke somberly, "You have to understand why I don't want you to photograph me in a compromised way."

"I do, completely. It was a fantasy, to document..." he said before interjecting a plea. "I could give you the camera when we're finished and you could choose what pictures, if any I would be allowed to keep. The rest you could delete immediately or take the memory stick home with you and decide later."

It was a compromise that Chloe was comfortable with. Without saying anything, she reached down and pushed Alex's arm away from her. Facing him, she wrapped her arms around her back to unfasten her bra. With her chin high she developed the confidence to again be herself, even if she was blindfolded and naked in front of a camera.

Stepping back, Alex grabbed the camera that was hanging from around his neck and adjusted the focus. Chloe sensually teased him by touching herself while moving her hips; she danced slowly as her bra fell to the floor. She had beautiful, voluminous breasts that he couldn't keep his hands off of. Often, when Chloe was asleep in bed, Alex would cuddle up to her and gently touch and caress her breasts bringing himself to full arousal. In his own way he thought that his nighttime fetish was a benefit for her; more cream to be smothered in.

A few more shots were taken before he told Chloe to get down on her knees. "Grab your heels in your hands and don't let go," Alex said as she knelt before him. He took off his belt and slid out of his pants and boxers. Cock fully erect, he switched the focus on his camera to automatic as he pressed the head of his cock against her ruby red lips.

Chloe gave him a lingering kiss as he snapped a picture. Gently running her tongue underneath the head, Chloe could feel his cock respond and jump to her light affection. Her sweet kisses were felt trailing down the shaft to the base of his cock. Tongue extended, she licked up from the base, lightly biting the head before sucking it into her mouth. She swirled and snapped her tongue as she moved the tip in and out of her tightly puckered mouth. Without warning, his cock disappeared into her throat with the base being clenched with her teeth, covered by her lips. Alex snapped pictures of her pulling away and of the smudged trail of red from the base of his cock. Her lipstick still staining her lips, Chloe smiled before taking his cock in, this time harder and deeper than before. She squirmed and held tightly onto her heels trying to imagine his cock looked like disappearing into her mouth. Alex grabbed the back of her head with one hand while taking a picture with the other, pushing as far in as he could until she struggled to be able to breathe.

Moving his hand to the back of her neck, Alex felt the smooth, cool pearls sliding between his fingers. Chloe's mouth was sloppily dripping wetness that ran down her chin and streaked her breasts. Like he had asked of Chloe, Alex too had tried to refrain from making any sounds other than what he needed to convey to her. It was much more difficult than he had thought as he watched her suck his soaked balls. Tasting his cum on her tongue as she licked the head, she was ready to be told what else she needed to do so her pussy could be filled cum. Aggressively fucking him with her mouth, Chloe was convinced he was ready to explode. Right then Alex told her to stop and stand up.

Taking a close-up of her saturated face, Alex led Chloe carefully over to the couch. He got down on his knees and ran his hands up under Chloe's skirt to her hips. Alex's head nestled its way under her skirt too, kissing Chloe's exposed flesh. Pulling her panties down, Alex told Chloe to sit.

Spreading her legs, he pulled her to the edge of the beige couch.

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