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Freddie gets lucky on Earth Day.

Quick hard strokes bounced Erin every which way. When he slowed a bit, he pulled out and immediately another cock plunged deeply and quickly inside.

Both Erin and Jaimie were moaning and yelling guttural sounds as the guys took turns switching off. Every few minutes a new cock would be pounding Erin's pussy, making rich slurping sounds as they pulled out. Another guy had gone over to Jaimie's side, so he was taking turns sliding up her tiny ass with the guy who was already there.

Judging from the moans, groans, shouts and grunts, I knew this party couldn't last much longer. And this seemed to be confirmed when Ray sauntered over to Erin. The line of guys parted as he approached. She was glistening with sweat, but smiled as he approached. "God, yes, Ray, I'm ready," she whispered hoarsely. She could barely get her small hand around it, and she gave it a few admiring rubs. And then she pulled that enormous pecker up to her sweet pink pussy.

As Ray pushed in, the tall guy in Erin's ass, grabbed her hips and started to bounce her up and down. Erin threw her head back on the tall guy and groaned and moaned. Quietly, I could hear her "C'mon Ray, fuck me...C'mon Ray a little faster!"

She leaned forward again with fire in her eyes. "Dammit, Ray, fuck me with that big cock!" She reached behind and wrapped her hands around his buttocks and pulled him in just a bit harder. "C'mon Ray, that cock is so big, oooooooh, fuck me with that monster!" With her encouragement and the push pull action she was giving him, Ray worked up a little head of steam. Her eyes got wide and she looked at him.

"Fuck yes, Ray! That's it, fuck me hard!" She threw her head back and then forward again. "God yes Ray! Anytime, god dammit, fuck! Anytime Ray, shit...I'm ready!" With that, Ray pulled out and with one quick motion, rolled the condom off his monster cock. He moved it in front of Erin's small tight breasts and with a few quick strokes from himself and Erin, shot three enormous jets of white cum all over her breasts. "Oh Ray! God that was a good one! Mmmmm, it's so hot and slippery!" She began to gently rub the fresh cum over her nipples.

At the same instant another guy jumped up on the couch, and standing next to Erin, rolled off his condom. He shot a nice load on her cheek, which ran down her chin and left white flecks in her dark hair. The next guy took a few strokes in her pussy, and then shot high on her chest. Two guys took up position on either side and each one stroked a bit, the put the tip of his cockhead on the nipple on his side and proceeded to cum right on the nipple.

By this time Erin was covered in cum, and another guy tried to shoot on her other cheek, but had bad aim and got it mostly in her hair and on her shoulder. The show finally ended when the guy fucking Jaimie's ass pulled out and ran over to release his load on Erin's now drenched tits.

Well, I should say almost over. Tall thin guy who was in Erin's ass this whole time grunted "Hey, what about me?" She leaned over, which allowed his swollen cock to pop out of her back door. She turned around and kneeled down and rolled his condom off. She started stroking him faster and faster, finally he said "Oh shit yeah!" and came. If he had any distance at all, he squirted on her face, because she was right down next to it.

Jaimie was still laying on top of the guy she was with and they were making out. Erin, completely covered in cum was smiling from ear to ear. "God, you guys are great!" She was saying "That was fantastic! Oh shit, look at all this cum!" One by one the guys gathered up their pants and shoes, got dressed and headed out. I looked over and Jaimie and the guy on couch had vanished.

Someone threw Erin a towel and she began to rub herself down. For the first time since the "party" began she looked right at me. She walked over. "Hey honey, how come you didn't join in? Shy?"

"Well, no.

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