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A brother wrestles over sweet temptation.

Unfortunately, this meant that my nose was practically up her arse. Occupational hazard.

She came again, then ordered me to get up behind her and bugger her. The first time I had been asked to fuck a clients arse. I did so with enthusiasm, reaching round for her clit to bring her off a third time. She fell forward onto her belly as she came and I got down from the couch.

She rolled onto her back. "Up here," She indicated for me to sit astride her chest.

Wank onto my face." She ordered.

It was a good ejaculation and I managed to keep it directed to her face and open mouth. She was covered in the stuff.

It was over. She showered again, with me in attendance. Then I dried her and helped her dress. She took out her purse and counted out ten twenties.

"I'll be back" She concluded.

"Will you need my clothes and my motor-cycle?" I asked, cheekily.

She just frowned. Perhaps she'd never seen "The Terminator".

She did come back. In fact she came most weeks when I was working and when I was not, she had one of the other men. On her second visit to me, the treatment was exactly the same, culminating with the spunk facial.

It was the late shift. She had arrived late and it was well after seven when we came down. Mrs Goldberg was shown out, I changed into my street clothes. Shelly was in a hurry to get away and we left together.

"See you tomorrow." She said over her shoulder as she walked briskly to her car.

I looked at my watch, I had missed my bus. I had an hour to wait until the next one.

The dark tinted window of the Mercedes I was standing next to, rolled down. It was Mrs Goldberg.

"Time for a drink?" She enquired.

I nodded. She climbed from the car and we walked to the pub at the far side of the car park. I ordered the drinks.

Mrs Goldberg, "Call me Becky." slipped me a tenner to pay for them. The place was not crowded, we found a corner table. They were starting to prepare food and the smell of it was drifting into the bar. Becky leaned close and said;

"I always feel hungry after a good fucking, will you join me? My treat."

"I would love to," I replied, "but I have to catch a bus home."

"I'll run you home afterwards." She countered.

So we ordered food. The food was quite good, surprisingly good for a town pub in a not very upmarket area. After we had eaten, she seemed in no hurry to leave and we chatted .

"What have they told you about me," she asked, that I am spending my husband's hard earned fortune?" I was not sure how to respond. She continued;

"It's partly true, my husband is a brilliant jeweller. Or was, he's mostly retired now. But a lousy business man. I was twenty when I married him. He was thirty-nine.

It was an arranged marriage. We did not have children, he was sterile. Not impotent, but he fired only blanks. To begin with, I played the housewife, but he always struggled with the accounts. I turned out to be good at it. Gradually, I began to play a management role. It was my natural business skill which built the company to what it is today. So the money is as much mine as his. I still make the decisions, but the company mainly runs itself.

He's now seventy and not interested in sex. So I come to you to come. The 'spunk on my face' thing is my concession to subservience. I daren't show any kind of weakness in the business, sometimes it would be nice to let somebody else make the decisions. Could you handle that? Taking charge I mean. Nothing extreme mind."

I could handle that. She took me home, driving the big Merc fast and skilfully.

The next time I saw her, she simply said; "You're in charge."

I stripped and lay face down on the couch. "Oil." I commanded.

She gave me a good back rub, then I turned over to let her see the equipment. She did my front, concentrating on my prick and balls.

I got down from the couch and pushed her to her knees in front of me.

"Suck it." I ordered.

She leaned forward and slipped her lips all the way down to my scrotum, my tip down her throat. I cupped one bum cheek in my hand and squeezed gently.

She could really suck cock.

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