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There is a new instructor at the dojo.

She finally reached up and let loose her curly red hair, shaking her head to allow it to flow around her face.

"Alright MCX...keep those claws away from me and we'll have a fun time tonight," she promised. Once more she was surprised when the insect glanced at its two hands, as though it understood. Could the insect actually understand her, she wondered?

Jenna slipped off her very light pink hoodie, watching the captivated insect with both curiosity and wariness. She smiled in satisfied relief as the insect merely observed her and kept its distance. Everything seemed to be going according to her plan (not that she really had one) until something bothered her. The insect's dick began to slowly recede into its concealed location!

"Oh no, don't you dare do that," she warned, reaching for the dick before she caught herself. "This will never work otherwise."

To her relief the insect's dick stopped receding but did not extend to its previous length. After a moment's thought Jenna smiled and reached forward again, gently folding the insect's member. It looked at her hand playing with its dick, unsure of what to make of her strange behavior. Jenna continued to fondle with it, but she wondered why its dick was not getting any longer. It wanted her before; she could tell that every time she saw it.

Perhaps it was confused? Every time she had been inside with it, she was taking samples for the doctors. Never had it misbehaved with her, even when she would prick it with a needle. When the answer came to her, Jenna had to stifle a giggle. It would be MCX's first time. It was either unsure of what to do, or unsure of her intentions.
Releasing its cock, Jenna turned around and began caressing her red hair. She knew that she had a gorgeous figure, and knew how to sway it just enough to drive men crazy. "You poor creature...trapped here with the rest of the 'General's girls' and not ever able to get any of this action. If you're nice I'm pretty sure I can get Shannon to join us. I think she likes you. She always jokes about how wet she gets down here... I don't think she was joking. And Bailey? All it would take is a good word and they're yours too."

Jenna backed against the insect, feeling her shoulders touch the insect's hard body. It was so hot, but not uncomfortable. She took a deep breath before reaching down her t-shirt, lifting up and over her ample breasts. Taking care not to hit the insect's head, either to injure the creature or hurt herself on its mandibles, she blinked before casually tossing the shirt next to her coat. She shivered with strange anticipation at the sensation of her bare shoulders rubbing against the unyielding insect carapace.

"But this isn't about them," she purred, reaching behind her body to gently stroke the insect's head. "This is about us..."

Her breath caught as the insect's hands reached around her, gingerly feeling the front of her body. Jenna smirked at her success, it was getting it now. Her smile grew when she felt something poke at her butt cheek, the insect's dick once more extending. She responded to the insect's hands feeling her body, smiling as they felt the side of her large breasts before slipping under her bra. Its hands were now on her bare breasts, and the sensation of her gorgeous D-cups being felt by the insect's strong hands made her smile even wider at just how sexy she knew she was.

Enjoying MCX's hands roaming her body, she undid her bra and let the insect's hands loosen it more and more. This left her own hands to slowly slide her soft pants down her shapely legs, exposing more and more of her body. The insect's hands took awhile to figure out how to remove her bra but Jenna didn't mind at all; its hands felt great. She was even finding that the claws gave the insect a sense of danger, which only made her arousal that much greater. The anticipation was growing in her, she could not believe that she wanted the insect now, nor that she waited this long to do this.

When her pants final

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