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Stay at home Mum explores nudism with the neighbor.

I sat down and waited for my wife. Less than an hour later she got home looking relaxed as always along with wearing the exact same clothing I saw laying on Jerome's living room floor. I asked her how she was which she said tired and went to take a shower. That night I had trouble sleeping as everything ran through my head. I must have still be off that morning when Marisa asked me if I was okay since I didn't seem myself.

The coming week was the same with my wife staying late at "work" on Monday. On Tuesday I was informed by my boss that I would be representing the company at a conference this weekend. I would be leaving early on Friday and wouldn't get back home until Sunday afternoon the earliest. Granted I was being paid for it which I couldn't complain about but I was in no mood to leave with everything going on. That night I told my wife about it. She seemed sad that I would be gone telling me I would be missed and wasn't sure how she would keep busy without me around. It really wasn't too long though before she was able to find some company for the weekend as I found out the next day.

As I was leaving work the next evening I got a call on my cell phone. Seeing it was Jerome's number I picked up. He told me he wouldn't keep me long but wanted to say that he was going to be busy this weekend. That Marisa's husband was going away and when he found that out he pushed her until she agreed to let him keep her company while he was gone. I was left almost speechless yet wasn't sure what to do about it. I could just confront Marisa about everything that has been going on. A part of me though got off at the idea since we always used to fantasize about it in bed. I thought I would wait to talk to her about it until after I got back home and wanted to have something to show her in case she lied about what she had been doing.

Before going home I went straight to the store to pick up two web cams for our main desk top computer in our living room and my laptop that I usually kept in our bedroom. Looking around I found two good ones. A small one that records sound and can be easily hidden to attach to my laptop. The other that I would use for our living room desk top wasn't as small but like the other recorded in color and with audio. Opening them both I hid one in my pocket before going inside the house. After dinner I told my wife I got a camera for our desk top. When she asked me why I explained it was an old piece of office equipment they were getting rid of at work. That I wasn't sure if it worked or not so I would play with it when I go back on Sunday. Two days later on Thursday morning I got ready for work as normal and waited for my wife to leave since she usually does before me. She had no idea I wasn't going to work today, having asked for it off to get ready for the trip. Once Marisa kissed me good-bye and wishing each other a good day I watched as she got in her car and drove to work.

Giving it some time to make sure she wouldn't come back I then rushed over to our desk top computer.

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