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A submissive's journey continues.

The boards were an untidy fit around Marilyn's waist, Raphael could be seen through the gaps but this was just the temporary arrangement, later I would take accurate measurements and cut a board to the exact shape and fit a rubber and leather moulding as a seal with a matching rubber and leather seal to support her waist, which she would need for the longer sessions she had ahead of her, but for now she slopped around as Raphael banged into her.

She was a natural, sometimes I had to do a tit massage to excite them, maybe put clothes pins on their nipples but Marilyn seemed to have juiced up nicely all in her own so I left her to it.

Marilyn had little respite, John's praise of her prowess had alerted his friends,

A sort of untidy queue formed waiting for Raphael to finish and I considered sending Doris in but then it dwindled again,

Doris looked disapprovingly at me as I stepped back into the shop, she was one of the regulars, splitting her time between serving customers and serving the black lads, part shop assistant, part anonymous cunt, whore, for the rule was anonymity, no man to see who they are fucking, and no woman must see who is fucking them, not among our day staff and part timers anyway.

"You're taking a chance on her," Doris said jealously.

She wouldn't see fifty again, her tits sagged and her ass was not what it had been, these days she was reduced to wearing a leather corset, leather boots and little else and sitting around with the lads often wanking herself with a vibrator until someone took pity on her and slipped her a length, stupidly enough she could probably have charged five hundred pounds plus an hour five miles away in Soho but she never was that bright.

"Got to keep turning over the stock," I reminded her.

"You going to get another boy in?" she asked, "Julian was very popular."

"Huh!" I snorted, I once took a week off and came back to find a nineteen year old rent boy on roster, not funny, especially when I found him screwing Doris in the stockroom with a shop full of customers, "I had enough trouble with the last one!"

Heather arrived as we were talking, a peroxide blonde with modest B cup breasts and well developed thgh muscles from her love of Tennis wearing her inevitable while Tennis skirt and skimpy top. "Want a cup of tea love?" Doris asked.

"Coffee, milk two sweeteners," Heather replied.

"You're early," I observed, she blushed, six months she had been coming, she usually did a couple of hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, "We have a new lady in four, Marilyn."

"Oh, right," Heather replied.

"Doing Doris's shift," I explained and Heather brightened.

"Good," she said, "Many in?"

"A few," I suggested, "Should be steady."

"Good," she said as Doris handed her the coffee.

It was far mor civilised with the regulars, she used number three cubicle beside Marilyn but instead of a window there was just a bare wall before I lifted the sliding panel and slipped Heather's own shaped leather trimmed back panel and tummy rest into position, she merely placed her handbag and coat through the aperture and onto the desk and bent over and pulled her skirt up out of the way exposing her backside and hold up stockings while her shaved cunt glistened as she had already discarded her knickers which were safely tucked in her coat pocket.

The side sceens were in place so while she couldn't see Marilyn or Marilyn see her both could see the TV screen and chat if they wished.

"Footrest please John," she requested, as being somewhat short she needed something to support her feet. I clipped the footrest into place and she thanked me, "Mmmm that's good," she said as I gently checked if she was moist, and then I unlocked the door and announced she was available for business.

I had a three o'clock appointment upstairs, down

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