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She wakes to find you there, and ready

He was so caught up in the story that he almost didn't hear the phone ringing upstairs. Just as the machine was about to pick up he grabbed the receiver.

"Hello?" He said, clearly out of breath.

"It's your mother. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I was down in the basement and ran up when I heard he phone ringing."

"Oh okay. I was just calling to let you know your father and I are going to be working some overtime tonight and we won't be home until after midnight."

"Oh okay, not a problem." Austin's tone of voice was clearly disappointed.

Tonight was supposed to be family night where they would play games, eat pizza and watch a movie. It was the one night of the week Austin looked forward to the most. His mother could hear the disappointment in his voice and it broke her heart.

"I'm sorry Austin. I promise we can have family night tomorrow. Okay?"

"Okay mom. Tell dad I said hi and that I love him."

"I will and be careful tonight. There are supposed to be some pretty severe thunderstorms rolling through."

"I will mom. I love you."

"I love you too."

Austin sat looking at the phone wondering why his parents were working all this extra overtime. He thought that maybe it was time for him to find a job and help out more around the house. Doing chores only went so far and didn't help pay the bills. So he decided that the next day he would go out and look for a job. Granted living in the county and only having a bike as a means of transportation severely limited how far he could go to find a job, but never the less he was determined to find something.

As the day dragged on it just kept getting hotter and hotter, even the old musty basement started to get too warm. Austin knew his one sure reprieve from the heat would be to go in the pool during the hottest part of the day. It was just too hot to sit in the house. He slipped on his red bathing suit and jumped in the pool. After spending a few minutes floating in the cool water he made his way over to the steps and his book.

Austin loved to read. He wasn't like your typical eighteen year old guy who was into going to parties, hanging at the mall or even watching TV. His passion was reading books and he always had a book on hand, but his favorite was The Never Ending Story. When Austin was younger his dad always used to read it to him. The copy he had was well worn and loved. Every so often while reading he would splash some water on himself to help keep cool. It was still blazing hot in the sun but the pool water seemed to help keep him cooler. The way he was sitting, his back was to the west, and he didn't see the dark, angry storm clouds moving in. It wasn't until the sun disappeared that Austin realized a massive thunderstorm was heading right for him. Just as he got out of the pool he felt the temperature bottom out which was a sure sign that this storm could be the mother of them all. The dark storm front looked like something out of a fantasy movie. A wall of black and dark grey clouds swirled around each other. He couldn't tell which way the storm was really coming from or which way it was going. All he knew was that it was going to be bad and that there were only a few minutes to secure the outside furniture before the storm hit.

Deep thunder rolled in the distance as he carried the pool chairs into the shed. He was trying to move as fast as he could but the storm was bearing down towards him. The wind started kicking up dirt and debris making it hard for him to carry the last of the chairs in. Just as he shut the door to the shed and turned towards the house he saw a red Camaro race up the driveway and then Eric jump out.

"Austin what the hell are you doing outside?!" Eric yelled over the roar of the wind.

"I was putting away the pool chairs before the storm hit."

"Get the fuck inside now," Eric demanded as he grabbed Austin's arm and pulled him to the house.

"Jesus Eric what is your problem it's just a summer thunderstorm." Austin said as he pulled his arm from Eric's grasp.

"This is not just some run of the mill summer storm; t

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