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The attraction of not wearing panties - to her and him!

You lead me to the street caf__ for another coffee, but before we get far, one of the cute sales girls slips a note in your hand. As we are sitting having our coffee you open it and read it out loud. It says

'I would love to join you two for an evening, call me 555-1212, Mandy'.

Looking deep into my eyes with an animal lust I have rarely seen before you ask me if I should call her and then slide your hand up under my skirt, slowly sliding a finger inside my wet pussy, I moan into your ear, 'yessssss'. You grab your cell phone and call her and I hear you tell her to meet us in our hotel room that night at 8PM.

The rest of the afternoon we frolic about town, doing nothing in particular. As the sun goes down we are sitting on sand bank at the beach reminiscing of our first night. It makes me horny as I sit with your arms around me, my head resting on your shoulder; you lean down, tilt my chin up to you and kiss my eyes, nose then lips a sweet tender loving kiss.

"wow baby we better stop this, I want to save all my energy for tonight" I tell you

"Ok honey lets go eat an early dinner and head back to our room and prepare for the night" you reply.

We have a nice light meal and then head back to the hotel. We both shower and dress; you call room service and order wine, while I dress. We both dress in loose clothes easy to remove and as we wait, we drink wine, not really talking to each other, and both very excited about what tonight will bring.

Finally a knock at the door, you open the door to see Mandy standing there, her nipples poking hard against the slight dress she was wearing, You lick your lips and invite her in, close the door, and offer her a drink then look at me, my eyes are sparkling and I know neither if us wanted to wait, it was obvious that she didn't either so I moved back and slipped the remainder of my dress down over my hips and let it puddle at my feet.

We moved the rest of the way into the serenely lit room, and you pour us each another drink. I drank mine slowly, enjoying the cool trails it made down my throat I dribbled a little down my chin and Mandy quickly came and licked it up. I giggled once more, not fully used to the light headed feeling of alcohol and lust. I set my glass down move toward you, and settle into your lap then begin to unbutton your shirt. Once I have your bare chest exposed, Mandy joins us, free of her clothes. We begin kissing and nibbling our way down your neck, chest, and tummy. You just lay there, enjoying the wet heat of our kisses. Mandy and I turn to one another and embrace, tit against tit. You groan and reach for our nipples, and roll them about between your fingers as Mandy and I kiss hot and hard.

Not able to handle anymore, you unbutton your pants. Mandy and I smile at each other I cant help but love the site if your hard and wonderful cock, reaching up toward me the head glistening with precum the shaft standing tall and proud and I moan as I take it into my hand stroking it, and rolling my thumb across the head, I reach down and kiss it then roll my tongue over and around the head before giving it a quick suck. I heard Mandy sigh, her eyes widening at your size. I felt proud suddenly, and lick my lips in anticipation. I felt your eyes on me, one again I bend forward this time opening my mouth wide and covering your entire shaft into my mouth, relaxing my throat muscles allowing the head to push past. I hear you suck in your breath, as you grab my head and push your hips up pushing your cock even further into my hot mouth and throat. From the side I see Mandy looking, like she wanted to join in so I push my head back and move back a little giving her access.

"Want to try Mandy?" I ask, my eyes gleaming.

I was glad when she smiled and nodded to me.

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