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Road trip is more fun than expected.

"Wake up!" Gray shouted. Callia and Cooper's eyes shot open and they nearly jumped out of their chairs, straight through the ceiling. "It's a girl!" Gray chanted over and over. Callia and Cooper exchanged glances and laughed as they stood up and hugged Gray.

"How's Laura?" Callia asked.

"Asking for you," Gray answered. Callia glanced at Cooper and Gray. "Go ahead, I need a minute," Gray added. Callia smiled knowingly, hugged Gray again and sprinted the ten feet to the delivery room.


"Baby!" Mason exclaimed when Callia carried him into Laura's hospital room the next day.

"That's right Mason, a baby," Callia agreed with a laugh. She gave her friend a smile and a hug and sat down in the chair by the bed. "How are you feeling?" Callia asked her friend.

"I'm tired, but I'm happier than I thought I would be," Laura answered, glanced at the small baby in her arms.

"She's absolutely beautiful Laura," Callia murmured. "Have you and Gray decided on a name yet?" she wanted to know.

"We think so." Laura and Callia looked up when Gray and Cooper walked into the room.

"Daddy!" Mason squealed, struggling to get out of Callia's arms. Callia put him down and laughed as Mason tottered to Cooper.

"I think someone is going to be a daddy's girl," Cooper observed as Gray scooped his daughter out of Laura's arms.

"What are you naming her?" Callia asked again.

"Dalia Rose," Gray answered, snuggling his new daughter tight.

"That's a beautiful name," Cooper said, bounced Mason in his arms.

"Maybe someday Mason and Dalia will get married," Callia suggested.

"I love you Callie, but Dalia is getting locked in a tower," Gray growled. Callia giggled and glanced at Cooper who grinned back wickedly.

"I think that's what Luke said about Callie," Cooper said.

"I mean it. I'll build a tower and lock her in it," Gray threatened.

"Enough," Laura said with a laugh.

"I think it would be kind of sweet if Dalia and Mason got married when they are old enough," Laura murmured.

"She ..." Gray stopped talking at the look on Laura's face, sighed and shrugged.


"Daddy, wake up!" Cooper groaned and pushed his head up off of the pillow.

"What is it Mason?" Cooper asked.

"Mommy's sick again," Mason reported, his brown eyes wide. Cooper sat up and frowned.

"Mace, go into your room and play while I check on mommy," Cooper instructed. Mason nodded and ran to his room while Cooper padded his way into the bathroom. "Callie, what's wrong?" Cooper asked, crouching down behind her. He rubbed her back softly as she sat up and pulled away from the toilet.

"I didn't mean to wake you up," Callia said softly.

"You didn't. Mace did. What's wrong?" Cooper repeated.

"Nothing," she murmured.

"Bull. You're throwing up Callia," Cooper grumbled.

"Coop, really, I'm fine," Callia told him.

Cooper glanced at his watch. "Then why don't you tell me why you're up at seven in the morning puking your guts out," he challenged. Callia smiled, pushed herself up off of the floor, reached for something on the back of the toilet and handed it to him.

"I was going to tell you after your graduation ceremony later, but since you insist ..." Callia's voice trailed off as Cooper pulled her into his arms and held her tight.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Cooper asked. Callia was relieved that he sounded less anxious and she nodded.

"I feel fine, except for ..." Cooper closed his eyes when Callia retook her position in front of the toilet.

"When you're feeling better, rinse your mouth out and I'll make you some toast," Cooper told her.

"It's your graduation from law school Coop, I should be pampering you today," Callia protested.

"No way Callie, after that announcement, it's all about you," Cooper said with a chuckle.

"Good job Coop," Lucas said, shaking his son in law's hand.

"Thanks Luke," Cooper beamed.

"Where's Callie?" Olivia asked, walking over to her husband and son in law.

"She's probably getting more food. She's been cooking almost non-stop for three days," Cooper answered.

"Dinner is on!" Lau

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