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The 5th and final act.

He fucks to cum when he's in that mood, not to play with my tiny hole for his pleasure like he does most of the time. He'll take me to bed and use me like a man uses a woman. He'll use my tight little rear end to pleasure himself for hours. But not today. Today he was in 'that mood'. It's all about cumming fast for him when he's like this. He only wants to cum and cum quickly. As soon as he did, fucking me hard for less than five minutes, he makes those noises men make when they cum. I love hearing him when he does that. It makes me feel like I'm his second wife, his dirty wife.

He spanked my butt, slapped it hard. He ignored my crying out. He bent and pulled my panties back up. He wanted his cum to stay in me. He then pulled me by my arm to my knees. He had me suck and lick him clean, wiping himself on the side of my face. He had me pull his pants and underwear back up, zip him and buckle his belt. He went to his chair and sat. He was through with me. He snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor in front of him. I knew what that meant. I stood and reaching back grabbed my butt cheeks through my panties. I held them as I slightly pushed the bulge of my little thing out in front for him to see. It's the position I stand in for reward.

I feel him drip out me and into my panties as I stood before him, slight tears in my eyes with a throbbing tight slippery little hole, a huge wet spot forming on my rear end. I feel soaked with him, the mess he made. He cums huge. He always does.

"I woke up so fucking horny today, precious. All I could think of was that ass of yours and how much I wanted to use it, that ass that I own. That, and cumming in it."

He laughed, smiled up at me.

"My wife couldn't believe I left the house so early. She went down on me and I came in her mouth but that didn't stop me thinking about fucking you, my dirty little whore. She thinks I'm shopping for a dinner party we are having tonight."

He stared up at me, saying nothing for a couple of minutes. He just stared at me. I felt my face go bright red. He knows the shame that I feel about my sexual addiction to him that I would not break even if I could.

"Come here, sweetie."

He talked so gently to me, the soothing voice he uses when he comforts me. He talks as if I were a child. He takes a small thin pillow from the floor next to his chair. It's there for one purpose only. To put on his lap such that my wet butt does not stain his pants if he wants me on his lap after he's had me. Or to lay across his lap to get my butt spanked or paddled. It's always right next to his chair next to the black saucer, paddle and crop that sits as a reminder of who owns me. I'm not allowed to move it from view. My small black saucer he gave me for present, gift wrapped. It's for his amusement to watch my humiliation as I lick it. I'll cum onto it if he chooses to reward me that way and lick it clean for him. I know that is about to happen. I feel my penis throb and expand in its restraining cage.

He motions me to his lap. I go to him and sit on his lap. He kisses my cheek lovingly. I feel his hand go to the back of my neck, his other cups chest, his fingers go to my right nipple.

"Don't you ever think I don't love you because I don't touch that thing of yours as often as you want me to. We both know you need denial. You are a masturbation addict and I cured you of that. And just because I'm abusive to you doesn't mean I don't love and adore you. I do. We both know you need that too. Your my perfect sissy whore."

He kissed up around my neck, made me start to breathe heavily. He won't kiss my mouth after I've sucked him clean after he's been up deep into my butt. I wanted him to French kiss me so bad. I started to squirm slightly on his lap. He was turning me on like only he can do.

"You know how it plays with that submissive whore attitude of yours when I let you cum. Don't you? You can't hide it. You start feeling ashamed of what we both know you are."

I feel his hand drift down my bac

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