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Jenny is going to tell you about a dream she had!

You weren't to know."

"But I must do something."

"Then sit down and have a drink with us."

"I can't, I'm with four girlfriends. It's my birthday. Time is precious for us together because we all have child minders at home."

"Then off you go and happy birthday."

"Please give me your card."

McLeod did that and Crissy kissed them both and left.

"She shouldn't have kissed you."

McLeod grinned. "Do I look as if I'm objecting?"

"You shouldn't have given her your card."

"She wants to send me a bottle of wine so why should I deny her?"

Eva squirmed in her seat. "McLeod be warned. Crissy is promiscuous."

"Oh I think that's my favorite word. It looks pretty when written, it flows off the lips and yet it has dark meaning with possibly menacing undertones."

Eva snapped, "It's impossible to tell you anything."

"Is that the way to talk to your boss?"

"Ohmigod. McLeod I'm sorry, ever so sorry."

McLeod smiled and told her to stop groveling, that she was doing fine. "I need someone like you to keep me in line Eva."

They left soon after that, returning to the office rather cheerful. It appeared their relationship had now acquired a touch of friendship.

As usual McLeod went a little too far for prim people. As they entered the office he slapped her ass.

"Ohmigod McLeod," Eva said blushing, "You can't do that. I'm a married woman."

"See what I mean," he countered. "I need training."

She laughed.

Next morning Eva bought in an oblong box. "This was left for you at the front desk."

"Do you recognize the handwriting," he asked.

"Yes," she said, returning to her work station outside the door.

McLeod called, "Eva, call internal services and have your desk shifted in here where Miss McTavish had hers. You can train me better from there."

"You're joking."

"No. Please do it Eva unless you have strong objection."

McLeod found it was a bottle of French champagne with a note, 'You may wish to drink this with me sometime. Crissy'.

"Wow!" McLeod ran a finger round the inside of his collar. He left the bottle out for Eva to see.

"Hi it's Crissy."

"McLeod Jones calling."

"Oh hi. I'd almost given up on you."

"Sorry. I have no explanation to offer."

"Are you feet warmer now?"

"I don't understand."

She replied sarcastically, "I bet. My husband has Friday nights out to do whatever he wishes. I have either Tuesday or Thursday nights as my night off. I usually go out with girlfriends."

"I see."

"If we start up a casual relationship is that likely to impact adversely on Eva if it should turn sour."

"I wouldn't think so. Do you mean sexual relationship?"

She laughed and said oh were there other kinds of relationships and that got him laughing and he relaxed.

"Well this Thursday night would suit me."

"Good, so do we meet on the steps of the cathedral or at my apartment?"

"Um I'm not a churchgoer."

* * *

Crissy swept into the apartment without greeting McLeod's nervous 'Hi'. She sniffed. "At, we're eating in?"

"Yes but only meat balls I'm afraid."

"One of my favorites."

"Oh really?"

"Yes," she smiled. "Have you a boner just at the sight of me?"

"We'll er..."

He paused. She stepped up and slammed into him and as they kissed she reached down and said, "Well a boner is certainly on the way."

McLeod immediately relaxed. He couldn't believe it. He'd been uptight ever since arriving home, wondering whether he should kiss her on the lips or just on the cheek when she arrived and he'd rehearsed the seduction steps, hoping her responses would be favorable. Now it didn't seem to matter. Crissy thought she was in control.

As Crissy nosed around the two-bedroom, clean and reasonably well-furnished rented apartment McLeod poured the champagne. When they clinked glasses he said, "I thought it would be a good idea to have one glass and then fuck and then eat."

"You read my mind," she cooed. "Please don't expect me to be like one of your prissy nymphs. I'm a bit overweight and am developing a tummy."

"Can you get your heels back beyond your ears?"

"Yes, she said in surprise and laughed when he

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