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Young couple's summer evening turns to disaster.

Knowing the Germans as I do, they'll no doubt change the mystique of car by making the car better, more drivable, dependable, reliable, and more livable, all while getting better fuel economy.

"How dare they! How could they! God save the queen!"

Ford bought Aston Martin and Jaguar then sold Aston Martin to venture capitalists, one from Kuwait, while BMW bought Mini Cooper. Now that Ford doesn't own them and no longer outfits them with the cheapish interior mechanicals of a Ford Focus, although they still own a large share of the company, Aston Martin is another car I'd buy if ever I could afford to buy one. I love Aston Martins.

What were the British thinking I wonder when selling off all of their automotive history and the cars that made all Brits proud to the highest bidder? What were the British having a car manufacturers sale or have the Brits gone mad, totally bonkers to sell their beloved Marques, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, and Aston Martin? Maybe they needed the cash to pay for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and for the Queen's diamond jubilee. With much of their manufacturing base shipped overseas, is it any wonder why their economy is just as bad there as it is here. Soon the only cars sold will be made by the Chinese.

"Yes, every car comes with a fortune cookie. We never know what's inside the fortune cookie. One man had a coupon to trade his new Chinese reverse engineered car in for a real car, a Ford Mustang GT."


Except for Morgan and Land Rover, the manufacturer of the Range Rover, are the Brits now out of the new car manufacturing business? Except for the Queen and her love for Range Rovers and hunting birds with her dogs and shotgun out in the field, because of sky-high gas prices, nearly everyone across the pond drives a Fiat 500 anyway.

"Say Mate, every time I start my car, a voice says Buon Giorno and every time I turn it off, it says, Ciao. What the bloody Hell is that?"

General Motors bought Saab and Volvo from the Swedes before killing off the Saab, the Oldsmobile, the Pontiac, and Saturn as part of their agreement in accepting TARP money when emerging from bankruptcy. We need a scorecard to keep track of which manufacturer makes which car. Now that General Motors has put so many people back to work and is leaner and meaner while making better cars, I'm glad we didn't listen to Romney's advice to let GM go under.

Back to my personal adventures with Chevrolet's Camaro, a car that I shouldn't have bought instead of the Mustang that I should have bought. Maybe because I detested the Camaro is the reason why I killed the car. I had that Camaro for 4 months before crashing it into a wall and totaling the car with only 4,400 miles on the odometer. There's nothing funny about crashing a car in a wall or is there?

* * * * *

Young and dumb, I was inherently injected with too much testosterone from hanging around my dumb brothers too much. Not things that I'm proud of now that I'm an intelligent woman of class and distinction, besides having their forced, wicked sexual way with me, they taught me many things that came in handy at the time. They taught me how to spit without getting any on myself, how to whistle with two fingers, how to drink a can of beer in one gulp, how to burp the alphabet, how to drag race, and how to crash cars like a man. Feeling more like Ellie Mae Clampett than I did Susan Jill Parker, always a Tom boy type of girl anyway, unfortunately with writing erotica on a porn board, my brothers, no doubt, were responsible for making me who I am today.

Who am I today? Who is Susan Jill Parker? Having endured and survived some dark days, sometimes I don't even know who I am. A question that I continue asking myself, while still in transition and undergoing yet another transformation, my answer changes each time I ask myself the question.

Nonetheless, a constant, still unemployed, broke, homeless, and living in the spare bedro

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