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An erotic dream builds into a tangled passion.

I spent the rest of the evening with Simon who after hearing about my morning knelt at my feet and pretended to worship me! And that was without him knowing about my mother also receiving two helpings of sperm. Or Lin as I felt a little discretion was in order with her.

He told me Wendy had started to get a bit demanding, my advice was to use a firmer hand. Failing that to end it. He took on board what I said and told me he would follow my teachings like a true disciple.

I got home just after ten I found Mom sat alone in the kitchen. She said dad had told her about our chat earlier and they'd talked for most of the evening. When I asked what had come out of their chat. She started to cry and said he was sleeping in the spare room. Mom only cried into my chest for a few minutes. I found fondling her breast seemed to cheer her up fast, a few minutes kissing didn't exactly bum her out either. By the time she went up to bed she seemed a lot better about the situation.

Mom came into my bed in the morning the very second dad left for work. She sucked on my dick until I came into her mouth. We lay together after and she asked what I had up my sleeve for today. I told her at that precise moment I hadn't a clue. She told me she was going to ring in sick.

While we were still in my bed, Diane text me good morning and asked if I wanted breakfast with her again. I smiled and said she could come here and have it with me. Mom asked if I wanted her to make herself scarce I just smiled and she got the message.

Diane arrived on her bike only five minutes later, I'd pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I busied myself making scrambled eggs and some toast for us all. As she started to remove her cycling shorts I told her my mother would be down shortly. She was about to pull her shorts back up when she caught the look I gave her. She smiled her million dollar smile and couldn't get them off quick enough.

Mom came into the kitchen and gave her a breezy good morning and began tucking into the breakfast I placed before her. She was wearing a long thin top, it was easy to see she wasn't wearing a bra, I had to assume she wasn't wearing panties either. We were all scrapping our plates when I got a text from Lin saying she had another appointment near me at half ten, I told her when I let her in she was to stand in the middle of the lounge and strip. She was to get me hard ride me dress and leave as soon as I'd cum. Needless to say mom and Diane both loved the text!

I knew it would be an ordeal for Lin but you can't say I hadn't warned her to expect company occasionally. As it happened she didn't appear to bat an eyelid at having an audience. She didn't even acknowledge them as she stripped off everything like she'd been alone. To get me hard she used her hands and mouth before kneeling aside me and feeding me into herself in a very efficient manner. The only emotion she showed was while she fucked herself on my dick, the way her boobs flopped around was really something to see. Diane and my mother found it captivating too I noticed. I held off coming long enough for her to finish and as I'd instructed once I had she almost jumped off me dressed as quickly as she'd undressed and let herself out.

Diane was on me before the door closed, she sucked me till I was hard again and rode me in the same way Lin had. I lifted her t-shirt off as she started to ride me, although her small B cup breasts didn't gyrate in quite the same way as Lin's they still made a very pleasant handful. Mom was sat behind Diane. I watched as she slipped a hand between her legs to play with herself as she watched Diane bouncing on my lap for all she was worth.

When I came which was a long time after Diane, she climbed off me almost exhausted.

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