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Elsa comes home for her sister's 18th birthday.

"Um... Hi everyone..." I was taken aback by Kylie's declaration, but I decided to go along with it and ask afterwards, especially since I felt that telltale feeling of arousal the moment she said it, I waved to the fictional audience behind the lens of the phone's camera "I'm Luna, and we just got to our cabin, and now we're going to... Christen it."

"That's right, we're gonna have you give us a tour, Luna." Kylie seemed happy that I was going along for whatever she had planned for this tour "Let's start with the living room."

I gingerly walked past the girls and to the "living room", which really was nothing more than the space in between the beds and the kitchenette, populated by nothing other than a simple couch set and rectangular coffee table.

"Um, okay... This is the living room, not much to see, just a couple of couches and a table..." I was kinda lost, not exactly sure what I was supposed to do, I gave a pleading look to Kylie, hoping she would give me a hint, thankfully, she came to my rescue:

"Why not try the couch out? Let us know if it feels nice?" Kylie gave me further directions, and I followed them, sitting down and leaning back

I saw Kylie waving her free hand about, basically telling me to spread my legs, at least, that's what I thought she was trying to tell me to do.

I slowly let my legs spread open, my arms were resting by my sides, giving my friends and the camera an unobstructed view of my round breasts, erect nipples, trimmed pussy mound and slightly moist pussy.

"Does it feel good?" Kylie asked me, not sure if she meant the couch or being naked in front of them.

"Yeah," I answered both questions anyways.

I sat there in silence, not sure for how long but it couldn't have been more than twenty seconds, I looked around the place but occasionally gave a glance and a smile at the camera.

"Okay then, how about we move on to the kitchen?" Kylie suggested, and I sprung up from the couch and moved towards the kitchen.

The kitchen was comprised of a small counter that separated it from the living room, a fridge, a few cupboards, a sink and a microwave.

"Here's the kitchen," I waved my arms to show off the place, this time around I at least had a few things to interact with, I curiously opened a few of the drawers and cupboards, naming out loud what I found in them.

"Wait! Go back!" Kylie piped up, and I looked at her before opening the drawer I just opened, I think I knew what she saw; there was a spatula in there.

I picked the flat utensil up, and displayed it to the camera, waiting for Kylie to give me the word, but she turned it around on me:

"What do you think we should do with this?" Kylie asked, I gulped and turned around, thinking about it, I hadn't given the camera a clear shot of my round butt just yet, I held the head of the spatula out close to it, looking back at Kylie, who just nodded.

I reeled my arm back and swatted down, catching my left cheek with the spatula, it bounced lightly against the smack, I switched to my other hand and gave yet another smack.

"Great, let's move on." Kylie said, and I put down the spatula "Let's make a quick visit to the bathroom."

"We walked over, the bathroom was absolutely tiny, barely enough room for a small sink, a toilet seat and a small compartment for the shower, separated by a pane of frosted glass. I was getting excited, wondering what I might have to do here, sadly, Kylie was content to announce that we'll be having a lot of fun here later.

Coming out of the bathroom, we were left with one last section of the cabin; the sleeping area, which was segmented into two "floors", though the upper floor was located halfway between the ceiling and the ground, there were two beds on each floor, the upper of which was connected to the ground floor by a sturdy, varnished wooden ladder.

"So Luna, since we like you so much, we'll let you have the upper bunk." Rebecca grinned and motioned with her head towards the second floor, I wondered if there was a hidden intention behind it.


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