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Chpt 22: Close dancing takes a new turn.

I pushed harder and winced in pain as the head finally popped in. I began to shake as an orgasm quickly grew and exploded within 30 seconds of me trying to work it in. As I reached my climax I grabbed the ring sticking out of my puckered asshole and gave the beads a hard pull. Clear liquid shot out of my pussy as my now-stained anal beads were yanked out of me. I needed more! I started to reach down for my beads until my phone went off.

It was an alert from that dating app. I was so excited and nervous. Once I opened it, I saw a message from a username "beMYsexTOY." The message read:

"Your photos made me hot. I would like nothing more than to use you for my own pleasure. I own a house and have 1 "roommate" already. Someday you might become my 2nd "roommate." Give me your address and I will come by to pick you up."

I was filled with feelings of excitement, horror, and joy all at once. Why did she keep quoting the word "roommate?" I gave her my address and began to get ready for our date. I put on a classy dress and put my face on. I just wanted to impress her so bad.

I heard a car pull up and a moment later I heard a loud, powerful knock at the door that scared the shit out of me. I ran to the door, not wanting her to be disappointed in me. Once I opened the door, I was knocked back by the site of her alone. She was massive, dark, and beautiful. I tried to speak but was overwhelmed by her intimidating stature. I just stood there with my mouth agape. My head didn't even reach her chest. She decided to break the silence first.

"Hello, Jessica. I'm Mistress Shauna. You will only call me by either Mistress Shauna, or just Mistress. Is that clear?" She sternly stated.

I could only manage to nod, as I was still in a state of shock.

"You will learn how to properly answer me with "yes, mistress," but you're new so I'll hold the punishment for later." She said

I hesitated but finally replied "y-yes, m-mistress."

She looked slightly irritated by my hesitation, but decided it's close enough. "Are you wearing panties?"

"Yes, mistress." I replied.

"Take them off, and give them to me." She demanded.

I scrambled to take them off and fell over on my face. I heard her laughing as I regained my composure and handed her my damp panties.

"Filthy bitch, these are soaked!" She yelled loudly.

I was sure my neighbors could hear our exchange. I looked to the apartment next to mine and saw an older gentlemen staring at us. I became even more wet from the humiliation. Suddenly, my own soaked panties were shoved into my mouth. I gagged and coughed repeatedly.

"Keep them in there and get in the damn car. I don't want to hear you speak for a while." She said as she pushed me towards her flashy, brand-new looking SUV.

I got in the car and sat silently as we took off down the road. She reached over and roughly grabbed my exposed pussy. I winced in pain and let out a cry.

She broke the awkward humiliating silence. "I should probably tell you. You won't be going back to your home any more. I will be taking care of your apartment lease and will have your stuff moved to my place. You are my bitch now."

She explained to me how she was an accomplished lawyer. Practicing for about 18 years or so. I'm guessing she was in her mid-40's. She told me about the different kinds of connections she has. Doctors, escorts, politicians, actors, you name it.

The feeling of horror and panic came over me as I cried out. But I just kept getting more wet and turned on. The idea of being helpless and forced was pushing me over the edge.

Mistress observed this and said "Oh, so that kind of shit gets you off, eh?" She chuckled at my horror "I'm gonna have a blast with you, bitch"

I just sat there in silence with my legs spread to give her full access to my soaking pussy. She then started to look at me up and down while trying to concentrate on the road.

"You're a pretty fat bitch, huh?" She said as she grabbed my fat breasts and stomach rolls.

I was getting ever closer to an orgasm.

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