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Couple finds the right man to invite into their bedroom.

I sit for a few minutes trembling, not really knowing what to do. I can't tell them what happened because Steve could get in trouble too. The door to my cell opens and two officers walk in. I figure they are going to take me to the courthouse or into another room for another attempt at questioning. One says, "Stand up bitch," and I am surprised by the change in professionalism from the officer that brought me in. I do stand however, intimidated. The other removes his handcuffs and places one around my wrist. The other officer grabs my other wrist even though I am offering no resistance. That is until they walk me over to the side of the cell and cuff my arm to the bars. Then the other officer cuffs my other arm to the bars.

"What the hell do you think you are doing," I scream. The detective walks back in the cell. "I told you to cooperate. The Chief was not happy when I told him of your reluctance to talk. He told me that I needed to try harder to gain your cooperation," Detective Cole calmly advises me.

"You can't do this to me, it's illegal. I will sue this department and everyone here. Let me go this instant," I yell at the top of my lungs. "Boys, you want to see if you can keep her quite during this," the detective grumbles. One of the officer pulls out a knife and cuts the sleeve off the coveralls I am wearing and then ties it around my head to gag me.

"You know, it didn't have to be this way. All you had to do is cooperate and we could have gotten along. Well, you'll just have to learn this lesson the hard way. Go ahead boys," the detective directs. One of the officers takes off a leather belt around his pants and doubles it up. The other officer leans in close to me, grabbing a handful of hair and whispers in my ear, "we're going to teach you a lesson that you will never forget." And with that the first officer strikes my ass with the belt.

I yelp into the make shift gag as the stinging registers in my mind. He hits me again and I start to squirm and jump around. I realize that this is a bad idea as he can not control where the belt will hit while I am moving and a couple of hits glance off the back of my thighs.

The whipping stops after about ten blows and the detective resumes questioning me. "You see Miss the problem is we don't have very many facts from our complainant. We know there was some activity in a car driving down the street and then in a park, and that there was a woman and a man involved. We did get the license plate for the car which came back to yours. But the rest is still a bit of a mystery, and as I said, my Chief want's me to clear this matter up. If you could just tell us about it, I'm sure this can all be cleared upquickly and you can go home. Do you feel like telling us what happened and who was with you?" the detective inquires.

Still trying to protect Steve, I adamantly shake my head no. "You know boys, I think those coveralls are hampering our interrogation methods somewhat. Think you can do something about that," the detective ponders.

One of the officers, the one that whispered in my ear pulls the large knife back out and grins. He begins to cut the coveralls off of me. Several times, the cold knife blade touches my warm skin making me jump. He leans in and tells me that I should try to hold still so he doesn't accidentally cut me. He starts with the legs, cutting up the backs to just below my ass. In the front he hovers the blade daringly close to my breasts as he cuts the material away. When the detective becomes impatient, his partner reaches up and rips the remaining material away leaving me naked except for the gag. I pull against the handcuffs but there is no way out.

"Let's try it again," the detective directs.

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