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Old flame poses as his wife at 30th reunion.

I'm completely lost." As he talked to her, Josh was careful to keep his eyes from Julie's exquisite naked body.

"I take it you're not an aspiring photographer?"

"Metals and sculpture, actually. But they make all the majors take photography 110. It's supposed to teach us about "composition" and "the human form."

"Which you think is a bunch of shit."

Josh laughed, his rich voice filling the stuffy room. "Not totally. But I'd argue that any artistic medium can teach you about composition and the human form."

"I'd argue that life teaches you about it," Julie interjected. "And that's coming from an econ major with absolutely no artistic talent."

Josh looked into her eyes, appraising her intent. "I think everyone's an artist," he said finally, his soft voice rushing over and inside her. "Now, if you could just lift your arms like you had them before...that's it, just hold up your hair a bit. I want to get the shape of your elbow there...great!"

Josh circled her with his camera, and Julie began to move slowly, holding each pose just long enough to allow him to shoot a few photos. The warmth of the lights on her bare skin added to the heat she was already experiencing inside. She watched as Josh's long, narrow fingers flew over the camera, adjusting and fluttering over the lenses and shutters. She imagined those same, brown fingers caressing her body, massaging her breasts, disappearing into her hot pussy. The first trickle of Julie's arousal began to slide down the inside of her right thigh, and she quickly rubbed her legs together to wipe it away.

Safely behind the camera now, Josh took every opportunity to devour her beautiful breasts, lush hips, and creamy thighs. She was truly amazing. But it was the close-cropped, flame-colored curls of her bush that enticed him the most. Damn this black-and-white film, he thought, as he zoomed in closer to her gorgeous pussy. Was it just the lighting, or was her bush gleaming and wet?

In less than ten minutes, Josh was out of film and Julie's desire had reached a fever peak. She could see the packet of Kleenex near her purse, but just as she was about to ask for a quick break, Josh put down his camera and reached for his keys.

"I have some more film in my car," he said. "I'll be right back. Could you maybe experiment with a few seated poses while I'm gone?"

Julie nodded and carefully kneeled on the floor, ever-conscious of the dripping pussy that could easily leave a tell-tale sign on the sheet. Her body was throbbing, demanding a release. She was so hot now, she was afraid she might cum right in front of him. For the first time, Julie didn't think she could make it back to her dorm. Her safe fantasies were nothing compared to this reality under Josh's camera.

She watched as Josh's strong back disappeared through the door, and then, letting out a tortured moan, she flung herself onto the ground, arching her back into the cold floor as her fingers slipped into her wetness and massaged her aching clit. Her orgasm was already approaching, and Julie began to finger fuck herself into a frenzy, bucking and thrusting against her hand. In her mind, she saw Josh's hands bringing her to ecstasy, Josh's tongue sliding over her clit and into her hot, tight pussy. Josh's cock filling her to the hilt with his heat.

Just as she was about to surrender to orgasm, the door flew open and Josh stood before her, clutching two rolls of film and staring at her in disbelief.

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