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Now Danny wanted me to be his girlyslut.

I could feel the pebbly surface stiffen as I worked my tongue around it. Annie moaned and rolled her head backward, her hands going up to her head.

My mouth went over to the other boob, sucking and teasing that nipple erect in nothing flat. I caught a gentle scent of lilac eminating from the glistening recess of Annie's armpit, which had just the faintest trace of burnt orange fuzz in the hollow. Impulsively, my mouth ran up from her breast and nibbled and tongued the aromatic down, causing Annie to squeal with delight as I tried to hold onto her wildly contorting body.

"Arrrgghhhh!" Annie screamed after a minute of my going back and forth from tit to pit, and working my hand on the unoccupied territories.

"OMIGOD MOLLY!... I'M COMING... COMING!!" she howled as she spasmed in my grasp, my face still buried in her underarm while I pinched her nipple hard.

She kept right on spasming for a few more seconds before she finally pried herself away from me.

"Oh Molly, you are so crazy and that was so fucking good!" Annie howled while hugging me. "Let me get a look at you, baby."

Annie tugged my bottoms down and ran her hand over my freshly shaved mound, smiling at the feel of the smooth skin and most likely feeling the wetness that had to be oozing out of me. Annie eased me down onto the bed and buried her face between my legs. I felt her tongue dancing around my opening, her lips sliding around my clit. I was coming in no time, partly because I was so horny, but mostly because she was so good. My legs clamped around her head as my body convulsed beneath her.

Annie sprang up and pulled her pajama bottoms off, revealing a rather lavish tattoo on her lower back. She also had a tiny swirl of bright red hair around her pussy, which was soon being postioned above my more than willing mouth. My tongue parted the soft down and worked its way inside of her, as I felt Annie going back down on me. The sweet aroma and the delicious moistness surrounded me, and as I inhaled her incredible musk, we devoured each other with equal passion.

2. Here's Andy

After I don't know how many more orgasms, I heard, or should I say I felt the presence of someone at the foot of the bed. There was a tall skinny kid staring down at Annie and me. He had red hair like Annie, and was kinda cute.

"Molly, this is Andy!" Annie announced as she jumped up to greet him.

I nodded toward him but Annie was already busy jumping into his arms. They kissed like long lost lovers and she began unbuttoning his shirt.

"Help me Molly" Annie said over her shoulder." This is Andy, my guy. Ain't he da bomb?"

"Hi Andy" I said meekly, not knowing if he was "da bomb" or even what "da bomb" was.

He was a cute enough guy, and he gave me a kiss as I helped Annie take his shirt off. He had a nice body, and when Annie pulled down his underwear, I jumped back when his dick sprang out from under cover.

I'm not talking "Professor" big, which was another thing altogether, but Andy's dick was huge. That big thing was wagging in front of him like a flag pole and Annie was all over it in a second. I was sort of lost just kneeling there and didn't know what to do, but Andy started playing with my titties while I watched Annie sucking on his dick.

I couldn't get over how that little girl went way down on that cock, and wondered if I was expected to do that too. Annie answered that question by handing it to me. I did the best I could, and while it was fun and exciting for me, I don't think I did all that great at it. Give me the littler ones any time, because I can really get into taking the whole thing in my mouth. No way was I going to do that with Andy.

After a minute, Annie took over again, and did a proper job on that thing. She sucked for a couple of minutes and then she swung around and got on all fours.

"Play with yourself while Andy fucks me, Molly" Annie whispered to me as I went around next to her. "He really gets off on that... talk about how big his cock is too!"

Okay, I thought to myself, and watched as Andy climbed behind Ann

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