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A cheerleader regrets her mistake.


She found it funny to make light of her relationship with him. It made her feel less guilty. She knew it would devastate him if he ever found out. She swore he never would.

His toast might have been in poor taste, but it reflected the truth. Miguel's absence had driven her to Buck's bed. If he hadn't been gone for weeks at a time she wouldn't have cheated.

She turned on her side. He was on his back. She studied his face. Its skin was leathery, the effect of working outside in the elements. He had a strong face reflective of his dominant personality. She liked his chestnut colored eyes. His nose had a slight bend to it where it had been broken.

She put her hand on his chest. He was so hairy she thought, but she loved the feel of it. He didn't have a weightlifter's muscles but long, lean muscles the product of physical labor. She moved closer to him and rested her head on his chest. He put an arm around her. She felt extremely comfortable and safe.

She moved her hand down his stomach. Under the hair she traced the outlines of his abdominal muscles. She counted them, eight, not six, she thought. She then reached out and took hold of his big, soft, and floppy, cock. She wrapped her hand around it. His cock felt good to hold. She couldn't believe it had actually been in her, that it had fit in her back door, and that it had churned her ass filling her with his cream. What they had done had been worth the deceit and the pain.

She fondled his cock and watched it grow. She thought it doubled in size. It no longer looked harmless. Filled with blood fueled by lust its color reddened. The head turned plum colored.

Buck asked her, "Are you ready to jack my cock?"


"Get the jar."

She stopped what she was doing and turned to the night stand.

"Not that jar. The other one." He chuckled telling her, "We don't want to numb it."

She opened the jar.

"Lube me up."

She slathered his cock with the cream.

"Now jack me."

She wrapped her hand around it and began to pump.

"That's good Jean. A little tighter. Just so you know it's going to take a while. I don't cum as fast as I'm sure your boyfriend does. Let me know when you get tired. We'll do something different to make it happen."

She pumped his cock for almost 10 minutes. It swelled and looked ready to pop, but it didn't. Her hand slowed.

"On your back Jean."

She did. He straddled her. His cock pointed upwards. She wondered if he was going to fuck her mouth. He grabbed the jar and scooped some of the contents onto the inside of her breasts.

"Now Jean, hold your titties together. I'm going to titty fuck you."

He pushed his cock between her breasts and began thrusting. It was sexy to see the head of his manhood pop out, and then briefly vanish. He briefly stopped applied more lube, then resumed fucking her.

He was breathing hard and grunting as he fucked her tits. It was she thought a lot like masturbating. It could have been anybody's tits; his cock didn't care. He picked up the pace, fucking her hard and announced, "He's about to blow."

She watched his cum leave his cock. It didn't shoot, but left in a steady stream. He didn't cum a lot, not like the first time and certainly not like Miguel or Kelly. She found herself comparing all three men. She loved Miguel and their physical intimacy. Kelly had been fun, but Buck was in a league of his own. He approached sex recreationally and he was blunt. He didn't play games.

He told her to press her titties together really hard.

She did squeezing the last few drops out of his cock.

She looked at the head of his cock sticking out from between her breasts. She thought, "It looks just like a turtle." She chuckled.

"What's so funny?"

She told him.

"Why, yes it does." He laughed, then added, "Want to hear something else funny?"

She looked at him wondering what he was going to say.

"Ever worn pearls?"

"Once or twice, my mom's necklace."

"Now you've got your own," he smiled pointing to the pool of cum which had now separated into two streams headed towards her clavicle.

She lowered h

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