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Pantyhose sister-in-law puts him in his place.

her pussy gripped at the vibrator and she purred once more.

"Does that feel good My kitty?"

"Oh my yes, Master, it feels quite good."

"kitty knows not to cum unless she asks right?"

"Yes Master, kitty will not cum unless she asks You to do so."

"Good girl."

Next kitty could feel the softness of bunny fur running along her back side. she did wonder if it was the mitt or the flogger and soon enough she knew. Master softly spanked kitty's ass with the mitt. Master wasn't much for using the flogger and this was all about pleasure today. Master liked to mentally challenge kitty rather than inflict any pain.

kitty purrs loudly for Master as she loves the feel of bunny fur upon her flesh. she wiggles a bit more in her restraints and that makes the tail and vibrator move around a bit. she keeps her grip tight around them as not to lose the delights inside of her. It starts to push her towards the edge.

"Does kitty like this?"

"Yes, Master, kitty likes this very much."

Master moves the toys around a bit inside me to make me squirm some more. i purr a bit more and wiggle in my restraints and arch towards Him. That is met with a playful swat to my tush with the mitt. i purr louder and smile. This is met with another playful swat and i arch towards Him once more.

The mitt had tiny raised bumps on it. Those bumps were good for spankings as they didn't leave harsh markings. i wiggled around a bit more as Master spanked me a few more times with that mitt. The wiggling made the tail and vibrator inside me move around and make me a bit crazier with need.

The warming gel applied to the vibrator is starting to make my pussy good and hot. i squirm around some trying to avoid the sensation but to no avail. Master looks at me and chuckles understanding my predicament. What i didn't notice was Him preparing an ice dildo by pour some water over it so it wouldn't stick to my skin when inserted to cool me down.

i started to whimper a little because it was getting too warm. Master chuckles a bit more and starts to wave the ice dildo in front of me. He slides it down over my nipples and i squirm from the cold sensations. my all ready raised nipples become even more rock hard and i quickly tug upon the restraints in a vain effort to get away from the ice.

"Is kitty having a problem?"

"Yes, Master my pussy feels like it is on fire and my nipple feel like they are frozen."

"Well I know of a way to warm up those nipples but there is only one way to cool off your pussy."

Master waves the ice dildo in my face and grins. i quickly catch onto His meaning and squirm against the restraints some more. Either option - staying hot or getting cooled off at this point seems like torture to my cum needing body right about now. i nod at Him and He quickly removed the vibrator and inserts the ice dildo for a few moments.

It feels like heaven and it starts to melt inside of me. i squirm and breathe a sigh of relief that is soon cut short when the ice dildo is removed. i catch out of the corner of my eye Master apply some sort of gel to His cock and i suddenly realize that He means to warm me back up with His own cock instead of the vibrator. What a devilish plot.

Master checks my restraints to make sure they have not become too tight and quickly joins me on the bed resting the bunny fur flogger across my belly for a moment. He slides His cock inside of me and the warmth comes right back to me. i meow at Him and He simply smiles down at me knowing this is a joy and a hell for me. He knows i love it when i get to have His cock inside of me.

Once positioned inside of me, He takes up the bunny fur flogger and starts to spank my nipples with it. He first gets one and then the other and then in no particular order as He rides my body with His rock hard cock. The sensations are driving me quickly to the point of no return but i vow to remain a good kitty and not cum until i ask Master that i can.

"Is kitty enjoying her new treat?"

"Yes, Master", i breathe heavily as my mind tried to hang o

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